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  1. Sorry for the late reply; I kind of put this off for a while as I haven't had the time to deal with it. Anyway, the issue was resolved after I randomly decided to install all the optional patches in Windows Update (I never bother to install those since they're optional and I like to avoid potential bloat, but lesson learned), so I'm deducing this was a Windows 7 bug which, by a very specific set of circumstances, triggered the symptom I described. Your help was certainly appreciated though.
  2. I have stated that the problem systematically disappears when the PC in question is disconnected, or when the laptop is online. As far as proof goes that it's network related, I don't see what more you could want. As stated in the other thread, I've already tried Event Viewer—nothing relevant there. Procmon: I did what you said, and it just triggers a crap ton of explorer.exe entries, many of which are mp4 related, but I have no idea what to do with them. Wireshark: Just clicking an MP4 indeed triggers a series of SMB/SMB2 packets from (PC in question) to (laptop) and back, and this doesn't happen with any other file format. If I do it while the laptop is offline, I immediately get a mix of TCP packet losses and ARP packets saying "Who has Tell". This confirms what I already knew, but still doesn't tell me what the cause is.
  3. Need your help with a really strange issue described here: http://www.overclock.net/t/1515736 (didn't receive any relevant help there, hence my trying here) Here's the kicker though... since then I've discovered something that isn't mentioned in that thread: the issue (which I encounter on my desktop PC) doesn't occur when my laptop is on and connected to the same LAN. Clearly, my desktop tries to connect to my laptop whenever Windows Explorer interacts with an MP4 file, but I have no idea why.
  4. Integrating Service Packs (SP3)

    I'd be on the safe side and start from the original XP SP1 install.
  5. Invalid CD KEY

    Are you trying to install a different version of XP (i.e. different language) with the same product key? If so, that could be the reason it's failing. Otherwise, it could be a typing mistake in the product key.
  6. Keep in mind when joining a domain you need to input the exact domain name, username and password, otherwise it'll fail to integrate into the domain and skip that step in the unattended setup.
  7. "Error loading OS" ?

    "Error loading OS" only happens when the system tries to boot an OS from your HDD and fails. So afaik either your HDD is still the first boot device or your CD wasn't burned correctly. Otherwise it could have something to do with the "Press any key... boot message" option in nLite. I'd set that to disabled to avoid any risk.
  8. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Well, your instructions didn't mention that part, so I just went ahead and added the sataraid folder alone. I did integrate the sata_ide folder as well. That part was pretty clear. Care to clear up what exactly I have to do with the nvatabus.inf file if I'm going to integrate the sataraid folder? Thanks.
  9. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Sure but, back to my problem. Could it be because the "sataraid" folder doesn't include a "nvatabus.inf" file for "nvatabus.sys" ?
  10. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    A8N-SLI Deluxe using nForce4 SLI chipset, and v6.86 chipset drivers.
  11. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    I used the first integration method described in the first post (slipstream sataraid folder as opposed to legacy folder). The result: nvatabus.sys BSOD before starting the Windows GUI-mode install. I will now try the second method. What exactly do you mean by "one by one"? It doesn't look like I have a choice when it comes to integrating "both" drivers.
  12. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thanks for the quick reply. I did check the manual, that's actually where the ambiguity came from.
  13. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Need help please. There are 2 types of SATA connectors on my mobo, red ones labeled SATA_RAID and black ones labeled just SATA. Do I need to connect my SATA HDD's to the red ones if I'm using an NVRAID setup?
  14. Favorite Game Mascot?

    I'm pretty sure this hasn't been done elsewhere. I apologize if it has though. Anyways, mine's Sonic.
  15. Best Strategy game so far?

    Starcraft was released in 1997 alright, only after Warcraft I and II. As for Starcraft 2, from what I heard, it's gonna be the RTS the prequel was, plus a little bit of RPG like Blizzard did with Warcraft. Btw I guess only the staff can edit that poll, but maybe the thread starter meant to ask which is the best RTS out of these specific games, and not overall...