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  1. Just in case, I did get O&O Defrag done. Here is the mediafire link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/i5ytmmwjrdv/Addon_O&O Defrag.cab Glad ya got it worked out. Have a nice day and if ya need any more help just ask.
  2. Not sure what is going on. I downloaded o&o defrag the latest verson. I created a folder on my desktop. I placed the program in that folder and right clicked on the program in the folder and selected "extract to here". I then simply deleted the setup.exe file. I then right clicked on the .msi and executed with /qn. Worked fine and even gave me a shortcut to my desktop. No worries, I will make this work for ya. Or atleast try. I will make it, try it in virtual machine to make sure it works fine and upoad it to medifire for ya. You can download it. If all goes well I will explain exactly ho
  3. Try /a switch. That one seems to work fine. Tried it myself.
  4. Messed around with this a bit. What I did was downloaded Defrag Pro. Extracted the setup file. Like you said You have setup.exe and the msi file. I deleted the the setup.exe file. Then I tried to install using just the msi file. Worked fine. I then Used the /qn and exectuted with the /qn switch and it installed just fine as well. You may give that a shot and see what happens. Just extract then delete the setup.exe. I used http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enh...nts/CMenu.shtml . You may find that tool Super Useful if you dont already have it. I use it tons. Just adds some super cool opt
  5. I am working with driverpacks from here.....http://www.driverpacks.net/ So I download the driverpacks I need and the tool that is needed as well. I then use the Extracted Iso from my already nlited disk I browse to the I386 file. Try to slipstream with no luck. So can someone point me to a english verson of how to do this or provide a step my step guide.
  6. Ok I figured out what I did wrong with the autoitmicrot tool. I had the switch still set to /passive. Once I got that removed that tool is really handy and pretty cool. Its like the screen recorder only it does it in text. Your are right. That is much easier to use. So here is my micro tool script. Did the lesson 2 thing today. The one with the notepad example. Pretty cool. I found that more useful for my needs. The popup was cute, but not something that I really wanna use. But was handy to learn about the flags and title and message thing. If anyone else is kinda new and reading this threa
  7. I truly have a STRONG desire to learn this. While I so appreciate the simple fix. That is really not gonna teach me anything. You have taken the time to help me, I am gonna take advantage of the situation and take the opportunity to learn this. Its back to your suggestion of autoitmanager, I will continue to use the same program just to keep it more simple. I realize most think Its nuts, Just take the simple fix and be done with it. I prefer to think long term. Learn while I have the chance and someone is willing to help me with it. That way it the future, I can tackle this on my own. Short
  8. Update. I tried the microgenerator program, using nortons ghost setup.exe. I let it open and run and really ended up with nothing in the box but a single line. I have the program set up to install "passive" So I can see the progress bar. Will look around and see if I did something wrong with the generator. I also tried autoit screen recorder, Now that seemed to give me a bit more to work with. Here is the script I ended up with that. I put the Exit in myself. Opt("WinWaitDelay",100) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",4) Opt("WinDetectHiddenText",1) Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) Run('C:\Documents and Setting
  9. MHz, I can not tell you how grateful I am for your help. I have had such a Horrid time finding Someone to help me with this. Its like its a big secret. I even posted in a forum that deals with kinda stuff all the time and a week later still no responce to my plea for help. I am sure I will ask you TONS of questions. I thank you so very much for your help. So I am guessing the Autoitmicrogenerator is the program I need to start out with learning?? That helps lots. I was not sure even how to begin the learning process. I will start with the generator and learn that part of autoit. Feel free t
  10. Forgive me I posted this in another part of the forum and goofed up. Forgot about this section. I need help with a autoit script. Its the last trick I need to be able to make anything install silent. Let me tell ya this One was HARD. Took me a couple of months just to figure it out. I am still really new to autoit. I know the "recording" part of it. I am working on Norton ghost 2003. I have it install silently. No problem. I took the files needed and made a sfx file. The files needed included the silent switch, because with norton ghost, You can simply edit the setup.ini file in the install
  11. Have you tried to a reinstall of nlite??
  12. Tried to get some help in the autoit forms. Um no luck there. So I thought I would try here . I have a install I am doing. I got the silent install done. I need a script to help with the install. Problem is while trying to slipstream this norton ghost 2003, It starts the install but its like I need to stall the installation for a short time to give nortons time to install. I am new to autoit script. I am just now learning it. The first install I tried without script failed. Its like I need to stall the program to give it time to install. Without the script it starts to install, but the next
  13. Try it again. Take your time and read everything. It could very well be you forgot to check a box or put in the serail in right. Double check your work. If you still have no luck, give a shout back.
  14. Be real careful with this. Try it in virtual machine first. You could remove something you may want or need later. Just take your time. It takes time to learn it. Once you do it forsure makes future installs tons easier. I have my fresh install xp with programs and updates and tweaked and ready to use down to just under a hour and a half. I really recomend to get sp3 into it first. Then Tweak it the way you want. Once all that is done, Burn it to cd so you will have for future uses. I myself have xp down to just a shade over 300 mb. Like 312mb. Works fine, Updates great, and everything work
  15. tym

    add to desktop?

    With the folder I use to make my nlite setup. The i386 one. Is there a way or a place to put a folder that has a portable program I would like to have on my desktop when I restore xp with my nlite disk? So right after I do a fresh install that portable program is on my desktop?
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