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  1. Hi All. Me New Install Game Command & Conquer™ 3 Kane's Wrath But Not Show Mouse In Game Why??? Desktop Show Mouse No Problem In Game not Show. Win 7 x86 Ul.
  2. ok Dear. Me Now Need switch ( Dot Net Framework 3.5 [ 197 MB ] + VISUAL C++ 2008.EXE ). Thanks.
  3. Hi. Me Add /Silent But Send Me Error. start /wait "Yahoo Messnger" Yahoo_Messnger_10.0.0.1102.exe /SILENT And Me switch Visual C++ 2008 Need. Thanks.
  4. Hi All. Me Add Code For Silent Install. But No't Work. Plz Help For Fix It. Thanks. echo Installing Yahoo Messnger start /wait "Yahoo Messnger" Yahoo_Messnger_10.0.0.1102.exe /S /Q echo.
  5. Yes I know, but it is not self-install is the installation page that should be displayed Yes. Thanks Dear. Plz Help For Silent Copy To Program File And Make Shortcut In Desktop. http://rapidshare.com/files/316765683/text.sfx.exe.html MD5: 8393603EACD832DD31B060D5D632818C
  6. How portable games I can add my windows? And Add Make Shortcut In Desktop, silent install .
  7. Windows Installer 4.5 And IE8, for add-on.
  8. I don't want to setup win,I want to test it without setup win.I add winrar into the win,but it didn't registered.
  9. I want to know how can I make Add-On for Nlite ,and please tell me how should I import it.I know it must be in hot fix section,but at the end of the win setup I face to an error.How can I test it before I import Add-On to win,if you can please give me a movie that I can understand what should I do.Thanks a lot
  10. Yes Me Run VMware Workstation And Microsoft Virtual PC Not Work.
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