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  1. Yes it is down I believe he is working on the vista sp1 install problem.
  2. The problem is with installing on a vist sp1 machine.
  3. Links are fixed, but there are still issues, as it does not install?
  4. Hi Max... The download link on your site does not work... Have you taken it off again?
  5. Hi MagicAndre1981... Here they are Last Session.ini ; vLite preset file ; ;#Environment: ; vLite v1.2 RC ; Framework 2.0.50727.1434 ; Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 32-bit ; ;#Target: ; Windows Vista BUSINESS 32-bit Service Pack 1 ; Version 6.0.6001.18000 English (United States) ; vLited with v1.2 RC (08/09/2008 18:10:58) ; [Compatibility] [CustomHide] [Components] [Options] DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default Memory requirement = Default AutoPlay = Enabled Paging Executive = Enabled Power scheme = Balanced Power button = Shutdown Sleep button = Default Hibernation = Off Control Panel - Classic View = Default Show hidden files and folders = No Show protected operating system files = No Show extensions for known file types = No IE Phishing Filter = Disabled IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Disabled [services] [Protection] [Drivers] [unattended] SpecRegional AcceptEULA SkipNewUser SkipProductKey SkipAutoActivation ProtectPC = 3 [Hotfixes] [LanguagePacks] and Last Session_u.ini ; vLite private preset file. Do not upload to the internet, this file contains your private data and it is not important for debugging. [unattended] RegTimeCurr = 59 RegKeyboard = 140 UILang = English (United States) FullName = Sunny ComputerName = Tz21 TimeZone = 28 I took out the option for product key...as I use the abr method...And as it Did keep asking for the user name....I clicked skip user creation....which just puts the default administrator name. But the ini does still have my user name there...just does not enter it in.....as to why it stops for confirmation on the 2 drivers ...I don't know. Is there a way to force the the 2 drivers to install automatically....(rather than me having to press the allow butoon/even though they are not verified published etc).....? Thanks.
  6. Hi I am trying to use WPI to create an unattended install of my Sony Apps...they are about 20-30 sony utility apps.....using WPI ussf it comes up with error "undetected pe file". How can I get hold of theses switches...? Thanks.
  7. Hi... Have just installed my Vlite disc, however ther are a few problems...:- Even though I filled in the user name and PC name in Vlite....it still asked me to input these during the install. Also during the completing installation stage it stopped twice for user input..stating "unverified publisher do you trust the source etc" Is there something I can do to fix these issues.....? As it is.... it is not a fully unattended install. Please....Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hi Nuhi...will future release of vlite ever have the ability to install apps and reg entries?
  9. Hi.. I have made a vlite vista disk (Thanks for the awsome prog Nuhi). But am just wandering How would it work with a partitioned drive....will it automatically install on the 1st drive at the top of the list....? I don't want it to wipe out my d drive on my laptop Cheers.
  10. Hi...just curious ...are there any other apps with easy gui that can do this other than PeToUsb.EXE Thanks.
  11. Ok thanks for your help...I understand your answers...apart from the sources folder .... If there is already a setupcomplete.cmd in there....what would I need to do to modify it? Will it not auto install the apps after the vista install...unless the setupcomplete.cmd has been inserted? Thanks.
  12. Great...look forward to it....will we also be able to add .reg entries as well? Thanks.
  13. Hi Can WPI add .Reg entries...or just.exe's...? If it can ...is it the same way as adding an exe...? Thanks.

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