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  1. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Thank you for all of the updated links! Regarding the Java 6 Update 7 Is this something that will pop up repeatedly or only the first time after downloading. Just curious. It's interesting to me that for versions of Adobe Reader one must download the later versions sequentially ex: v6.0.1 ---> v.6.0.2 ---> v6.0.3 and so on but for Adobe Flash Player it is recommended that you completely uninstall the old version before upgrading to the latest compatible version.
  2. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    Thank you for your response. I did see that link on the first page and got this when using Firefox: Not Found The requested URL /pub/flashplayer/installers/current/9/install_flash_player_9.exe was not found on this server.
  3. Last Versions of Software for Windows 98SE

    I found that after I downloaded the latest ClamWin v0.97.6, then the latest Clam Sentinel V1.20 that it wouldn't let me download a complete copy of Audacity v2.0 because some of the .dll files looked "suspicious" and were quarantined. Anyone else find that Clam Sentinel is overzealous with downloaded files??? I was able to successfully redownload the Audacity program after deleting the Clam Sentinel and it works fine. Also, wanted to get some help/feedback with Adobe Flash Player. Apparently I am running "Adobe Flash Player Active X" on my Win98SE. I wanted to get the latest Adobe Flash Player for Win98 which seems to be The only one I can find on the older versions provided by Adobe is Can anyone upload the v9.0.289.0 version here? I took a look at what Java version my computer was running and it turns out to be "J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0" which is v1.5.0-03b07 that came out in 2005. Is this worth upgrading to what I gather is the latest version, Java 6 Update 7??? To do that looks a little complicated so I went to java.com and downloaded what they recommended which was Java 5.0 version 18. Finally, I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to the writer that recommended turning off the Javascript while using Firefox v2.0.0.20. WOW! No more slowdowns and error messages. Now I can internet browse easily and quickly! What a difference!!!
  4. Last query for now, I promise. Can anyone tell me why my internal cd - rom drive isn't being seen by my computer as an available drive anymore? Right now I get around this by using an external Iomega cd rom drive that connects by USB port but up until a few years ago I could "see " and use both drives. There must be some setting that allows multiple drives and I have that box unchecked.
  5. Thank you to all who responded to this thread. As it turns out I am embarassed to say that I found out why I couldn't access the internet recently after years of having no problems. I accidentally transposed two cables that were going into the cable modem and the Belkin wireless router. Because we use many computers around the house the internet sometimes crawls to a standstill requiring a "reset" by unplugging then replugging in the attached wires and cables. It goes without saying here but I'll say it anyways: sometimes I'm an id***. Are most Win98 users still using Firefox v2.0.0.20? I want to poll other users to see what they are using and also what software programs they like the best. Has anyone had success with MAME game emulators? I will look through previously made threads now but any tips or advice would be welcome here. Pretty satisfied with the following programs but am always looking for other options dmbpoweramp 10 Exact Audio Copy Winamp ClamWin mp3 splitter sendspace to share large files, most other sites do not work well with Win98 anymore
  6. Thank you for your reply. So I just download that kernelex program then find an old version of Firefox 8 to run? Where can I find some older versions of Firefox??? Also does anyone recommend any other internet browsers that I should use? What are the popular ones that Windows98SE users have been happy with?
  7. Hello fellow Win 98 users, Recently I have found that my CTX brand desktop computer originally bought in 1997 and running Win98SE with an Intel Pentium III processor can no longer access the internet through my cable modem. The computer otherwise works very well and meets all of my needs so I'd like to keep using it if possible. For the past couple of years I was using an older Firefox version 2.x I believe internet browser but now this no longer connects. Previous to that I was using IE6. If anyone can give me some simple instructions on how to reconnect to the internet I would be very appreciative. I'm not sure which browsers are still available for this old yet durable operating system. I welcome any discussion on this topic and apologize in advance if this has been brought up before. Thank you for your advice and recommendations and look forward to hearing from you.