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  1. not @WULover it searching for default.htm but the zip file does not contain the file
  2. i think the author says "The site is NOT search for updates BUT I'm search the updates from MS Update Catalog. The site is still on a project. Some features may not available."
  3. where is the link for the files? can i'm host it on IIS?
  4. strange. i opened with ie8 in xp with tls 1.2 it worked
  5. go to http://srv2003.github.io/WUP4/ open the site with ie in xp with tls 1.1 and 1.2
  6. v3 is good for all win9x family. but v4 is good too
  7. i saw the title bar they use "default.htm" not "default.asp" that's why it's unofficial
  8. I think someone have a WU v4 project too in github i'm new in MSFN
  9. Hello! Last week my brother was joined to MSFN forum and he was happy in there. I was join to MSFN today! I was very happy and this is my 1st topic.

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