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  1. This is a small tutorial for enabling Windows Aero in Vista build 5219 You will need the following items: 1. A relatively recent version of VMware Workstation. 2. The WDDM Display Drivers (u can use version 6.5, 6.5.2 and 7.0) 3. set the workstation version to 6.5/7.x 4. The Vista 5219 Installation DVD. Open regedit then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DWM. (if the key does not exist, create it.) Over there, create a DWORD key named EnableMachineCheck and set its value to 0. Log off/restart to take effect and Aero will automatically enabled (if it not, change the screen resolution) Here is a screenshot If you want to try it on another build, I recommend use 5212 and 5231 (it will work) Happy testing
  2. Put them in the Windows Update folder. then, folder should be called "shared"
  3. Here is all the files and the zip file was created by macOS (be careful to open it) put the "shared" folder in the "WUP4 folder/shared" shared.zip
  4. I my option, Windows 8.1 does not need extended kernel because it's supported until 2023 but Windows 8 is needed since it's supported until 2016 (and now is 2022)
  5. Use Internet Explorer and change the default document to "default.asp" i think it will work
  6. Hi, why your website is not working?

    1. i430VX


      It is working...

  7. I have a Vista laptop with all the updates installed and this is the last year where Microsoft support Windows 7, Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 with ESU (Extended Security Updates). Since Server 2008 is a server counterpart of Vista, I'm wondered if Server 2008 ESU Updates installed in Vista. Can someone help me with the project?
  8. Windows 8 is End-of-Support on 2016 but 8.1 is End-of-Support on 2023

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