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  1. Now I know this topic (back in 2019) talk about activation but now it talk about WU/MU
  2. Short answer "yes" because at the installation, the key works. but the activation it's currently not
  3. @maile3241 In your XP VM, open regedit and open this directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows NT → CurrentVersion → WPAEvents and save it as reg file (with the OOBETimer entry)
  4. I already add wpa.one.microsoft.com to SSL No-Verify, but it goes same like this
  5. I did all your step and I'm got it work without /resetauthorization
  6. A little recommendation that who cannot use ProxHTTPSProxy. You can use the nginx based version of WU. Downloadlink https://anonfiles.com/fb8ebeLfx2/wu_nginx_zip EDIT: I should register to mdL to get the link
  7. I don't understand what do you mean. Your statement was makes me confusing.
  8. When I'm install KB5011534 from WUSA I got "The update does not applied to your system"
  9. Of course, I'm installed the ESU Licensing Preparation Package (I already installed some updates and I'm installed Vista ExKernel)
  10. Many thanks @ExtremeGrief and @billmcct now my Vista laptop is fully updated with Server 2008 ESU

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