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  1. My Vista is already Rtm. See here: Edit: This is a fresh install, not my main Vista laptop
  2. Can someone help me fix this? I want to get WU work under Vista RTM
  3. Wich means that WU will work without http://www.update.microsoft.com and https://www.update.microsoft.com in the trusted sites list?
  4. WHAT?! Thats good news but that September 1999 updates still in the server?
  5. Oh ya, can IE10 or 11 work under Vista? (I k'now this question is useless but it might be great if IE11/10 in Vista working flawlessly)
  6. Yeh... but firefox setup completely works fine in me. Does it work in u?
  7. Ok, it work for some apps. But... Here are some problems. 1. chromesetup opens, but it says "no update is available" even I already adding it. 2. edgesetup same opens, but it says "cannot connect to internet. if you're using firewall, please allow edgeupdate.exe". Strange 3. firefox setup (I use v90) is completely works but the app itself says RtlQueryPerformanceCounter isn't available in ntdll.dll. Strange
  8. If your chromesetup works, why my edgesetup won't work?
  9. Is it real that 9x and nt4 updates are still in M$ servers? and I think @xpandvistafan was right with only 1 M$ url it can be the updates was deleted(i guess?).
  10. This build looks similar to 7 if redpill is disabled. But if redpill is enabled, Metro features will be enabled and it will be look like 8.
  11. With this little trick, I got pseudo localization enabled. Thanks to @Christian230102 in Reddit. His reddit link. Here are some images of the build run pseudo localization It took me almost 3 times failed but surprisingly, I got it work.
  12. I just remembered the "Dark mode" option in "Customizer" button. I enabled and it does do nothing. Does someone know it? It's very strange
  13. How do u getting work under 2000? I can't get it work.
  14. Has anyone get v5 work in 2000? I justt test it and didn't work
  15. Hello, @DollyG Welcome to MSFN! Have a great stay!
  16. back in 2021, my Vista laptop had Office 2010 and it only take 15 minutes to check for updates and never take forever. Strange
  17. If Micr0$0ft ending Server 2012 R1 and Server 2012 R2 in October 2026, wich means 8 and 8.1 will receives updates until October 2026 but Server 2008 R1 and Server 2008 R2 will ending in 2023 same as 7 and Vista, Sad 😢

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