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  1. U could use hardware compatibility from vmware workstation itself?
  2. Well, I think I couldn't because when I download the files I use this script: wayback_machine_downloader http://v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com --to 20050218044725 but it bring me to v6 The only way to did it I use this script: wayback_machine_downloader http://v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/v5consumer/ --to 20050218044725 (it's same, but I put /v5consumer/ at the end)
  3. So 2 days ago, I do Server 2022 installation and see what MS do with it but this OS fells boring and buggy mess. Explorer keeps crashing for no reason. UAC hasn't been changed (aka same as Windows 11). Windows (M$) Store is not available by default. This is the 3rd time M$ used Windows 10 as Windows Server. I wish M$ made updates for Server 2022 to similar like Windows 11. Cortana is not available too. M$ used Edge chromium (not legacy Edge)
  4. Thanks for sharing the files (btw your files is more than me) how do u k'now it?
  5. idk, but I found some for 8.1 and up https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB890830
  6. Good news, the images and troubleshooter is founded Just small info "toc_expand" icon was founded in v6. Also, the "complete_icon" and "failed_icon" could be replaced from v6 (XP version) and the "mstoolbar_icp_rtl" is for Arabic WU v4.
  7. There is R1150 and Static_w95 folder too Will the site searching updates?
  8. idk but I guess How do you know that v5 closed in 2006?
  9. Good, now we have all the WU and OU(office update) files now I want office.microsoft.com. yep, v5 has Mistake support but it doesn't work in 98se/fe
  10. I k'now R U kept the office update? I want to keep it too, but the files is too large
  11. It's because ME could use v4 and v5 (since ME is the 'last' version of Windows that based DOS)
  12. no, it because the localhost/catalog/en/default.asp always redirected to catalog.update.microsoft.com
  13. Well, I decided to use the WU v4 catalog because it search for updates, but the non-catalog version, I always got error
  14. So I know that Office 2013 setup app will not run in Vista because SetWaitableTimerEx is not detected (well my Vista laptop has latest extended kernel) and the CTR (Click-to-Run) is same, I got "The procedure entry point SetWaitableTimerEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" and I already add the CTR into the osver.ini and it goes same plus I am so ****ing busy to find any solutions. Can someone help me to fix SetWaitableTimerEx is not detected?
  15. I decided to try WUApp with the proxy (since the site couldn't be accessed in Vista SP2) and I think WUApp hates the proxy
  16. Use WUA v224 maybe? I could, but I provide the link with OneDrive
  17. It does not work because the site connects to M$ server for 9x updates, but M$ already removed 9x updates from the server
  18. I think it will worked Good news, @WULover have v3 files, @WinFX have v4 files, and I have v5 files

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