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  1. Hello, has someone get Edge work in Vista with extended kernel? Any sites will never opened in Edge. Strange
  2. My Server 2003 using sP1 not Sp2. Also, with Server 2003 sp1 and v5 it just stuck in welcome page and does not searching any updates
  3. I should do this in my Server 2003 because something strange happened in my XP Home. Then, I got this IE just hanging
  4. Ok, so I already follow what the steps, but WUv5 redirects from http://localhost:9232/v5consumer/default.aspx to http://localhost:9232/consumer/default.aspx edit: localhost means v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com
  5. Also @maile3241 do u have the working v5 files? I really want to testing it on my main laptop.
  6. Hi, @sahand There is no way to enable optional Windows feature on offline Windows image.
  7. Yes, version of WU that people loves (since v4 shipped with XP) idk I guess v1 is shipped with 95, v2 with NT4, v3 with 98, ME and 2000, v4 with XP, v5 with Server 2003 and Longhorn (i guess with Longhorn), v6 with idk and v7WUApp with Vista and later
  8. @maile3241 Can u manage WUv4 from the paid version of wayback machine downloader (aka download v4 files from paid version of wayback machine downloader)?
  9. Can someone archived Windows Update v6? v6 Is still available in Microsoft Servers
  10. That's what i want to say Since v5 has same engine in v6, u could copied from v6
  11. So what? Is v5 does not have ME support? Or ME does not have v5 support? I also k'now why m$ released v5 around 2003 and killed v5 around 2006.
  12. 1. go and celebrate 2. "upgrading" 7 to Vista 3. install all Vista updates and install Server 2008 ESU 4. install ExKer (extended kernel) 5. install newer programs (such as firefox, chrome, gimp, office 2016, vscode, and 7's paint) 6. i just need to happy with Vista
  13. WHAT?! I think v6 work with Vista SP1 and RTM (unofficial btw). Also v5 is work with ME too. IDK about v1 and v2 is exist.
  14. @maile3241 Uses this site https://www.waybackmachinedownloader.com/en/ . He said it is paid version
  15. @bizzybody I recommended u to use Windows 7 Professional instead 10 Home
  16. It works with WUApp, but it almost took 1 hour to scan for updates
  17. Sad, I only can use the WUApp instead the site (but it's fine)
  18. My Vista laptop is SP2 and v6 only work in Vista RTM and SP1 not SP2

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