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  1. Ads are annoying; MS telemetry bothers me as much as some Venusian knowing my detailed medical history. What's curious to me is that you actually care.
  2. Not sure what the Chalkboard benchmark tests, but MotionMark results seem a bit more reflective of reality. Why else would HW acceleration be a part of all modern browsers?
  3. But the results don't change, nearly identical to switching "Use HW acceleration when available": #enable-gpu-rasterization disabled: #enable-gpu-rasterization enabled:
  4. Results make a bit more sense in this one. Win 7 with GPU: Win 7 w/o GPU: XP (w/o GPU):
  5. Mine (both on the same box). XP: 7: Unexpected (Speedometer 2/3 scores better on 7) 7 with "Use graphics acceleration when available" off: P.S. Not sure what that benchmark tests, but scrolling without HW acceleration feels choppy (~20fps) on this box, smooth/fluid (screen refresh rate) with HW acceleration on.
  6. Extracting the executable to a folder & running chrome.exe for the first time still creates new registry entries & directories (so it won't be portable). These won't affect your Thorium (or any other browser) installs, if that's an issue.
  7. Looks like the conversation was locked by win32, the repository owner. Guessing because it was a simple statement, not a conversation opener. If you still wish to chat about it, all you need do is click a button.
  8. Just a guess, but nowhere. The typically cached elements are simply re-downloaded, again and again, as if the page was visited for the first time. If @Kmuland's internet bandwidth is greater than HDD bandwidth, disabling the cache makes sense. Again, just guessing, no idea how browsers work.
  9. Try the 32-bit build of Thorium, see if (with Chrome-xp-api-adapter) it's quicker than the 64-bit build. Oddly enough, for me, it is (on x64 SP2). Works on my machine™ (Thorium/XP x64)
  10. Same here. Might have something to do with @AstroSkipper's single-core rig, happens to me all the time posting from a Coppermine PIII (on any forum). BTW, IDA-RE's dll does seem to speed up Thorium/Supermium (launching for the first time, and at least as far as Speedometer 2 is concerned). Curious factoids: it's now called "chrome-xp-api-adapter.dll" instead of "progwrp.dll" (i renamed it), and it's 24KB vs. 131KB of the original.
  11. The same logic that makes Supermium closed source (if any part of the project is not open source, it's not open source) should make Linux closed source (its kernel includes [proprietary] binary blobs). I guess those are the only open source Linux distros OTOH, most distros (including all the popular ones, the ones where WiFi & most HW works, ones using the standard, unmodded linux kernel) are proprietary. At least by that logic :\ Something tells me reliance on leaked/reversed MS code is the reason no source has been published for that .dll. Again, could be dead wrong.
  12. Please make sure to take a couple of seconds to perform a simple search before posting. Which part of the quoted text do you disagree with? Be concise. I concede that, like Linux, Supermium contains closed source code. If you feel this makes those projects proprietary, i got nothing.
  13. Supermium source, and [at least] the binary of that .dll is, and always was, publicly available. Not sure how not publishing the source would affect people who wanted to support win32/needed an installer.
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