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  1. Activating it using CMD worked. Thank you very much.
  2. doesn't seem to fix it @veso266
  3. Every time I try and launch it after installing I just get this
  4. Just gonna add that for me my RX 6600 XT driver on Windows 8.1 does keep crashing so people might wanna keep that in mind
  5. its a work in progress but this is my ryzen machine with vista (ignore the intel igpu icon I'm using the ssd from my laptop)
  6. My first Impressions was that it was just Windows 10 with a new ui, but I couldn't really stay with it for very long because the performance on my Ryzen 5 2600x was crippled
  7. Yeah I agree 100%. Personally I feel like this makes vista on Haswell+ a much viable option
  8. Well I've had it running for about 11 or so hours rebooting every now and then and the only issue i seem to face is sometimes when i open something that requirea administrative privileges I'll get an error but the second time I try it'll work fine
  9. Yeah sorry I didn't see that. I've just installed it on my Haswell laptop and nothings blown up yet so hopefully it stays like that https://imgur.com/hWcrUOd
  10. I myself can't find any microsoft statement about the subject but it is on betawiki https://betawiki.net/wiki/Windows_Vista_build_6003
  11. system requirement being windows xp but only focus on "modern" operating systems and won't fix it on windows 8.1 just seems a bit stupid if you ask me and i just got banned from the forum for agreeing with you
  12. I'm not saying it does fix the issue I'm just lucky enough that it doesn't really effect my screenshare performance
  13. Oh I haven't experienced any of them apart from the discord screenshare issue but I fixed that by disabling h.264 hardware acceleration on discord and my screenshares work well enough without it so I'm glad i don't have many issues
  14. was a bit surprised hearing this seeing that i use an rx580 on windows 8.1 and have never had any driver issues
  15. Hey, I've followed MSFN for a while now as a lurker but I've finally made an account as I have a deep interest in using Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.1 as daily driver operating systems and just those operating systems in general. So I look forward to my time here

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