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  1. Well , of course , thank you ! ProcessHacker peview.exe (if that's what you're talking about) , doesn't list export functions in Vista , but I was able to use dllexp.exe by nirsoft . A - Adding registry keys makes glitches to the software that worked flawlessly before . B - Yes , only audio not working in that stupid game . How come only japanese software is always having problems, I mean, funny all games work ! I really do not understand how 99.99 % of games and software , except japanese games work absolutely fine ! The funniest thing they (japs) were still making DX9 games in 2015 ! You can search and see for youself many gamers are having troubles with sound in japanese games . Of course that ancient DX audio the japs use makes the whole system sound like junk . It's win2000/XP legacy libraries , they resample everything to 48Khz ! Thanks to Dixel , I now have fantastic audio , he suggested me to remove that junk . But I still kind of want to use that game with sound ...
  2. It's widely used now . For example , Opera creates your "customer" profile (heavily encrypted) to sell data to google and yandex. Just look at the opera profile files, starting from version 78 , all heavily encrypted ! Also , if you change something , it will revert the changes back ! The Chinese browser have its own certificate module, but not all certs are in it , you will still have to update some of them (manually add to your Vista or XP cert store) . It works very well with the multi-process mode. No downvote > Cool ! Yep , I agree , Firefox is mostly for nurds. If I see a profile pic. with anime , I think the person almostly certainly uses firefox and watches Star Wars. Ask Dixel , if you want to know more about the encryption used in modern browsers. He had hacked and disabled many things.
  3. This is where it's heading . No 2G , no simple phones , no teletext , but "smart" cities . I guess Europe is the main target for now. https://swprs.org/the-wef-and-the-pandemic/
  4. I think it's OK to try , I can delete them any time I want . You see , I was wondering for many-many years why my sound quality is junk , until one of the members explained it's due to DX9 redist. So I deleted it completely and now I have fanatstic audio quality ! As soon as I get it back - awful audio . Not punchy ! So I want to create a portable version . Only one of my games really needs it . All of the others , including the latest from 2021 , don't !
  5. I'm watching The Americans 2013. But I only have the 1st season on Bluray discs.
  6. I recently ditched Firefox because it quit running without additional runtimes that I'm not going to install on my system and it is heavy and buggy , I am now a 360 user . The best browser so far. It just runs ! It doesn't want a couple of gigs of redist packages (bloatware). I absolutely don't care if all firefox browsers , including this one , will cease to exist . They had their chance . Now start to downvote me.
  7. Hi , please tell , are these versions of DirectX portable ?
  8. Hello , is there a portable version available ? Do not want to install it .
  9. Hi , I see you are an experienced user ! Will you please help me to create a portable DX9 version ? Or perhaps you already know where to get such package ? The idea is not to install it to the system. Thanks in advance ! So far I was able to launch the game with some dll from DX redist , but the game has no sound . I'm 100% positive it is due to DX9 redist missing from the system.
  10. I'm terribly sorry to point this out to you , every time I read your posts , I want to stick forks in my eyes . Why ? People is already plural . It' like hair , children , etc . All of these are in it's plural form already . There's no "peoples" , "hairs" , "childrens" in the English language . Perhaps you wanted to say folks ? In that case , yes , it would right . No hard feelings , OK ? Again , I'm terribly sorry , but someone had to do it . Geez , with all this politcorrectness these days ...
  11. Of course , it's the topic's name ! I guess the previous poster posted in the wrong place. I'm honoured you've been through my whole post history . Yep , I'm still on Vista RTM , but recently decided to try out the famous 360 Browser and it crashed the Video driver , so I was like , hey , why ? Then I decided to install Vista SP2 and the framework (just to try to identify the problem) , but it didn't help (surprise!). Yes , I know what this thread is about , that's precisely what I was writing about . Anyway , thanks. I tried to install it on SP1 too , so it kinda "works" , but the result is the same as with SP2. I try to avoid "software" that needs frameworks , it's written by newbies anyways. Good soft doesn't depend on that , so it was only because of the 360 crashes I installed SP2 and later tried this topic's suggestion just out of curiosity.
  12. I get exactly the same from France ! Do they have something against France ?
  13. Yes, you're right , I'm gonna consider . Do you know it's not a WD drive ? WD6002FZWX looks like a Hitachi HDD. (guessing hot , noisy and humming again) https://oxnetni.com/western-digital-wd6002fzwx-6000gb-interne-festplatte/
  14. Even though I like your quick and informative answer , I had plenty of serious troubles with Toshiba. All toshibas are noisy , hot (high temps) and are just bad , both CMR and SMR (shingled). For example these 8TB awful drives. This is not just a bad batch , I had the exact same drive from ANOTHER batch and it was terrible !! Their customer service is non-existent and I sold it very cheap for parts. Read many people reporting awful quality. https://www.truenas.com/community/threads/bad-batch-of-toshiba-n300-8tb-256mb-cache-might-be-motherboard-failure.87605/
  15. Guys , is this OK to ask in this topic what HDDs are currently good , but no less than 6TB ? I mean CMR tech., I fed up with WD lies !
  16. Bravo , agree ! I have an ancient (slow) 1TB HDD (from 2009-2010) and when I need to test something on specific systems , I just connect it via eSata to my PC (the disk is in it's external enclosure) , then install any system I want from USB ISO or BluRay drive, test and format after that . Just sayin'
  17. I was able to do that , but kinda like 90% of my software quit working after that . Had to use the MS cleanup tool to delete it . Reverted to 4.5 and all is fine.
  18. I shall wait when (if) @Dixel shares his version with me ... that doesn't mean I'm not grateful to you guys @ArcticFoxie, @Humming Owl , thank you ! Your browser works very good with Nvidia drivers up to 347.88 , but not with later ones , sadly... I think I'm gunna use it on my old notebook with intel HD. Now this cookie story came to the light...
  19. What a coincidence ! You're on the same driver ! While I agree that it is a good driver , is there any chance you or anyone else will consider trying this browser with any newer drivers ? Thank you ! I mean starting from 350.12 and up , I know XP was able to use drivers up to 368.81. Unfortunately I had to stop using this wonderful browser and rolled back my to my newer driver , otherwise I can't play with acceptable framerates...
  20. Thank you very much for the quick reply, all of the above didn't work. I have been testing since you replied , more than a week ! For those who are wondering , I had to downgrade my nvidia driver to 347.88 and the issues just stopped ! This is not a good solution , because the driver is too old for my games . Any driver starting from 350.12 will lead to crashes with this browser , sometimes when I open it , it will spike the GPU usage to 10-12 percent , absolutely not OK for my GTX980. And the load on memory controller remains higher than usual after I close it . No crashes at this point , but when I start a game , the driver will crash and relaunch itself . Now I'm wondering what if @ArcticFoxie's crashes are also nvidia driver related ? Folks , what hardware are you on ? Any of you using Nvidia 350.12 and up ?
  21. I started to get Nvidia driver crashes with youtube. v13 rarely and with v12 frequently. Symptoms - I play a video , then the videocard TDP goes up to 10-11% (which is not normal) . It was kinda 5-7% before . I close the browser , start a random game , boom , driver crashes and restores by itself . If I do not open this browser and do NOT watch videos - all is OK , no crashes. So it's like the browser makes a glitch in the driver which needs to be reset before I can play . I have another chinese browser (old centbrwoser) and it doesn't crash the driver .
  22. I was on a dating website many years ago and that's how things were there also.
  23. I think calling us fanatics is a bit rude . I understand English is not your mother tongue , but look at some synonyms of this word: junkie , maniac, maven (also mavin = freak), nut. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fanatic
  24. jaclaz , thank you for the reply ! Well , yes , there's no such format per se , yet Universal extractor extracts such files perfectly , in fact it is the only one that was able to extract without issues ! Cab archivers , including makecab.exe and the other oldies will create MSZip type of compression, but this one I need is MsLZ. 7-zip says the file type is MsLZ. Perhaps it has nothing to do with "MS" because it's "Ms" . Lempel Ziv are usually LZ4 or LZO https://github.com/jibsen/brieflz That's why I asked the author because if they wrote an extraction algorithm perhaps they know what it is . This was the first and only search result on MSFN !

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