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  1. Not too sure if this will help or not but have you installed the latest version of BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer) i dont think setup allows you to go past unless you have it installed - i had a similar issue and updating it helped resolve it but i did this before SP2 for WS2003 so not sure if its already included. Did you turn off any AV programs? what does the eventvwr say? the initial sync can take a while (although not too long f you have broadband) - how long are you leaving it for? Heres a SBS guide for you to look at http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/yanivf/...ep-by-step.aspx
  2. I wont be able to go as ill be on holiday around those times but does anyone know if they will release the material (labs etc) for download?
  3. Has one PSU. Power wise it records the volts (according to ASUS anyway)and if the volt reaches 11 or below it means more power is required and is likely to cause a shutdown. The volt has been at 12 - 12.5 according to the software i have installed. Ill look into the PSU see if i can get it replaced..... Thanks
  4. A bit puzzled here. I have a WS2003 server used as a file server also has Virtual server 2005 R2 installed with one XP virtual machine. Sometimes the server restarts/shutdown. When its back up i try and log on and have the usual question "why did the server shutdown unexpectedly" i then review the event viewer - but nothings listed. So thought it could be running out of power with 2 systems running and as the server has 2 hard drives thought this might be the case, but when i installed the BIOS software to look at power management it seems to be fine. I cant find anything related to this problem. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Thanks
  5. Came across this update and not sure if its part of SP1 or not or whether i should install it before/after SP1....anyone got any info on this? Google didnt come up with anything (not yet anyway) http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Thanks
  6. To disable ipv6 have a look here for instructions: http://www.microsoft.com/technet/network/ipv6/ipv6faq.mspx If that doesnt work then you can try the following (note: you may lose any network settings doing the below) in the cmd window type: netsh int ip reset c:\log.txt netsh winsock reset then reboot. If that fails open up device manager, look for your NIC (usually under Network Adapters) right click and pick uninstall. Finally reboot and let windows install it for you. You may need your drivers so have this at hand before following this procedure.
  7. Not sure if you have tried this already: Clear the cache (go to start>Control menu and look for internet options) and press Delete and delete all. Then open a command window (Start > All programs> Accessories > Run - then type cmd) You will see a "black window" in here type: ipconfig /flushdns press enter then ipconfig /registerdns and try again. These are the basics to try before going on further.
  8. Only today i had a similar issue that youve had except it was on a 32 bit. Eventually i had some problems and decided to reinstall. When i did i came across the usual screen saying it found a Windows folder so setup will rename it to Windows.old. I decided not to go ahead with this and clicked the format partition (even though the partition was already formatted) since then i didnt get any unusual errors.
  9. Just double checking here: Ive used Norton Ghost 9 to make an image of my current domain..... 1. I install WS2003 as a virtual machine and then use NG9 to replace the system. 2. I have a new WS2008 to test with and can start to play with migration? Is that all there is to it? Also would i need to change the IP addresses/ subnet etc (on the VM) and if so would this cause any problems in clients logging on (only in the test area). Any articles you guys aware of to give me some guide? Guess this VM will only run for a max of 30 days due to activation. But once ive tested, how will WS2008 be reacting on the network if i left it live and the migration has gone across successfully? Thanks Edit: **NG9 didnt work with this server**
  10. Re-reading the Vista product guide your right cluberti must have got confused somewhere :whistle:
  11. In that case i think the Enterprise edition is sold to manufacturers on a large scale i.e. Dell, HP - they then use those licenses to build PCs and sell them on. If im right and the way i understand it i would believe these licenses cannot be sold to individuals and only to manufacturers or companies buying large number of licenses and is covered by Microsoft Software Assurance agreement. Overall the version i would believe is Ultimate. No doubt if im wrong someone here will correct me
  12. Theres no "Enterprise" edition, MS have put them into 4 categories (ok maybe more for those that know more exist) but if you after everything on Vista then its Ultimate your after.
  13. Virtualisation! Whats all that about? I dont remember hearing anything about that when i was trialing it out......unless i missed it can anyone give more info on this and what it does/is? cheers
  14. True. I used to use a program called WinFax - but its been a while. Any recommendations for a Fax program on WS2003 and possibly compatible with WS2008?
  15. On one domain i would like to test to migrate everything from WS2003 to WS2008, i.e. users, shares, domain etc etc. Is there a way that i can test this first before rolling it out live? So i have WS2003 running aswell as WS2008? I doubt there is but just double checking.... cheers
  16. Im curious to know where i stand with this situation. We purchased a Dell laptop about a year ago. The user cracked the screen 2 weeks ago. The laptop is now out of warranty and we can not replace the cracked screen just yet (until the new financial year at least). Now if i installed the same copy onto another PC (formatted the original laptop) and it activates, i guess all is fine and ok to use? Im asking because i've heard a few times, that a specific Vista copy is ONLY for that PC/Laptop then again ive also heard that you purchase one license and if the PC becomes faulty its still your license to use where you feel its fit. Can anyone confirm whats correct here? Thanks
  17. Not sure if ive understood what your after correctly but here goes. If you have DHCP installed you can control most of the stuff from there primary/seocnday DNS servers, update lease times if need be, fixed IP addresses, Local Lan, DHCP server etc etc. If this is not what your after a policy ive come across is found at Computer Configuration > Admini templates > Network >DNS client which may be worth reading on.
  18. Thanks, shame i cant use this service for development purposes like you can do with Exchange
  19. We use Sophos, scans incoming/outgoing mails along with the Exchange store etc and is integrated with AD (if you want it to be), the AV is pretty powerful too, fast and can control everything from the server (including client software updates). Also includes a firewall if you really need to use it. One feature i really like is the ability to control what applications and ports can be run or blocked
  20. Is there such an application like Bootvis for Vista? Thanks
  21. Back again I'm curious to know what the free email service available in WS2003 can do, in other words on a domain server which doesnt have Exchange what can i do with this email service? or what cant i do with this service? Is it possible to have emails sent from this server locally to other clients? Thanks
  22. I've read a few articles in how to configure WS2003 to send and receive faxes but what i'm trying to figure out is if i have a modem port on the server connected to a phone line, is that all i need in order to send and receive a fax on the hardware side? Is there any "gotcha's" i need to be wary about, or any services that need to be active on WS2003? Cheers
  23. Thanks but i couldnt find a 256MB in UK - USA has a few but i then have to pay tax and VAT on top of the price etc what about this: http://www.e-tropolis.co.uk/ProductDetails...de=PV-T44A-WANG or maybe a PCI low profile card?? i "think" this machine has that slot????? or ill just go with the 128MB from above if its a no go.
  24. Ok....checking http://www.vistabase.co.uk/kb/graphics/the...or-windows-aero confirms i need minimum 128MB for Aero. I guess ill go with http://www.amazon.co.uk/XFX-6200LE-128MB-G...2906&sr=1-6 and the bracket http://www.amazon.co.uk/XFX-LOW-PROFILE-BR...088&sr=1-44 Am i right in saying i unscrew the bracket from the orginal card and use the bracket im purchasing separately? cheers
  25. Thanks for that. Would this be the same card (just to double check ) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000VKW...me=&seller= I thought minimum requirement for Aero was 256MB???

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