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  1. In a test environment i have 3 PCs and 1 domain controller running WS2008 (1 PC with XP 2 with Vista). After reading about IPSEC i understand that you can use a certificate internally (PC to PC and Domain to PC - i think) to authenticate domains and PCs. So wondering has anyone done this and how does this interact with users browsing the web and RDP in and out of the system (internally and externally)? Finally is there a test certificate i could create? Im a little rusty in this area so feel free to correct me if im wrong or misunderstood something. Cheers
  2. When i have a problem like this its usually the firewall....have tried disabling it and see what happens?
  3. First i would check to see whats running at startup - see anything that you dont recognise and delete it. Next see if there is a virus....run the latest AV and see the outcome BUT before doing this backup your data. A few years ago a mate of mine ran a virus check and the software he used found a virus. The virus attached itself to all .exe files so he lost all his backup programs. If there is a virus personally i would reformat and start over as you never know what the virus could have left behind. If you have no virus then get the firewall to log all ports that it closes and check the event
  4. Ok finally how does SCW fit into all this? Im under the impression that its just an XML file that allows you to define a firewall policy - is this correct?
  5. I think NAP has got me started on this as i like the idea of how it works. I think i have a good month's worth of reading on IPSEC as that seems the way to go forward at the moment. If you guys do have any video links on IPSEC please let me know?
  6. Just been reading a few articles on WS2008 and firewalls, NAP etc. Im just wondering if anyone has enabled the default WS2008 firewall on a domain and successfully allowed clients to authenticate etc without huge problems? OR would you say its still not recomended enabling a FW on a domain controller? If you have what ports are you opening? Im curious to know as WS2008 seems to have a lot of useful and neat features available. Thanks
  7. Ohhhh this feature was very useful. Any other freebies of such sort around? and how does IIS SMTP work in terms of sending emails (internally only) Thanks
  8. In WS2003 there was a pop3 email service that you could use (not part of IIS). I cant find this service in WS2008 - has it been removed or have i missed it somewhere?
  9. Ok i have a server which has 1 SATA HD and WS2003 installed on it. I have another SATA HD that i would like to make use of, so i connected this HD to a RAID port. I would like this 2nd drive to mirror the 1st HD........Is this possible? Let me know if this is still unclear? Much better . If you are talking about Windows RAID, then no - Windows 2003 cannot create a RAID volume on a boot / Windows volume that isn't RAID (this is software RAID, mind you). As to the hardware RAID, this would be a function of the hardware RAID controller's BIOS - if you can go into that BIOS and create a RAID
  10. Ok i have a server which has 1 SATA HD and WS2003 installed on it. I have another SATA HD that i would like to make use of, so i connected this HD to a RAID port. I would like this 2nd drive to mirror the 1st HD........Is this possible? Let me know if this is still unclear?
  11. Thanks......i may have asked this question with the wrong terminology. What im trying to attempt is to "mirror" my domain hard drive with the second SATA hard drive incase the original goes down - if it does the the second drive comes into play. (ive already created a backup but i think what im asking here would be different to a backup) So far ive connected the 2nd HD to a RAID, but since ive never created a RAID before i dont know if im along the right lines in what im trying to do (create a mirror drive) or if this is something thats not possible at all with this config??
  12. Just need some clarity here: 1. I have one user (in theory ) who uses XP and Vista. I create a profile for him on WS2008 and target it for Vista - What would happen mainly with redirected folders (desktop, Home drive etc or with something like Favourites folder if it is being redirected?) IF the user decides to log onto an XP machine? 2. Am i correct in saying i can install WS2008 standard 64 bit......a few months later if needed i can simply change the product key once purchased to upgrade it to a 64 bit Enterprise edition without a reinstall? (Theres a difference in cost so need to know wh
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong forum but couldnt find anywhere else to ask this question. All users sending to one recipient occassionally receives the following error: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: This is the subject Sent: 27/02/2008 09:09 The following recipient(s) could not be reached: 'Robert Deniro' on 27/02/2008 09:14 You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator. <server.Domain.local #5.7.1 smtp;554 5.7.1 <robert@someDomain.co.uk>: Relay access denied> Ive
  14. Using 1680 x 1050 - native res for the tv/monitor. Not sure what could be the problem but for all i know it could have been the cable or even the compatibility between the GC and TV/monitor (just a wild guess) or even the GC may not support HDMI as PuntoMX stated. A few minutes back i searched around to see if anyone else had a similar issue, some did but no one had any real answers to it. good question.....i didnt have a DVI to DVI cable at hand so used DVI to HDMI before changing this over to a DVI to VGA
  15. SORTED!!!! - I thought a DVI - HDMI would be the best connection - wrong - i changed it from DVI to the usual VGA and all looked a 100 times better. Maybe PCs aren't ready for HDMI.
  16. Let's hope that Wide equals 16:10. What was the resolution at that moment? You should be able to see when resolution is matched exactly. The goal is not better quality, but perfect match. i believe when i had my old graphics card (standard card with a Dell optiplex GX270 Small Form) connected it was showing 1680 x 1050 but the top and bottom was missing and looked clear. When adjusting it, it made no difference. Even now if i have the GeForce 6200 GC connected and display it at 1680 x 1050 (native res for TV) the bottom top are missing but manually adjusting it 1723 x 1040 shows everything,
  17. hmmmm...... true but i can switch modes on the TV which goes from Wide > 16:9 > Zoom1 > Zoom2. Currently set to wide ok but this was also intended as a monitor. The TV was a bonus and since the difference between the price of a monitor and a monitor which included a TV was £30 i thought why not . So are you saying that even if i build a new PC (of course with new graphics cards) i will always have this problem? or is there a specific graphics card that will overcome this problem? If i will always have this problem i'd rather return it back and get a monitor instead, if another card
  18. I read those manuals and tried a few things. First i went into Nvidia control panel and under desktop resolution i picked 1680x1050 - ok this changed but i was missing the top, bottom menu bar and sides. Back into nvidia CP i clicked HDTV size then resize - and it seemed somewhat clearer. Now the problem i have now is there's a black border all around the display (a bit like movie cinema borders at the bottom) i then tried to change the TV/Monitor mode from Wide to 16:9 etc but no real difference- Back into the nvidia CP i resize it manually looking at the resolution its 1728 x 1040. Uninstall
  19. I ran the CD that came with the monitor and installed the driver. Although the monitor in device management now shows the TV/Monitor model, i then re-tuned Cleartype it didnt make a huge difference but some larger fonts seem to look neater than smaller, so at present the fonts look slightly faded, but think this is gonna be the best i can get since its a TV too. DVDs etc come out pretty clear. I cant get the monitor to run to its default res as its not listed but its close to it. Overall i guess its acceptable and since this is a Dell machine i can only look forward to a new PC with better har
  20. Ok will try that and see how it goes. I thought about the refresh rate too. It only has 60 Hz listed and less listed which i thought was strange. There is no "75" but this might be explained towards the end of this thread. I did try that and it seemed fine but since i know it can accept 1680 x 1050 i changed it to something close to this resolution. The specs for this monitor are at http://www.ebuyer.com/product/132112 (Samsung SM2032MW 20") Think ive already done that but ill double check it as ive picked the Aero theme which i think adds clear type on automatically. The card used is found
  21. I purchased a new Samsung TV/Monitor (20"), on my PC i have a NVIDIA GeForce 6200 graphics card. I uninstalled this card and reinstalled it with the latest drivers from windows update - so far all seems to go well however when i look at the fonts they seem to be jagged around the edges and not as crispy as they were on other monitors. The monitor is being connected from a DVI (PC) to a HDMI (TV/Monitor) connection which i thought would give the most clear and accurate display but cant work out why the fonts are jagged? Any thoughts on this? Cheers
  22. From my last post i thought i was having a Hard drive problems. As a backup the server somehow started to run and i left it to that. At the same time i ordered another hard drive (Western Digital - 20GB more space than my original HD- if this makes any difference to my question shortly), along with a few cables. Turned out there was a faulty cable as the server seems run fine meaning i have a spare hard drive. I connected it and thought to use it as another hard drive, strangely when booting up the server woudnt boot. I have an ASUS A8V deluxe MB which has 2 slots for a SATA and i tried both b
  23. Im not too sure if this relates to topics asked before but i have an extra hard disk available. As a backup i would like to have this hard drive to be the backup if the domain was to go down incase i need to replace the hard drive where the domain was originally installed - is this possible? Thanks
  24. Ok one of our SATA HD is coming close to becoming faulty (or is faulty). The error i had: STOP error 0x00000077 Kernal_Stack_inapge_Error Tried to do a chkdsk /f /r rebooted and got to stage 4 of 5 when it took about 30 minutes and i couldnt hear any disk activity so decided to power it off :whistle: done this twice Now i recieve 2 errors which im looking into: 1. Hardware iniated failed, please check device!!!! The BIOS does not be installed, press <g> to continue. (ASUS A8V Deluxe motherboard if you need to know) 2. NTLDR Not found press CTRL, ALT + DELETE to restart. so im in a loo
  25. I'm after a monitor but not sure whats good nowadays. Mainly for development with Aero and not really into any games, but prefer something decent. Ive seen one with these specs: Number of Screens 1 Actual Screen Size 20" Viewable Screen Size 20" Projection Technology Active Matrix TFT Pixel Pitch 0.258mm Input Signal Analog Response Time 5 ms Display & Graphics Maximum Resolution 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz Resolution 1680 x 1050 @ 60Hz Maximum Resolution Contrast Ratio 1000:1 Brightness 300 cd/m² Interfaces/Ports Ports 1 x 15-pin D-Sub
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