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  1. A few months back i was interested in building my own 64bit PC with a i7 SandyBridge processor. A few days later i realised there was a problem with the board so i decided to hold. Im wondering what would be a good i7 processor recommendation now (last time it was i7 2600k) although i saw a decent price (so i think) Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache . In addition a decent motherboard too. I prefer ASUS or Gigabyte but would like to include: Separate graphics card (not integrated) Of course quad core HDMI WiFi SATA (600 i think is the preferred option nowadays) Bluray USB 3.0 and
  2. I would like to create a local SFTP server on Windows 7 64bit to test a few things programatically. I know i can install the FTP service (IIS) but how could i make it secure? Any articles anyone could forward me to or similar? Thanks
  3. Can anyone recommend a free VOB to DVD application? Ive searched the list on here which doesnt provide any software to do this? Thanks
  4. After reading one of my posts about Sandy Bridge CPU (where they have a fault) and reading around, im considering if AMD would be any better? Im a little sceptical going with Intel now as one would never know if they have a faulty component or not until its too late and even then there would be worries about replacement, time delay etc etc. So as it usually stands it could be a small enough issue thats risen to a huge issue, so is it still ok to wait on this CPU or Look into AMD? Or even wait for the new model CPU (LGA2011) Thanks
  5. Well all Sandy Bridge have been stopped and a recall is coming for who ever got one. they have a chipset design flaw. I was very close to placing this order this week....... ill wait. Thanks for advising.
  6. Ive been looking at some motherboards for i7 Sandy Bridge processsor. Ive seen a few ASUS but wondered if anyone has any recommendations on what could be a competitive model but reliable without spending crazy money on it? I should be able to suport HyperV, USB 3, SATA etc etc. Thanks
  7. Thanks for clarifying. I needed that explained and it makes a lot more sense.
  8. What would be a better product/option to develop software: A) Intel Sandy Bridge (Core i7-2***) 4 cores, 8MB L3 cache B) Intel Gulftown (Core i7-980X Extreme Edition) 6 cores 12MB L3 cache Of course one has been released this month (A) but im wondering if its just marketing that confuses my decision on what i should pick and what benefits i may get over one than the other? As i say its mainly for software development using x64 bit at the same time i dont want to spend so much that in 2 montsh teh product is half in price. Thanks
  9. Ive been reading around to get a wireless domain setup instead of using cables etc. A little confused to understand what would be the minimum criteria (WinXP, Vista, Seven) would be (including hardware) and if i would take the exact same steps as one would with a normal cable router router (i.e. assign a static IP address etc etc when requested). Has anyone configured a wireless domain? If so could you shre your experience, would i need a wireless router to meet certain standards etc? Thanks
  10. One of the domain admins made a change in error to Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services on the Default policy on the domain controller. Eventually no one could log onto any server remotely as the error received was To log on to this remote computer you must be granted the allow log on through terminal services right..... Now i never have seen the original setting (for Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services ) but currently no one is listed in there at present (not defined) but i have been assured this setting was always not defined- if i was to add domain admins and RDP users shou
  11. I have a user policy that has registry disabled. I then create a HKLM registry setting that changes some settings and deploy this over the network using a machine policy. Some PCs have the setting applied successfully and some dont. The PCs that dont had errors relating "could not contact the domain controller" (event 1053 i think). I checked our DNS and it 'seems' to be fine. However i rejoined the PC to the domain which seemed to have resolved any errors as such. Now the same problem exists (reg disabled by admin) when the user boots up the PC. Under the local PC there are some firmware iss
  12. I would like to have some advice on what switch (or any other hardware) would be required in order to connect around 10 PCs via a cable and wireless (although i guess i could connect a wireless router it?). I would like the network speed to be minimum of 1GB, but i need the option of having the facility where this switch would have the facility where once a wire is run into a room, users can connect by connecting an RJ45 cable (so essentially to be able to setup a mini network. Any starter points or advice on what hardware is best for this? Thanks
  13. By that i mean, there are hardware processes that can be used from the articles i read but had a high price attached to it. So in case anyone has done this i was curious to know how and the costs involved. On the software side i wasnt aware if one software was better than another or if theyre all the same i.e. if one software fails to recover any data another software may?
  14. I have a PC that had some emails. The PC has been formatted (Windows XP) and defragged a couple of times since. Is there any way to attempt to get this data back? I have tried using software to get the data back but can anyone recommend any other ways? Thanks
  15. I couldnt find any relevant articles to this or any tweaks so wondering what tools/tweaks are there to speed up Win7 boot up times? I dont think there is a free version of Bootvis for Win7 and i have enabled Win7 to use 2 CPUs rather than 1 - any other work arounds? Thanks
  16. I have an internal site that i would like to restrict to a group of users that are part of AD group. So whoever is in this group can access it and others cant. Is this possible at all? I cant use DNS as i believe that would restrict it for everyone? Open to any other "quick fix" suggestions. Thanks
  17. Getting a bit closer here (thanks). Can i double check a couple of stuff here as it seems it will remove the existing groups contained within the LOCAL policy(as in the local PC) Administrators group... I create a group on my domain (domain\temp) Within the policy i right and click Add Group... and add domain temp Under Members of this group i click Add and type Administrator (this shows up as Administrator and NOT Domain\Administrator) The same procedure and add Domain\Admins The same procedure and add Domain\Temp Should this do the trick? Thanks again
  18. Enlighten me!! Ive searched the net and played around with some policies without much success
  19. I wouldnt want to add the user individually to each PC. I was looking for a more convenient approach (i.e. group policy) to add the user and take them out once the tasks are completed.
  20. Is it possible to elevate a user's right to become local admin on all PCs on a domain but not have domain admin rights? Thanks
  21. Manually running as another user has the same results. I changed it to System and had the same results again....
  22. I have a strange issue here. I set a schedule for an exe to run as another account (not admin) but one which has admin rights. When executing this app manually it gives me the UAC prompt and runs successfully. When i set this up as a schedule, i enabled run whether user is logged on or not, gave the account details (which it accepted) and run with highest privileges. When this runs on a schedule the app returns an error within a log which was listed under the Application log. The logs for scheduled tasks do not have any errors listed. All informational logs state the schedule ran successfully.
  23. That answers why i have this issue. Once users get hooked onto an app they dont let go. Itll have to go down the machine stratup script. Thanks everyone
  24. Is it possible to make them local admins rather than domain and remove this once done? I know the script allows something similar to this but trying to ensure no user interaction is required?
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