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  1. I know this question has probably been asked before but the solutions ive read so far, either doesnt fit our scenario or i may not know how to go about certain areas... so any links to external source/help where i could try would be good. I have an application that has been deployed to some users. I need to change a file within the program files directory. Of course standard/normal users dont have access to this directory to make changes. I have a vbs script that makes these changes but when deployed to users the error "Permission Denied" is listed. I looked at File System with AD Security GPO
  2. Is anyone aware of free software that would compress PDF, Office documents that you would like to recommend? Or any paid software (if it comes to it). I just need to have large files compressed in the smallest possible file size. Thanks
  3. Thanks everyone for your help. I read this article that did the trick for me
  4. I have Windows Vista installed on a partition. On a secondary partition i had Windows 7 installed however it became corrupt. I tried to reinstall and received a message that it cannot be installed on this partition as its dynamic. I figured out in order to do this i need to revert back to a Basic disk, but the only way i know is to backup and delete ALL the partitions and then convert - this is no good. Is there a way or an utility that is available that would do just ONE partition (no data on this partition)? Thanks
  5. Is there a way in Outlook 2007 where i could minimize the navigation pane but when hovering over it, it automatically opens without having to select any item? A feature similar to the windows in Visual Studio? Thanks
  6. None of those events are listed...Im wondering if it is a slow network? Is it normal for this to happen on slow networks? I could have a handful of PCs that it installs on but once the remiander PCs reboot then it installs. At first i thought this could have been a limitation.
  7. Not sure if there is something i could do about this or not....i have an application which has been assigned to some machines (lets say around 50 PCs) by group policy. When they reboot the app is installed by the system - problem i have is it only installs on a few PCs and then the remainder PCs have to reboot again and then the app is installed. Any reason why this is happening or is this due to the network not being fast enough to copy the app over to the PC locally? Thanks
  8. Thanks, no need to apologise. We all learn one way or another I dont suppose you know any videos demonstrating all this?
  9. Thanks....Were constrained for hardware (its a test server) but i dont mind putting the CD in and upgrading (sounds like thats all i have to do)....Doing this what would happen to the certificates on the DC that are being used (mainly for NAP) and shares etc? Would they remain as is after the upgrade? Edit: On a side note if i created a VPC, set up WS 2008 R2 on it, migrate the roles etc and then format the original server, reinstall WS 2008 R2 onto the original server - migrating the roles back again (on the original server), i believe i could do this (although a long way round)? - How could
  10. How could i upgrade a Windows Server 2008 x64 Domain Controller to WS 2008 R2 (without losing data, users, shares etc) Has anyone done it? if so what was your experience like? Thanks
  11. I personally thought there was several improvements overall. I occassionally had a problem when i had a large project open (when debugging) i would get a not responding alert but this seems to have been resolved (however mini hotfixes for VS 2008 always caused problems for other addins i had installed). VB seems to be catching up with some aspects of C# and vice versa, VSTO has some good improvments especially with deploying apps and a slightly better debugger (and a few other minor issues). Complete support for Silverlight designer....so far so good
  12. I have an old Dell Optiplex GX270 (not the tower), with an AGP graphics card NVidia Geforce 6200. Im trying to setup dual monitors (so i can extend my desktop to the other monitor), but it doesnt seem possible at the moment as reading around some suggest when you insert an AGP card it automatically disables the built in graphics card so you cant run two monitors. Does anyone know of any other techniques to get this done? I checked the BIOS and nothing there that seemed to be of an interest to run to monitors - both monitors work individually but the second monitor is not listed at all. Thanks
  13. After trawling through the web.....it was due to having deadlines set on some updates. I removed the deadlines and PC stopped rebooting and gave the usual options.
  14. I created a GPO thinking when it installs updates it nags the user to restart but doesnt restart the PC unless the users authorise to do so. For some reason with the GPO i created it doesnt notify them anything but automatically restarts the PC. Ive attached an image of the current GPO i have - Can anyone advise what or where ive gone wrong? Thanks
  15. The software is assigned, however enabling userenv log helped. This may drift to another issue so ill explain as all issues may be related. I checked the permissions on the share (which holds the msi) i had domain admins and System with full access (including NTFS permissions). I did two things that may have helped resolve it but it was working before so not sure it why this helped if it did- 1. Add the msi again but instead of using \\server\share\setup.msi i used \\server.local\share\setup.msi. 2. I also added Authenticated users to this share. This allowed the msi to install on boot up so p
  16. I created a GPO to deploy a MSI to PCs on our network. It ran until a couple days ago and now i receive this error: Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. Software changes could not be applied. A previous log entry with details should exist. The error was : The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it. Ive recreated the GPO but with the same error. When i log on to the PC i can navigate to the share on the server and can run the MSI. This is happening to more than one PC all having this message. The
  17. Thanks i should have made myself a bit more clear on what i was after. Although what you wrote is correct but i was after this option in a GPO so i can customise it. I finally found it at Microsoft Word 2007 > Word Options >Advanced >File Locations
  18. On a domain runing Office 2007 im trying to have all users default path set to their home drive. For instance when a users saves a document it automatically displays my documents folder which im trying to disable (ive removed all links to my documents). I would like it that when a user saves a document it automatically shows their home drive. how could i do this? Thanks
  19. What PC hardware do i require in order to connect my VCR to my PC? Once i have that, what software would i need in order to watch my VHS on my PC, eventually transferring it to DVD? Thanks
  20. Im wondering how i could possibly block CERTAIN sites using Windows Server 2003 (via GPOs)? Is it even possible? Or how could i deploy a hosts file to every PC if i was to go through this route? Any other ideas? Pros and Cons?? Unfortunately using a proxy server is not an option yet. Thanks
  21. I have an intranet site which is used over two domains (with a trust). The problem i have is if a user on Domain B navigates to this site, they are requested to enter their full username and password i.e. domainb\user where any users on Domain A dont have this issue (as the intranet is hosted on this domain). How could i overcome this issue so users on Domain B do not have to enter any credentials and is automatically logged on? (Note: to authenticate a user i have AD setup with SQL) Thanks
  22. Good point but how would i do that? where would i find this option? Thanks
  23. The title maybe specific to a point but if i have two domains with two admins (domain A and Domain B B) how could i stop domain admin B accessing ANY files AD, GPOs etc on domain A? Thanks Oh both domains are on a full trust.....thanks
  24. I would like to create a driver for SQL so its listed under ODBC (System DSN). So far i have this code: @ECHO OFF REM Update... odbcconf.exe /a {CONFIGSYSDSN "SQL Server" "DSN=Name|Description=Description to add|SERVER=production\in|Network=DBMSSOCN|Trusted_Connection=Yes|Database=Inventory_control"} REM pause @CLS @EXIT This works but i cant figure out how to add a username and password which is listed in our Sql database - Is this possible, if yes is there anyway to encrypt it? Thanks
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