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  1. One of our servers has DNS installed. Unfortunately it doesnt have Reverse DNS configured. The server holds around 200 PCs therefore i only need a PTR record for around 4/5 servers listed in DNS. What would be the best way to set this up? Thanks
  2. Is anyone aware of a free VbScript compiler that i could download and use? We have some old apps that need some maintenance but we do have Visual Studio 2008 and i dont think that has a VbScript compiler or anyway of us checking out some code. Or any ideas are welcome. Thanks
  3. Im running Windows Server 2008 64 bit with all updates as a DC with DNS installed on the same machine. We were experiecing slow connections and when i checked DNS event viewer no errors were logged. I then ran WS 2003 support tool netdiag to see what the outcome was. The error generated at DNS was: DNS test . . . . . . . . . . . . . : Failed [FATAL] Could not open file C:\Windows\system32\config\netlogon.dns for reading. [FATAL] Could not open file C:\Windows\system32\config\netlogon.dns for reading. [FATAL] No DNS servers have the DNS records for this DC registered. The file has r
  4. Would that be the preferred way or is that by default?
  5. We have two domains DomainA and DomainB which have a trust between them. I have a shared drive. If i right click the drive and click share/security i can see the other domain listed under locations and can add the user to the share. I would like to create a group that holds these users. Once my group is created in AD i click Add and select locations this time i can only see the domain im currently logged onto but not the other domain. Ive typed domainb\user, user@domainb.local etc etc but none of them are accepted. Am i doing something wrong or missed out something? or is it not possible? Tha
  6. I dont believe theres a right or wrong answer to this, the question is open to discussion..... As i mentioned, to cut the politics out i merely asked the question from a different point.
  7. Yep you all have a point......due to the politics behind this question i thought to ask as if i dont know anything about it at the same time wondered what other options were available. I do know how to corrupt an excel file BUT "we" were disputing over a few issues again i wont go into this as its all about "company politics" to why i asked the question. The answer i would have preferred to receive is something along the lines of "its better to prevent than cure" (have a backup than to repair) from the person being interviewed, but was curious what others knew about the subject. Thanks ever
  8. This may sound weird but how do i corrupt a working excel file? I want to test a few new comers for interviews to see if they can fix certain problems so as a start how can i corrupt a working excel file and also have a way of retrieveing it? I dont want to password the file as thats not exactly "corrupting" it. Thanks
  9. Not sure what options i have here I have Router 1 and Router 2 - Router 1 is the main router which is used to allow users to connect to the internet via wireless but is linked to router 2 via a cable. Router 2 is disconnected from the internet as its used as a slave router. Before, router 1 was introduced router 2 was the main access between clients, server and the default gateway for internet access, but no DHCP was used. Since we now have two routers is it possible for me to configure DHCP on the server (and disable it on router 2) so all IPs are distributed from the server and of course set
  10. This is what ive done - Connected the new router to the old router (Dlink) using a normal cable. Both routers IP address is I think this would have caused some errors so have changed the new routers IP add to and left the Dlink router add to Since the old router is already connected to the switch and it works i left this as is. I connect the new router with a laptop - i can access the internet (without anything connected to the old router) I connect the new router to the old router with standard cable. I then use a cable from the switch (which is already
  11. I have a wireless router which also has one RJ45 connection. I have another router a D-Link 504T (http://www.dlink.co.uk/?go=gNTyP9CnptFMIC4AStFCF834mptYIe5XTNvhLPG3yV3oVo97kP98f8p8Nqtk/jwpHC7szCFG+Is=) and a switch D-link DES 1008D (http://www.dlink.co.uk/?go=gNTyP9CgrdFOIC4AStFCF834mptYKO9ZTdvhLPG3yV3oV459kP98f8p8M6tj5jkkBSjuzCJH+o8LBdY=). What i would like to do is use the wireless router but also have the dlink router connected to it. Im trying to achieve a network which is both wireless and cable. I tried to connect the wireless router to the switch directly but it didnt work - dont know
  12. When you right click does it show it pointing to the correct directory? (the programs directory?) and does "users" have permission on that directory?
  13. Start here http://www.bytebot.net/openoffice/faq.html
  14. If we have an intranet setup as http://server/intranet is it possible to configure IIS to use an alias such as www.intranet.com (or similar)? Thanks
  15. I could but its around 3.5GB. Not sure what Winrar will compress this to unless theres any other info i can give? Thanks
  16. When i created a full system dump i looked at the error codes and it seems all the error codes point to a manual dump being started (ifi understood it correctly): ----- 32 bit Kernel Full Dump Analysis DUMP_HEADER32: MajorVersion 0000000f MinorVersion 00000ece DirectoryTableBase 00039000 PfnDataBase 81400000 PsLoadedModuleList 808af9c8 PsActiveProcessHead 808b5be8 MachineImageType 0000014c NumberProcessors 00000008 BugCheckCode 000000e2 BugCheckParameter1 00000000 BugCheckParameter2 00000000 BugCheckParameter3 00000000 BugCheckParameter4 00000000 PaeEna
  17. Ive not really used DHCP a lot but understand how it works to an extent hence the weird question. My question is when i open up a DHCP console and expand all the way until i get to reservations i see no PCs/Printers listed. Looking at the Address Lease section i notice some PCs have a picture of a PC with a fountain pen over it - Does this mean the PC has a static IP? As when i set up my own PC to have a static IP it shows up in Address Lease with the same icon but also in reservations? Thanks
  18. Thanks ill look into that but is the SQL profiler the same? Nothings really changed except the query has had indexes added to speed up the process also one of the logs that i have from running the dump tools (whether thsi makes a difference or not) follows: 0 32 0 System Process Command Line: 0 32 4 System Command Line: 0 32 344 smss.exe Command Line: \SystemRoot\System32\smss.exe 0 32 392 csrss.exe Command Line: C:\WINDOWS\system32\csrss.exe ObjectDirectory=\Windows SharedSection=1024,3072,512 Windows=On SubSystemType=Windows ServerDll=basesrv,1 ServerDll=winsrv:U
  19. Then you're saying it's just SQL Server freezing, not Windows (which is what I meant). If windows was frozen, you wouldn't be able to use his method to get dumps... Its a bit strange....the process sqlserver.exe has high memory consumption and eventually the CPU shows no activity. But i can minimise windows etc and eventually i cant do anything for around 10 mins so switch off the server. Now for some reason it ran fine without any problems but when we ran it again the same issue occured. It could be the query but how could i definately say that it is the problem as it was created by another
  20. You're seeing these because the machine wasn't shutdown properly. It doesn't give any useful infos. Hard to say what happens with so little information. Does it freeze hard? (as in the whole server) -- if so, enable memory dumps so we can try to analyze them. Or is it just MS SQL that stops processing queries? (could be high load simply, you looked at CPU load/performance counters?) What's the actual query and table schema? How many rows in the table? (very useful to know, so we can guess just how resource intensive to process, and even try to duplicate it) What version of MS SQL? Is the box
  21. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this problem. A SQL job runs and it freezes up the whole system. We have to switch it off manually and looking at the event viewer we see 0x8000005 and odd 0xa000000 messages listed. It an HP system with 32 bit op system but running on 64 bit harware (8GB ram). Any ideas on resolving this? or pointing towards the right direction? Thanks
  22. Ive set a bookmark in a word document (2003/2007). I would like to update this bookmark by allowing a user to enter the info on a form (user form) and once they press ok whatever they wrote into the textbox has now appeared in place of the bookmark. Currently i have some code that doesnt seem to work properly - does anyone have any ideas on this one? Thanks
  23. I have Encarta admin install on a server (running WS 2008). I go to a client machine (Win Vista) and open the the admin install file and install the network version. When prompted where to save the file i pick \\Server\EncartaShare. I now run Encarta Dictionary and it works, microsoft Maths works but when i open Encarta Student 2008, a few seconds later it says "Program has stopped responding" i have two option either to debug the program or close. I have a similar problem with Learning Essentials but the error i receive is "The data file is missing or not valid, Learning Essentials will use t
  24. I get this message everytime i boot up the server. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Processor-Power Date: 18/03/2008 08:04:00 Event ID: 6 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: User: SYSTEM Computer: SERVER.Domain.local Description: [b]Some processor performance power management features have been disabled due to a known firmware problem. Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware.[/b] Event Xml: <Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event"> <System> <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Proces
  25. Is there a way either by registry (or another method) to have personal settings of an email account to be setup by double clicking a registry file rather than having to go through the setup that Outlook 2007 (or any other Outlook in that case) has? If it is then to get more cheeky is there a way to import a pst file if the location has been given to a script or something? Thanks
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