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  1. Running WinPE on USB

    This is what I am looking for. I've tried a few things but I have never gotten it to work. IS it possible to run WinPE directly off a USB drive not using an WIM file? I am wanting to use this as a diagnostic tool, I want changes to the OS to be persistent. Like if I have a scanner on there like TDSSKiller, or a virus scanner, I want to be able to keep the programs up to date without having to download an update every time I boot the environment. Basically it will be WinPE but installed to the disk like a normal windows install would be. Thanks for your help.
  2. Editing Ctrl-Alt-Del screen

    I'm sure this can be done, I would like to modify the Ctrl Alt Del screen before login on windows xp pro. I have searched msgina.dll and winlogon.exe, but havn't been able to find the screen that you first see. I would like to change the "Requiring this combination...." text. Help is appreciated! Thanks
  3. I have Media center 2005, and my shows are recording an hour later then they should. This isn't a problem today since lost is on twice, so the first lost is really the second, and the second is Eli Stone, and Eli Stone is the 10pm news. I have the DST update, but how can I fix this?
  4. Setup Files

    Its SP1
  5. Setup Files

    I am wondering if anyone has XP Professional, and could share a couple files with me that are corrupt on my cd. Thanks. These are the files that are corrupt: PRO.WM_ PRO_INTR.SW_ PRO_INTR.TX_ PRO_NAV.SW_ PRO_NAV.TXT PRO_SEG1.SW_ to PRO_SEG5.SW_ PRO_SEG1.TX_ to PRO_SEG5.TX_ PROCTEXE.OC_
  6. Where can i get longhorn

    haha i already got it and it fu**ed up my computer
  7. A Idea

    windows 98 exists still. *shivers*
  8. Dual Boot longhorn

    Ok, i just downloaded longhorn build 5048. I want to know how i would dual boot with my windows xp home laptop, with out reformatting, since i dont have a dvd burner i cant burn to a dvd to install on my desktop. can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.
  9. XP WIfi Error

    my router renews every like month cause this just started and it keeps tryingto connect and it does but it acrs wierd i have encryption (Wpa) but my psp supports wep, so i turned it off to check for the network update
  10. XP WIfi Error

    Ok well my wifi card Dlink, the one they sell at home depot. this is what it does it shows it disconnected but is connected and the icon wont change and it disconnects every 10 min or so, can anyone help im runnig xp on a hp ze5375us laptop hers whats it shows when it disconnects
  11. Hello

    No im mikeroq. I mis typed my name. but i sucks what they did to him
  12. Where can i get longhorn

    Back in 2004 for a week I tryed to download Longhorn. It failed. Not that I have cable internet I would like to download and install it on my laptop computer to test it out. I was wondering where is can get it.