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  1. Well, it worked for a while. But now it doesn’t work again. UPDATE: Unplugged everything (USB, headphones, HDMI), now it works.
  2. UPDATE: When I take those two hard drives out, it works. I put it back in and it works now. Why didn’t it work in the first place though?
  3. Hi, I have an ASRock Z690 PG Riptide motherboard, and I am trying to turn on my PC. However, when I tried to do it at first, it didn’t work and flashes green at the BIOS flashback area. Eventually after switching PSU cables it finally started working (idk how it started working exactly), but then I installed a 500 GB HDD and an 80 GB HDD, and now it doesn’t work anymore. This is my build list (I got a different GPU, but i’s still an RTX 4070) https://newegg.io/8f3ca36, also an additional 4 TB HDD is connected, and I have a 1200 W power supply and not a 750 W one. This is what’s going on: https://youtu.be/kYs8LrMT-ds?si=dwK0W3VSeHRdEXNw Idk why this is happening. Could it be a voltage issue, like could my outlet not have enough voltage?
  4. Hi, On my gaming PC when I try to start a VM on VMWare Pro 16 I get a BSOD. I get: EXCEPTION_ON_ INVALID STACK BSOD. I've enabled everything needed for virtualization in BIOS. This is my build list (I got a different GPU, but it’s still an RTX 4070) https://newegg.io/8f3ca36. I have an ASrock Z690 PG Riptide motherboard (here's the manual: https://download.asrock.com/Manual/Z690 PG Riptide.pdf). How do I fix this?
  5. for resolution i used VBEMP driver
  6. Yea I just tried it. I tried running it without switches and with the /I and /id switch. It complained about not finding a valid MS-DOS partition
  7. idk if ill be able to get 95 81 on real hardware, i cant even get 95 osr2 working, even with the fix95cpu fix. but MattKC installed 98 on FreeDOS
  8. nope I used MS-DOS 7.1. https://youtu.be/EBxFWFmlyeE?si=IwEZib6r5Qud0bUf But it is possible to get 9x working in FreeDOS: https://youtu.be/IO2BSLkQLDA?si=TgXAxNYfp15_vC5b
  9. Ok so both changes gave me a BSOD. The first one gave me 0x01E, the second one gave me 0x07B.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBxFWFmlyeE This is Windows 98, running natively on a Dell Latitude 5490, a Kaby Lake machine. Windows 98 was surprisingly easy to install, basically what I did was install MS-DOS 7.1, replace himem.sys with xmgr.sys, install 98, change some values in system.ini and replaced himem.sys with xmgr.sys. I installed VBEMP but no HDA sound, there is a driver for that but I was unable to get it working. I've also gotten Windows ME working (all I did was upgrade 98 to ME).
  11. I’ve gotten Windows 98 and ME working. I will try Chicago 81 and 95 in a bit.
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