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  1. The reason why the CPU is being rejected is because the CPU doesn't have PrefetchW. Is there a utility to bypass this like there is to bypass PAE with Windows 8?
  2. I tried that, used that same ISO. I didn’t do anything during boot, also tried pressing F5 > Standard PC and F7, but I still got a BSOD with 0x0000007B.
  3. Ok I have had success with that in the past, so I will try it and post later with results.
  4. I used an ISO with ACPI and USB3 drivers integrated (this one:https://archive.org/details/xp-intel-amd-2020-32-bit-en-550-mb/1.PNG), but I still have trouble with installation. I used E2B and the Windows 8 PE to copy the files, but if I select “Standard PC”, or press F7, it doesn’t BSOD, but it hangs at “Welcome to setup.” I tried not doing anything during boot, and it did get past the first stage, but gave me a BSOD saying that the BIOS isn’t fully ACPI compliant.
  5. Hello, I am trying to install Windows 2000 from FreeDOS, but when I run winnt.exe, it gives me an error saying setup cannot continue. And no, booting from CD is not an option as I think my CD Drive is damaged (I'm using a VM for testing). Attached is the error.
  6. These are methods that can be found anywhere on the internet, but I wanted to post it here. With this tutorial you should be able to install Windows 11 on any PC that supports Windows 10 x64. Method 1 (recommended as I have not tried the second method) (any builds as of the time of writing works): 1. Get a Windows 10 x64 ISO. You can do this with the Media Creation Tool, or with Windows ISO Downloader. 2. Copy the contents of the ISO to a folder. Go to sources and delete "install.wim" or "install.esd". 3. Get a Windows 11 ISO 4. Mount the Windows 11 ISO. 5. Go to the sources folder, and copy "install.wim" or "install.esd" 6. Paste the install.wim/esd file into the Windows 10 x64 sources folder. Here’s how to make it into an ISO: 7. Download and install NTLite. https://www.ntlite.com/ 8. Once you have installed it, select "Free", unless you have a license. 9. Click "Add" > "Image directory" 10. Select the Windows 10 setup with the Windows 11 "install.wim/esd" folder. 11. Right click on "install.wim/esd", and click "Create ISO" Method 2 (works with only builds 21996 and before I think, you can try other builds if you want): 1. Get a Windows 11 ISO. 2. Copy the contents of the ISO to a folder. Go to sources and delete "appraisesres.dll" 3. Get a Windows 10 x64 ISO. You can do this with the Media Creation Tool, or with Windows ISO Downloader. 4. Mount the Windows 10 x64 ISO. 5. Go to the sources folder, and copy "appraisesres.dll" to the sources folder into the Windows 10 ISO. 6. Paste the file into the "sources" folder in the Windows 11 directory. When you run the setup, it should check to see if it is capable for Windows 10 and not 11. If you want to make this into an ISO, refer to the instructions in Method 1.
  7. Hi, I am currently running Windows 11 build 22000 on my HP Elitebook 840 G3. I have experienced a lot of problems, such as if I am AFK for a long time, the computer will shut off completely. Also explorer is very buggy. Should I go to 7/8/8.1/10, or should I keep 11?
  8. Hello, I have ISOs for every Windows Server release except for Server 2012 and I can't seem to find one for Server 2012. Does anyone know where I can download a Server 2012 RTM (Build 9200) ISO?
  9. Hi, I am running Windows 11 x64 build 22000.51 on my HP EliteBook 840 G3, and I use the machine for 30 minutes with one to two VMs open, but then it randomly powers off with no warning. It turns off like it is hibernating, but when I turn it on, the lights come on, but not the display. This has happened to me three times today and I do not know why this is happening. Should I downgrade to Windows 10 or is it a hardware problem?
  10. It worked after a clean install. Thank you all for your help.
  11. I did that and I am currently downloading the update.
  12. I know that. I will probably downgrade to 10 and just update from there.
  13. I don't think so, as I was able to update from Windows 11 21996 to 22000 on my Surface Pro.
  14. Hello, I am currently running Windows 11 build 21996 and want to update to 22000. I have an HP EliteBook 840 G3, and when I try to upgrade, it gives me this error: Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements recommended for Windows 11 and there may be bugs and issues that impact your experience. Learn more. Your Windows Insider account requires attention to get Insider Preview builds. [Fix the problem] I then click "Fix the problem", but I then am asked to check the Feedback Hub and get the error code 0x7fffffff. I have even switched from UEFI Class 2 to 3+ (but I have TPM 1.2, also idk how to enable it), and I still get the error.
  15. I tried that method but it just restarted. Also tried boot logging but it didn’t work and I booted into 7 and couldn’t find the boot log. Should I upgrade the processor? That same article I read, which I will link, has someone running 8.1 x64 on this Dell (or maybe the E510, idk). https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/Dell-Dimension-5150-will-not-install-a-64bit-OS/td-p/5181651
  16. I was able to install 7 x64, but I also read that only 7 and 8 x64 are supported. But I will try the RAM upgrade from 3 GB to 4 GB and see if I can install 8.1 or 10 x64.
  17. I know it's not supported, but could it technically be possible?
  18. It was 10 20H2 x64 but I wanted to install 21996 (Windows 11 x64). I will boot the setup and do the said method.
  19. I did not. I will try it later and post results when I try it, also how do you task switch?
  20. I went in the BIOS and can confirm that it is a Pentium D processor and has 64-bit support and I will put a picture of the info below. I wasn't able to find my processor on Ark but this is my processor ID: 0F47. PROCESSOR info pentinum d.bmp
  21. I would try to install NT 4.0 and select the Standard PC hal, but it would give me the 0x0000007B error every time.
  22. Are you open to using Windows 3.1? If so, you can use Calmira on there.
  23. Hi, I own a Dell Dimension 5150 with an Intel Pentium D processor and I want to install Windows 10 x64 on there. I am able to get Windows 10 x86 on there, and I would be fine with that, but I am trying to install Windows 11 on there which is only in x64. Whenever I try to boot setup, it hangs there for maybe 5-10 minutes then it crashes and reboots with no error code or message. I've read that this is due to the lack of RAM, and that I need to upgrade to 4 GB of RAM. I currently have 3 GB of RAM in there (2 512MB sticks and 2 1GB sticks). I am open to doing anything.

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