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  1. On the v13 build 2206 v3 progress - I'm opting to put this on the back burner for now. @Humming Owl has taken some great strides in this thread - https://msfn.org/board/topic/182876-360-extreme-explorer-modified-version His capabilities on the modification-front no longer relies on the Russian Repack on the telemetry side of things (which wasn't perfect but served as a decent starting point). There are telemetries in the original dark theme (which my builds have always disabled and replaced with an XP theme) and @Humming Owl is digging into that before he can do a v13. I'm kind of in a holding pattern circling the airport and awaiting my final descent. ps - I do think @Humming Owl is leaning towards 2250 instead of 2206 or possibly leaning towards waiting for official v13 to be "final" (ie, the Chinese releases a v14). So my goals are to reverse-engineer his v13 Modification Notes and possibly remain on 2206 - but like I say, kind of just circling the airport for now.
  2. Excellent news on Google Voice for original versus repack. Since your list of modifications performs the repack modifications and does so even better, then I am finally sold on sticking with modifications to the original versus the repack. You are the first to come along that has even attempted that long list of modifications - we have some "armchair quarterbacks" but you are the first to actually "throw the ball". I see no references to qhimg in any of the dark theme's .xml files. I have seen references that .png files are historically known to embed malicious code, but usually a "launcher" of sorts when the .png is decoded. Unsure if a .png can "connect" to qhimg. I do see that amost all of the .png files in the "dark" theme (an obomination to my eyesight, but to each their own) are dated 8/10/2020 but that a very small number of them are dated 11/11/2020. But since the skins are swappable, maybe it's easiest to just use the dark theme from v12 and run that in v13 ???
  3. One observation - it could be a v12 versus v13 observation so bear that in mind. One of the typos that was corrected is --> Changed "Foreget password?" entry to "Forgot password?" I'd have to dig through some of my list of changes, but in v13, that "foreget" typo is in the Remembered Passwords section and you click it to FORGET the memorized password. Could just be v13 but that's what comes to mind for that "foreget" typo. It was either that or it was part of the "360 Account" 'feature' that I am in-process of removing from the GUI altogether. Looking forward to your Modified_Notes.txt file for v13 - a ton of stuff was done to v12, v11, and v9.5 that I haven't gotten that far yet (I blame trial-and-error on YouTube tests for XP x86 SP2 that delayed my progress for the actual "trimming down" portion of the project).
  4. I ran all three versions using the portable loader and one of the three created an empty registry string, unsure which version (but I think it was v12). It was an empty registry string at least while the browser was closed, I may revisit later. My only test site for curiosity was Google Voice. And I was quite pleased to discover that Google Voice does work (99%) in v11 Modified and in v12 Modified. Technically I only dialed up my bank's automated system but that did work in v11 and v12 (but not in v9.5). So I revisited default repack v12 and confirmed that Google Voice can not make an outgoing call on that version - so one of your under-the-hood tweaks did restore Google Voice to v11 and v12 - awesome!
  5. Regarding "privacy_security.js" - I know that the direct translations from the original array entries are Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and I was not able to track down the .js math, but if you close 360Chrome, change your clock, open 360Chome, and keep doing that while changing your clock one hour at a time, I found that ("Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun") matches my clock as far as when the green "today" text lines up properly with the day of the week in the anti-tracker settings page. I don't use it, but I like the day of the week to be proper
  6. I'm checking, double-checking, and triple-checking and so far I have been able to remove 211 text strings that the GUI never uses. And have verified 131 text strings as still needed (a small handfull that can probably still be removed but keeping because they are words like "Risky" that is supposed to show up in Download Manager for certain download file types, I've just not witnessed it yet). That's just the browser_strings.xml file.
  7. I'm also seeing certain text strings that are supposed to appear on videos but I've yet to see them "do" anything either. I kinda assume that the Images and the Videos "features" are dependent on &/or only work at very specific (Chinese?) sites. Since I haven't seen them "do" anything, I'm leaning on removing them.
  8. Unless reported differently by others, I see no download difference for images with or without the "SaveImagesQuickly" feature enabled or disabled so I plan on removing this from the GUI in my next 2206 rebuild.
  9. One of the routes I was hoping to take but has thus far been unsuccessful is for ALL English text strings to exist in ONE file. The en_skin.srx file contains a file called browser_strings.xml, this would have been the perfect ONE file location for ALL text strings. The options.zip file contains an options.html file that uses several <span i18n-content="ID_NAME"></span> That span tag pulls in text strings from resources.pak, it would have been convenient if I could have deleted all of those text strings from resources.pak and moved them into browser_strings.xml. A massive ton of work, but ALL text strings would be in ONE file instead of over 4000 files. Then there are small nuances like you can combine "stop" and "reload" into one main toolbar button. But the "stop" function can be in TWO places - one over by "back" and "forward" like most browsers do, or two as part of the "go" button at then end address bar. Create a universal "mask.png" and you can use the "stop" in BOTH places. Optimize that "mask.png" for one button or the other and you can only use one of those "stop" buttons. But since "stop" and "reload" (or "refresh", depending on your preference when you translate everything) exists in TWO places, you have the same EXACT text now sitting in TWO resources.pak files. But since the button for "stop" and "reload" is shared as one button (you can opt to have them separated into two buttons), we end up with the same EXACT text sitting in FOUR resources.pak files. These exist ALL OVER THE PLACE. The "hover" text over the Downloads Manager icon should never say one thing if that icon sits in the main toolbar and say something entirely different if that icon is sitting in the status bar. You don't need the same EXACT icon to have TWO "hover" text strings just because that icon can be placed in TWO different spots. It doesn't have to be that convoluted and those over 4000 files probably only really needs to be roughly 1000 to 1500 files once all of the REDUNDANCIES are removed. But anywhoo, I end my rant now...
  10. I just hunted for that VM and it seems I've archived it already. I was experimenting quite a bit with different versions of Chrome and Chromium and I seem to recall having five or six versions installed in that VM. I have what can be best described as "the exact opposite of color blind vision". It's one of the reasons I remain on XP. "Sub-pixel" font rendering is quite literally an eyesore for me - my vision can "see" red and green dots around the corners of the fonts and those red and green dots have a way of "flashing" and "dancing". Of those five or six versions that I had installed, only one or two would render fonts in a way that would not give me ocular migraines.
  11. Yep, I was using Google Voice in a Win7 VM and Ungoogled Chromium until 360Chrome came along and now I can run it in XP. As others have pointed out, the word "ungoogled" is a bit of a stretch, there is still quite a bit of "google" inside "ungoogled" Chromium. I plan on digging deeper into that one of these days - kinda like the First Run and first-run-only "gstatic" connection that 360Chrome makes, it is my understanding that ALL chrome/chromium forks make that connection.
  12. I'll never get around to actually LISTENING to half the stuff downloaded during those 'file sharing' days. But nowadays those stacks of cd's/dvd's just take up bench space because it's all played for free from online "radio stations" and Roku music apps. Heck, the cable tv provider has about a dozen "radio" stations also. "Video killed the radio star". Unless you're a Justin Beiber or a Britney Spears (ie, you taylor to the teen), then the music industry is NEVER going to be what it was in the 50's thru the 80's. But then again, wasn't the Sock Hop taylored to the teen, wasn't Disco taylored to the teen, wasn't Bubble Gum Pop taylored to the teen, wasn't the Long-Haired Band taylored to the teen ???
  13. Does anybody use the "360 Account Login" feature? I'm considering stripping them out of the GUI completely since I don't use them. I'm also considering stripping out the Adfilter tab in the Settings page - all it does is pop up a dialog but then nothing after that, so it's basically a broken feature unless we bring back some Chinese telemetry.
  14. No worries here. I was directing that comment more towards a reply by another user but that user didn't even try my rebuild, his only concern was whether or not I would take YouTube issues seriously or not - and I did, I tried everything I could think of. With the exception, of course, of visiting China and befriending the compilers as I cannot do the original compile, I can only customize after the compile. But yeah, your point is quite valid Again, no worries...
  15. Same here. When I clicked the Replace in Files button it popped up a dialog that SEVENTY occurrences were replaced when it should have only been TWO. I didn't recover the files at this point and just deleted them (my .doc program doesn't have a recover option).
  16. Probably depends on the country hosting the song that you shared or the website that you linked. But yeah, good point.
  17. X-SciTE maxes out at 40 or 100 open files depending on version and I'm not seeing an option to search for specific text in all 40/100 open files. TextCrawler looks convenient for other uses, UltraEdit and PSPad were tried a few years back and that's when I sent hunting for a Notepad++ version before they got a little too bloated for my use (and too political, it's not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing on the politics, it's a matter of a software company should write software, no different than athletes should compete athletically and stay out of politics, that actors/actress should act and stay out of politics, but I digress...) Looks like Notepad++ is doing a better job than I thought edit: I forgot about the "minimalist" versions of Notepad++. Running "minimalist" v7.9.2 (last version for XP). Still takes forever to load/unload that many files but that's a bit much to throw at any text editor.
  18. Programmer's Notepad (both v2.3 and v2.4) crashes at 382 files when trying to load 4,072 tiny files (average right around 20 bytes per file). Maybe this old bloatless Notepad++ v6.8.8 dated 12/10/2015 is still the best for this type of workload. Giving X-SciTE a try next (trying/comparing versions 4.2.1 (x86 and x64), 3.7.5 r15, 3.3.7 r13, and 3.2.5 r12.
  19. I do appreciate everybody's willingness to try various builds. I'm going to revisit my 2206 build and clean it up a bit more - I found some hidden Chinese and Russian when rebuilding 1054 and will carry those over to 2206. I'm in no hurry for these changes though. The 2206 v2 seems to be our best base going forward.
  20. With that as your YouTube functionality, I would say skip on testing in Webex and I think I'll abandon this build also. 2206 really seems to be the route to take for most of our needs.
  21. Speaking of software suggestions -- does anybody have a good lightweight alternative to Notepad++ ??? As an example, the en-US.pak file contains thousands of tiny files and you kinda "have to" have at least the numbered-without-file-extension files open in tabs and be able to search all for various text. It takes my Notepad++ close to 20 minutes to open them all then another 15 minutes to close them all once edits are completed. My Notepad++ is version 6.8.8 but I opted for that version a while back because of "bloat" in never versions. I guess I should check to see if a never version takes so long to open a couple thousand tiny files, but if there are alternatives I'd be interested in trying them out.
  22. Me too. The 1054 was more of an experiment for the "YouTube Crowd" because people were frowning upon me for not considering YouTube as a tell-tale on 360Chrome's capabilities, performance, stability, reliability, etc. I own three different Roku devices and a SmartTV with Roku built-in -- the YouTube channel will crash all of my Roku's also! Granted, those Roku devices are all roughly 2 to 4 years old -- but YouTube shenanigans isn't about to force me to go out and buy new hardware or Smart TVs. YouTube doesn't crash my 2206 so everything past that was my attempt to assist the "YouTube Crowd". At this point, I think I've done everything possible aside from visiting China and befriending the folks that compile 360Chrome and thumping them over the head that YouTube crashes on XP x86 SP2
  23. Typo - meant to say en-US.pak. Based on the 2206 build, there are 130 files that need modified out of a total 4,290 files contained within en-US.pak - all to fix typos and grammatical errors for 2206. The 1054 en-US.pak contains 4,184 files and if they contain the same exact file names as 2206 then this part should go fairly quickly. edit - only three files in and the file names are already different... oh well, shouldn't take too long...

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