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  1. Seems like the classic Tragedy of the Commons problem here...
  2. Works like a charm, thanks @vxiiduu Windows 7 Ex, or Windows 7++, whatever you want to call it, is working great!
  3. Hmm, when I open the one on the repo, I just get this: Is there something else I need to do besides downloading that? I don't seen an mui, for instance, so I'm assuming that's only for packing and not on the Win7 end.
  4. Sorry, bit late here, but just getting the opportunity now to go ahead and try this out. Does it have to be W10 v1507? I do have access to some Windows 10 systems, but they're all newer than that. I'm assuming copying the SnippingTool.exe from those wouldn't work? Just a bit annoying to have to download an ISO for an OS I don't itself need, but as the hard work here has really been done, I can't complain too much Thanks again! Now that the one feature out of, uh, one features that Windows 10 actually has that older Windows doesn't, I guess Windows 7 has "useful feature parity" with Windows 10/11! SuperWindows, here we come!
  5. Yup, it was working for me in Chromium 70 with the latest Chromefill (https://github.com/InterLinked1/chromefill) until about 2 days ago. Looks like one of those "Unexpected syntax ." errors in both Chromium 70 and New Moon. Unfortunately, this will be difficult to polyfill. Probably not even anyone at SO responsible directly, but one of the stupid libraries used somewhere on the site, so they don't even know it's happening. I'd think posting answers would work since JS isn't required, but yeah, comments, voting, etc. definitely is broken now.
  6. You mean Chromium < 71, right? A lot of breakage seems to have happened right around there. See release notes, "Specific Polyfills": https://github.com/InterLinked1/chromefill
  7. I spent way too long putting this together: https://w2k.phreaknet.org/vista/
  8. That is simply downright false. The post office is peanuts compared to other rampant government spending. Military funding alone is on the order of a trillion a YEAR. 78 billion over 12 years is NOTHING in comparison. Post office is a basic service that at least services the public good, unlike most things in society... Time to end subsidies to cell phones and divert that to landlines and the post office instead, so we can maintain our basic public infrastructure, not toxic useless crap.
  9. Not sure where you got the idea that nobody cares about this, but most "real" environmentalists that likewise also decry all of this as well. If you think about it, resources that go towards so-called "national defense", e.g. artificially devoting resources towards blowing up other people or countries, is a complete unproductive use of resources, sustainable or note. If you were paying attention, surely you must know that right now in the U.S., people are outraged about the enormous spending bill giving the Pentagon nearly $1 trillion is budget appropriation. Slashing national defense is certainly an important step that can be taken here.
  10. Basically the same thing... "recycling" electronics means destroying them for scrap metal or shipping them to the Global South where slave labor disassembles them. Complete joke. Recycling is just a consumerist way to get people to endlessly consume. I'm not saying don't recycle and go to the landfill instead, but don't be fooled that it's this 100% green process that makes things disappear into the ether...
  11. agree with @soggi One man's trash is another man's treasure. I recycled a CRT monitor last year, and I still feel bad about it, since it basically work perfectly fine; same with a 2001 laptop (didn't have the charger for it). I'm sure somebody in the area might have wanted them; but logistically I couldn't have coordinated at the time, and I did salvage a bunch of other stuff. I also have a background in telephony, and typically old analog or electronic phones get scrapped but they always work perfectly fine, but I will salvage whatever of those I can. You always have to be on the lookout...
  12. For me it would make worse... I salvaged a CRT monitor that was in the recycling pile a few months ago for an "additional" monitor, never mind that it took up half my desk space on its own. Didn't work too well, as I got serious eyestrain from it to the point of being almost half blind in one eye (went away after it was turned off for 20 or 30 minutes). I think it might have been some radiation leakage when turning it off or on, since it made some crackly sounds and when turning it on subsequent times, if I looked in the other direction, I didn't quite have that issue. Nonetheless, a bunch of nicer Dell LCDs were getting recycled not much later, so I sent the CRT back to the recycling pile and picked those up instead! In fact, I'm using one of those monitors right now! (It's the super-duper Dell monitor from 2007 that has every connector known to man on the back - seriously there are like 10 or 15 inputs - VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, S-Video, USB, etc. It's the same one that gets really hot - hotter than a computer would, typically, as heat dissipation's apparently nonexistent on this thing. I had one as well that I offered at the time; nobody bit so who knows where it is now. A real shame, as I don't discount the value of CRTs in and of themselves, but practically speaking, they didn't make sense for me. Still a shame to get rid of it though. Indeed... I'm more upset with browsers that push their own crap JS "standards" than those that simply follow the rules (like IE11 does, more or less...) I was writing some JavaScript yesterday for a websockets-based application, and as I was referencing different things (I usually do PHP for web programming, rarely JS, since I rarely have a legitimate need for it) I found one that said "won't work on < IE 8" and at the time that was posted, that would have been a serious concern. Even now, that's about as much compatibility as I'm willing to trade off: anything I do has to work in IE11 if reasonably possible (I think websockets aren't supported, but my realtime chat service has an AJAX-based fallback so that service still works fine in IE11).
  13. I think maybe he's referring to when Microsoft actually drops support for it completely (when ESU and POS ends) as opposed to what they want consumers to think. Regardless of the availability or PR campaign Microsoft is running, Windows 7 is still supported at least until next year.
  14. If I disable smoothing in Windows 7, it looks like this: Isn't that the same result? And here it is with dark theme in Windows 7: I fail to see how WIN7 is evil... Win8+ though, yes, definitely!
  15. So why not turn off ClearType then? Presumably that is unchecking "Smooth edges of screen fonts"?
  16. Yeah, what surprises me most is how they even cannibalized their own product (IE) in doing so. IE 11 was/is actually pretty decent, at least when it came out and it worked pretty well with everything. It still works with everything I do since I don't do anything too radical in my web dev/design. But now, if you go to a MSFT site, they deliberately break it and try to get you to use edge. At least I'm using Windows 7.... no Edge crapware on here, so it can't force open a different browser on me!
  17. NM 27 isn't UXP? (Apologies for the ignorance, but I've only used 28...) It looks like some of the code specifically targets GitHub webpages (DOM parsing), so I'm not sure how much of that would generalize, so it's not as simple as changing the permissions as with the manifest.json for a Chrome extension. Might be helpful though in terms of things to add on!
  18. Polyfills fix JS-deficiencies in the browser, it's not likely polyfill related, per se, a polyfill *might* be able to fix it. I also saw several "XYZ" undefined errors on some things that don't quite work yet. I think a couple more polyfills are needed for this to unbreak close to most sites. Most helpful errors are in the developer console (F12): If you go to the Console tab, the raw JavaScript errors are printed out there. Best to use those rather than what's on the page itself, though in this case, it's probably similar by the looks of it. The console will also show you the exact JS that crashes the page.
  19. Yeah... that's the latest 70 version, no? One minor version higher than the other one.
  20. I think it could be fixed by processing all the JS and doing some kind of find and replace, maybe. How to do that, I'm not sure yet. Yeah, it *used* to be there but it's not anymore it seems. It's in the Wayback Archive though - the latest 70 version with the old UI is linked here: https://w2k.phreaknet.org/
  21. @Mathwiz recommended I post this here: I use Iron 70, which is a Chromium-based browser version from 2018. Recently, there was a "great purge" in browser support caused by some newfandangled JavaScript popping up everywhere at once: https://blog.interlinked.us/66/when-the-world-wide-web-goes-on-strike-how-do-you-fight-back I ended up writing a simple Chrome/Chromium extension to automatically polyfill webpages so things that stopped working in the browser, like StackOverflow, now fully work again. This doesn't unbreak *EVERY* site (at the moment, only the globalThis polyfill is included) but the goal over time is to expand support by addressing all these breakages and unbreaking them. Here is the project: https://github.com/InterLinked1/chromefill/ I imagine older versions of 360EE would likewise benefit. Newer, recent versions will not benefit.
  22. Which version is this? Seems newer than what I'm using. I did notice the "Unexpected token ?" error. I took a look and it almost looks like invalid JS to me, they weren't using it as the ternary operator. I'm not sure what the polyfill/fix for this is yet. Some things I use are still broken, affected by issues other than in or in addition to just globalThis. Hopefully, we can add more support for these other things over time.
  23. I don't *think* so but not sure. New Moon 28 works fine with StackOverflow, which didn't work in Iron 70 properly due to the globalThis issue, so I'd say "no". This is the compatibility chart for globalThis: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/globalThis#browser_compatibility There are other areas where UXP is affected, but I haven't addressed those yet.

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