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  1. @win32 Where can I get HFSLIP 2000 Fullpack? Looked it up and I can see what it is but I can't find any downloads for it anywhere. Do I need extended core? I just realized I only had Extended Kernel, not Core. Maybe that's why it failed... What are the steps to changing the boot screen back to the default if I use Extended Core? The only reason I didn't install that is I don't like the replaced boot screen. You said "You can use resource hacker to change it back to the original boot screen," but which page do I need to go to there? If I remember correctly, changing the XP boot screen is a real pain. You did say uninstalling Office 2003 and installing 2007 was a "recipe for disaster", so I am prepared to try fresh on a new 2000 install with no 2003 installed, but I want to try to do it right this time. Thanks! Tried it and it didn't work either. I couldn't find the Chrome tool but this one ought to have worked.
  2. I didn't try with fcwink2k, but I followed along with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s8u_DaPMDw and I get that it's not a valid win32 application, whereas it works for him. Seems like my Windows 2000 just doesn't like me... When I try using fcwin2k, I get the same result. I don't really want a super modern WMP, unless somehow file compatibility is improved. I gave this a look, but this seems to be a different error with the same file. Also, in these cases, it seemed not to work even on Windows 7, whereas I know the exact same install files I am using install seamlessly on XP.
  3. @win2k Ah, okay. The original instructions mentioned the chrome tool. Does this allow installation of Chrome? I do CompatSave and RunCompat, and I get the same exact screen. I see an entry made in the fcwin2k table, but it doesn't seem to affect the error. To be fair, I had previously upgraded WMP 6 to WMP 9, because I was trying to get the codec pack to see if MKV files would play (didn't work). So maybe WMP 6 works and 9 does not with KernelEx.
  4. @win32 Strange. Yes I was able to open it up. I'm not sure I need to do there - I don't see any "set compatible registry" setting. On another note, now that I have KernelEx, things are misbehaving, neither VLC or WMP seems to work - they both keep crashing. I hope this is not normal behavior...
  5. @win32 Okay, that went as expected, but I still get the same OSETUP.DLL error.
  6. @win32What do you mean replace it with the one from win2k USP5.1? I already have 5.1, so what am I replacing with what then?
  7. OK, now when running setup I just get that OSETUP.DLL cannot be loaded - same as what happened to someone else. I don't see a solution for that in this thread previously.
  8. What do I do, exactly, just run the two .exe files? Or do I need to move them into a directory?
  9. I installed it twice and I still don't see it. I don't see KernelEx explicitly as an installed program now, but some of the things it installed show up. I had to do a manual restart each time (it wasn't automatic). I still don't see the file, either.
  10. A primary problem is Outlook is more than just a mail client, which is all that most of the alternatives tend to be. I use the Outlook email, calendar, contacts, reminders, etc. features extensively. Hats off to you, Office 2013 and newer drive me crazy. Up through 2010, it was one click to save file. In 2013 and 2016, it became two. Now, in 2019, it's *three*. I think Microsoft is trying to drive us all insane. I would never run anything newer than 2010 even on a new Windows OS. I like 2010 better than 2007, but I would be content with 2007 on W2K, knowing I can't have everything... I actually downloaded a tool called Snippy to replace the Snipping Tool from Windows 7. Not exactly the same, but PRINT SCREEN doesn't seem to work in W2K, so it's all I have. Well, I still need to get it working, first. 1.1.1 is the newest w/o KernelEx, so I'll have to try a newer one and see if that works.
  11. @win32Aha, I didn't scroll down far enough. I just grabed the 30e file (v3.0e I guess). I don't see a NNN4NT5 folder or file in my WIN NT folder. Where is the W2K power pack start menu folder/where can I get it?
  12. @win32 How exactly were you able to get yours working? I have KernelEx, the latest one for English - which is labeled 18g but says 18f in the installer. I still get "This program requires a newer version of Windows to run". I already had USP 5.1. I can't install the Application Verifier as that also says it requires XP. How can I get setup.exe to run?? This same setup.exe worked fine on XP.
  13. @win32I get that, but I'd like to keep it as authentic as possible. But thanks for the clarification. What's the difference between extended kernel and core? It looks very similar to the far inferior Thunderbird. Apparently, Word, PP, and Excel work fine, OneNote screenshots don't work, and Outlook can't send mail. It seems like it's *almost* there in terms of working 100%, but just a few things are missing. Using non-Office products is not an option for any reason. Furthermore, Office 2003 and before is just not practice. It's not the lack of a ribbon, but the lack of support for many 2007/2010 features I use extensively as well as the whole file format thing. But, like all Office copycats, still lacking in at least 5-10%. If anything, I'd just be interested to know what's holding up full support for Office 2007, since only a few things seem not to work. Otherwise, I have to use XP for Office while being able to use 2000 for almost everything else (almost, because apparently VLC on 2000 can't play MKV files)
  14. @blackwingcat Hey, thanks for making KernelEx, it's super helpful! My only problem is that Office 2007/2010 doesn't seem to work right properly. It seems that Word, Excel, etc. will work right but I heard Outlook 2007 cannot send mail. It would be really super helpful to have Office 2007 on Windows 2000, because unfortunately Outlook 2003 and Office 2003 in general are just not good enough. Any chance there could be full support for this? Also, I saw a screenshot of the startup screen for W2K being modded to say "Powered by Extended Kernel", is there a way to disable this and keep the clean, original Windows 2000 look and feel? I don't want it to feel like I'm using a patched OS, I want it to feel seamless.

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