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  1. You would need to use an RF meter to measure the radiation before and after. There is no way to make an intelligent decision without actual data about the environment. Not disagreeing there!
  2. None where I am right now... Scientists are also concerned about a lot of the new satelittes going up. Frequencies in use now are on the lower side but will go up higher past what's been typical hitherto. A local cell is a lot further away than a transmitter 10 feet away from you. Inverse square law. Shielding is a last resort. Always better to remove the source. If done improperly, shielding can actually reflect the RF back at you and make it worse.
  3. Well, clearly you have no concern for your own well being or your family's. Don't forget, most doctors smoke Camels!!
  4. "5G installed at home"? What do you mean? You let a wireless carrier come in and install a small cell on your garage? Or you just got a 5G-capable device? Either way, not something you want to be near. The whole case for 5G is a pathetic joke anyways. Good wired broadband beats the pants off 5G any day, and in fact, 5G doesn't work without a good wired backhaul.
  5. > Smoking gun, EMR from 5G causing the sickness, increases after the nano metal contaminated clot shot Not sure where this is coming from, or in what context, but I'll just say this: Non-ionizing radiation has been proven, time and time again, to have non-thermal biological health effects. Most leading scientists on this issue today say it should be reclassified from 2B to a Class 1 carcinogen, same as smoking. The science is pretty damning at this point, and scientists are pretty concerned about 5G. Not sure why this is getting lumped in with conspiracies like vaccines causing the virus, or some totalitarian agenda here, but this is actually a well studied issue, and most science is in agreement that this is a pressing health issue in the 21st century. In the context of COVID-19, funnily enough, happen to get this paper this morning, though haven't looked at it extensively yet: https://www.jctres.com/en/issues/volume-7-issue-5/ Not the first paper of that nature, either. The claim that 5G is CAUSING the pandemic is clearly ludicrous, but it would be infactual to say it is not worsening it in some extent, just as surely as we know that factors like air pollution, chemical poisoning, and malnourishment would also put people at greater risk. It's rarely as simple as one simple direct cause as there are often many interrelated factors that mix together to suppress immune responses, one of the main effects of non-ionizing RF radiation. TL;DR Is 5G causing COVID-19? NO. Is it worsening the pandemic. Yes, although probably not to the extent that the conspiracy theorists would like people to believe, and probably more than a lot of people think, and certainly not a factor acting in isolation.
  6. Yup, this is why real environmentalists don't support electric cars: https://www.protectthackerpass.org/update-from-peehee-muhuh-thacker-pass/ "Green" technologies are not "good" for the environment. The earth does not "want" electric cars. Nor does it want dams or solar panels. One destructive technology to the next is not "green".
  7. Wait, what is the solution, exactly? Beside 360Chrome? I'm also encountering a lot of sites that no longer work in UXP, or even Chromium 70. Why they're all deciding to suddenly replacing working JS with JS that doesn't work on most browsers seems asinine to me, but I guess that's to be expected.
  8. I'm not running any new hardware really, my main PC is a Dell OptiPlex 980 tower, from 2009 or 2010. A bunch of them were being recycled so I snagged as many as I could.
  9. I'm not sure where these ideas came from, but they're patently false. The difference between Windows 7 and its successors is one of the widest chasms in Windows NT history. Bigger even, I would argue, than XP to Vista. There are a lot of folks that were fine going from XP to Vista to 7 or whatever, but are not fine moving on beyond that. I'm one of them, obviously. I run Windows 7 on my main machines and have no plans to downgrade to Windows 8/8.1/10 or God forbid 11. I thought it couldn't get any worse after 10... 11 proved me wrong. All to stay the folks still running 7 are doing so for a reason, and are NOT about to be suckered into a fourth-rate OS like Windows 11. We share many of the same concerns and philosophies as those running Vista, XP, 2000, etc.
  10. Not that specifically, but I use Roytam1's MailNews and New Moon, as a secondary browser, on Windows 7 x64.
  11. It crashes every now and then immediately after an email is sent. The email gets sent successfully, but MailNews immediately crashes. It's maybe 1 in every 50 sent emails, sometimes it is a week or more between crashes. But this has been happening for at least 2 years now, as long as I have been using MailNews. I might add that I only use Windows 7 and Windows 10 regularly, mostly Windows 7. I do not use Windows XP, but I remember this also happened in a similar way with Windows 2000. So it doesn't seem OS-related.
  12. I'm not sure, all mine are at least a couple years old or so, but you should be able to sign up for free at yandex.com. I use Yandex only because they're the only provider I know of that still lets you do free custom domain hosting. Unlimited domains, unlimited accounts, unlimited storage. I guess the Russians might be mining your mail, but can't win everything Personally, I'm not positive that I can pin it on Yandex accounts exclusively yet. Let me monitor this for a few more weeks and see - I'll post here with any updates.
  13. LOL, that would do it! I was trying to PXE boot some computers today to reimage them this morning and was wondering why one of them didn't want to do it. Turns out, it helps to make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in
  14. Any chance this fork of it works? https://w2k.phreaknet.org/ That's what I use to install mine, and it was working as of 2 weeks ago.
  15. All right, just crashed again. So it seems we're rolling about once per week, ish, give or take. Different email account this time, but also a Yandex account. So we're 3 for 3 on Yandex accounts causing MailNews to crash at the moment...
  16. Well, we are 2 for 2 now. Just crashed again, and with the same Yandex account. I still say that's coincidence, but that is one of the lesser used accounts so seems odd. Usually, it doesn't crash twice in the same day.
  17. Well, I sure am hearing a lot about this 360 EE program now... it seems to come most recommended by multiple parties. Which Chromium is this using, the latest one? My guess is it suffers from the same problems as Iron > 70. The old interface is gone, so it makes the user want to vomit. Philosophically, I'm not too into the whole Chromium vs. Mozilla vs. Trident vs. whatever browser wars, I just want something that's efficient, that works, and looks reasonable... I guess NOT being Chinese spyware is also a plus, though! Iron 70 has been these things in the past, but is on its way out the door as I speak. I had always planned to move to New Moon when this happened, but this is sadly not viable it seems. Serpent it sounds like is not faring much better. What is 360 EE really bringing to the table?
  18. Wow! Impressive. POP the protocol? I know some folks that insist on POP over IMAP, but personally I'm an IMAP guy, since I have multiple systems and like synchronization. I like Exchange the best but that's really only useful for Calendar/Contacts/Tasks/syncing everything, IMAP for just email is good enough for the most part. Well, I'm sure the nefarious are using temp accounts for things of that nature as it is...
  19. Yeah, I guess there's always "that guy" with more... It didn't start off like this, but over time, I've added more accounts to the point where it's gotten here, whether a new email address here or there or whatever. I don't even have one of my work email accounts in here, I just thought that would be too much and unnecessary anyways. I do use the Unified view for folders or there's no way I would be able to see everything at once. Windows Classic also helps with a more compact view so I can see more folders in the navigation. I use Outlook 2010 for Exchange for my primary Microsoft Account, since Calendar / Task syncing is nice, but I use MailNews for actual email. Outlook is a good program, it just doesn't do email well, LOL! Anyways, this to say this came about rather organically and it never occurred to me this was a "lot " of accounts. These aren't throwaway accounts, I don't even have those going to my client at all. I manually log in to webmail for the four times a year I might need to check those. I have more email accounts that forward to one of these accounts, I think somewhere on the order of 10 or 11 email accounts. And one of these also has 10 aliases. Two of the Yandex accounts are also catch all email addresses for the entire domain... so yeah... I get a lot of email. I use different email accounts for different things, to keep things separate. For certain accounts, I more or less use accounts the same way some people use folders within a single account. For these more specific accounts, I don't have any folders, and the accounts that do have folders are more general accounts used for more things.
  20. Just happened again. It was as soon as I had sent an email from a Yandex account. However, I haven't kept track in the past, so it could be totally random. I have 5 Yandex accounts, 2 Microsoft accounts, and 4 Google accounts set up using IMAP.
  21. This is becoming more frustrating every day. Up until a few weeks ago, I had pretty much no compatibility issues in either Iron 70 or New Moon. Now, a lot of things don't work in any of the 3 browsers I have: Internet Explorer, Iron 70, and New Moon 28. I was very displeased this morning to find that Wordpress.com is among these sites now. When you click "Log in", you just see the Wordpress logo. IN ALL THREE BROWSERS! Of course, it works in a modern version of Chrome, but WTF? This is not "web accessibility" or "standards compliant". Why is it that I suddenly see dozens of JS errors in the F12 console now? Why keep reinventing the wheel to break existing browsers while adding literally nothing? This used to work, this is nothing more or less than a regression. I'm a web developer, of course, so I don't need wordpress.com, I only keep it for one site that is mostly links and easier to just add a quick link that way, and I don't have a domain for it so the free .wordpress.com was fine. But now that I cannot edit this site anymore, looks like Wordpress has left me no choice but do the site on my own and jump ship from Wordpress. Is there any way that this might NOT have been an intentional regression? I can't see why not, but it seems puzzling that all of a sudden lots of sites are suddenly having compatibility issues in the past few weeks.
  22. Yeah, I'm not sure it's all that great, either, I was just playing around. I saw a few different ones but some required Chromium greater than what I had Iron 70 is from October 2018.
  23. Naturally, I am using Iron 70. Only extensions are uBlock Origin and Dark Night Mode. Now that I think about, I'll bet the latter is somehow responsible. I was trying to see how well a "dark Windows 7" theme would work, and it seemed to work quite well. Then performance was suffering during a Zoom meeting, so I re-enabled Aero (dark mode requires Classic theme in Windows). So, might go back.
  24. No idea... all I'm doing is clicking the "Quote" button. How's this coming through (with no quoting)?
  25. Case in point: I have a colleague who lives in rural California. AT&T wants to party like it's 1999, literally. Even though it's 99.9999% certain they have room on their DSLAM, they refuse to give him DSL. So dial-up is his only option. 56kbps is totally unusable on the modern web. I helped out a bit by setting up a plain text proxy, where you put in a URL and it spits out the page in plain text. That can significantly cut down on the page load time since it's not sending all the bloated JS for the page, images, all the other garbage, just the actual plain text that renders on the page. Right now, he is paying hundreds of dollars per month for 8 (EIGHT) POTS landlines. 1 for his main voice line, and 7 for dial-up Internet. Using PPP multilink on another person's private dial-up server, he can get about 350kbps in the most ideal circumstances. That's it. It's "high speed dial up" but it still sucks on the modern web. This is outrageous, especially these days. I think if a site doesn't load gracefully on 56kbps, then it fails the "accessibility test". Many, maybe most, people may have broadband, but many do not. Many are on dial-up, or slow DSL because they are too far away from the CO. Well, static HTML is easy, and I do all my programming by hand, but yeah, "nobody" does real web dev anymore apparently, it's frameworks or WYSIWYG stuff.

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