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  1. I don't *think* so but not sure. New Moon 28 works fine with StackOverflow, which didn't work in Iron 70 properly due to the globalThis issue, so I'd say "no". This is the compatibility chart for globalThis: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/globalThis#browser_compatibility There are other areas where UXP is affected, but I haven't addressed those yet.
  2. Why NM27 and not 28? (though I guess both, the merrier...)
  3. All right, available now! https://blog.interlinked.us/66/when-the-world-wide-web-goes-on-strike-how-do-you-fight-back https://github.com/InterLinked1/chromefill Hands are a bit tied at the moment, but might try to see what will work for New Moon as well.. for now, this unbreaks enough sites on Iron 70 that it's usable enough again.
  4. As some folks are aware, back in Q4 of 2021, there was a massive breakage of many browsers due to some JavaScript changes that took place around then which rendered browsers that weren't the latest version of Chromium or Firefox useless on many sites. I myself have been struggling with this for some time; Iron 70 no longer works on many things and New Moon is almost the same way. Some things don't work in either, or one or the other. I eventually realized that as it was just JavaScript code on these sites that had been changed (in many cases, in libraries not directly part of the site, probably why this sprang up everywhere all in a short period of time), and that if that was the case, maybe there was a way to restore compatibility... I played around for a while this week, and at last, I have made some satisfying progress. StackOverflow and other StackExchange sites, which have been basically 70% broken (minimal functionality mode) for weeks now, finally work 100% again in Iron 70! All it took was minimal polyfill injecting before page load using a simple extension that I set up to do the trick. It looks like many of the other errors I'm seeing are caused by one other popular error. I'm going to see if that can be polyfilled in a similar way too. Right now, I'm tentatively calling it "Old Chrome Compatability"... couldn't really come up with any clever names, but that's basically the idea. Plan is to hopefully add that other thing and then open source it this week so that anybody can add it and use it. Granted, Chromium is probably less popular here than UXP browsers, maybe rightly so. Gets me to thinking, now that I know this concept works, maybe we can rig together a similar extension for Pale/New Moon. It might even be simpler there, the way it's set up. The polyfills needed for one won't necessarily apply to the other, but there'll probably be a fair bit of crossover. Any thoughts? Anyways, these id*** had their fun messing up their JavaScript to break all our stuff, but I'm taking my JavaScript back now... take that, Google...
  5. Yeah, I guess you're right, most of the retro folks are on Windows 2000, not XP or Vista. Much thanks to roytam1 for working MailNews and New Moon on W2K!
  6. Yeah, I don't have any need or desire for a mobile, so I don't have one, and use landlines exclusively. I'm not the kind of guy that's teched up on the go, I simply don't care for that. I like sitting down to use a computer and using comfortable, high quality phones. I use payphones when I'm out and about, if I really need to (which isn't super often). I'm pretty much on VoIP as well, but the great thing about telephony is everything is backwards compatible. You can plug a 100 year old phone into a landline jack and it will just work, same for any decent VoIP adapter (ATA). I really only use analog phones, so I get more freedom that way. With digital, electronic, or VoIP hardphones like SIP phones, it is the same trajectory as mobiles, where everything nowadays is built for a few years and then becomes obsolete. The analog phones truly defy that. I have my own Asterisk system, so a lot of my telephony stuff is connected to that. I've always thought the U.S. wasn't great in how landlines are being neglected in a lot of places now, but sounds like it's even worse in Finland... maybe Asterisk/ATAs/channel banks are an option for you?
  7. Well, I have more than 5 phones right now, but only because I am a telephone collector and enthusiast, and do a lot of testing since I do some telephone switching work. Not that it's a competition, but my primary phone is 64 years old, a green 1957 Western Electric 500 set. I'm sure those Nokia mobiles are fine compared to today's, but nothing beats a good old Western Electric landline phone. I'm wagering that most of my phones will outlive me and be kicking just fine in 2100. Due to my background, I'll probably acquire more - in fact, just recently acquired a Nortel 350 ADSI phone for testing, but in theory I could never buy another phone for the next 80 years and I'd be just fine. Computers are obviously less durable, my main PC right now is a 2009 Dell OptiPlex. I'll probably be using it for a long while yet... it's new to me since I only recently salvaged it (actually a few of these) from getting recycled. Added some RAM to it so it's at 16 GB, and it has 2 external graphics cards, so she's purring along now with Windows 7...
  8. Yeah, my criticism of electric cars doesn't mean I endorse fossil fuels, either. We need fewer cars, in general, period. I'm more into classic cars, just because I hate all the newer ones, and obviously classic cars are pretty much all gasoline powered, not electric powered. Also plan to move to a rural area, where having one would be more of a necessity. That said, I think the focus on shifting to electric cars is definitely misguided. We need to reduce cars, starting from 3-car families where kids drive to school, to 2-car families, to 1-car families, maybe even less in urban areas. That is real change that would help the earth, not people switching from one toxic technology to the next. Electric cars are about $$$$, not the earth.
  9. This is repeating the same debunked pseudoscience that the industry and government have been repeating for years: "Currently the only proven biological effect of exposure to EMF, even at 5G frequencies, is slight tissue heating" Complete hogwash, mostly repeated by physicists who don't know what they're talking about, with no medical or biological credentials. Interestingly, also physicists who told everyone tobacco was safe and climate change doesn't exist... Look at actual reputable, independent, peer-reviewed science - most of which (more than 70%) finds biological effects from non-ionizing RF exposure. Now you are just spreading disinformation around. Industry scientists like to claim it's safe, and we're hearing the same types of claims that we did about lead, tobacco, and more recently climate change. It's the same BS playbook over and over again. 180 scientists signed a petition in 2017, warning about 5G: https://ehtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/Scientist-5G-appeal-2017.pdf 419 scientists have called for a moratorium on the technology: http://www.5gappeal.eu/ The 2020 Consensus Statement of UK and International Medical and Scientific Experts and Practitioners on Health Effects of Non-Ionising Radiation, which represents over 3500 medical doctors, would also disagree with you: https://phiremedical.org/2020-nir-consensus-statement-read/ More recently, 7,000+ scientists, 4,000+ medical doctors, 400+ building biologists, and 13,000+ engineers (and a lot of others) have signed the petition to stop 5G on earth and in space: https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/signatories-organizations Doesn't sound like "just a few people" are concerned to me... More studies: https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/science/studies.asp Here is a portal of 34,000+ more studies on the topic: https://www.emf-portal.org/en Here are some charts showing actual health effects at what the FCC would consider "low" levels of radiation, along with the study the finding was from: https://bioinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/BioInitiativeReport-RF-Color-Charts.pdf Consequently, there is a legitimate reason to be concerned about the 5G rollout: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118300161 With all the manufactured doubt created by people just like you, of course, it's no wonder people are misinformed about the topic: https://www.thenation.com/article/archive/how-big-wireless-made-us-think-that-cell-phones-are-safe-a-special-investigation/ Lots of misinformation from outlets like the New York Times, as well: https://microwavenews.com/news-center/fact-free-hit-5g-critic Feel free to subject yourself to whatever exposure you like (and smoke those Camels while you're at it!), but you're not doing anyone a favor by trying to mislead and distort the science. Could go on and on, but clearly, you will believe what you want to believe - cause face it, who wants to believe their gadgets are harming them? - but you can't argue with science. Well... you can, and are... but that doesn't change the reality... Sorry, but I'm getting sick and tired of all the lies and conspiracy theories that are floating around... "smoking is safe" (YES, I still hear this from id***), "climate change doesn't exist" (YES, this too I hear), the vaccine has tracking chips inside it, 5G caused the virus, the election was stolen, 5G is safe with no health effects whatsoever, Windows 7 is not getting ANY security updates, etc. etc. etc. Time and time again, people ignore the facts and believe their own version of reality. If only everyone could be more scientific and actually use their brains, and if they don't know the facts, admit it and do some research.
  10. Well, this is a view that has been proven wrong by 50 years+ of science and research. You seem to believe that only thermal effects exist, but there are plenty of established non-thermal effects. The FCC would agree with you, and they got sued and lost this year over their outdated guidelines. Perhaps if you have cells in your body... is more like it. All life on earth is affected, especially things like bees, birds, trees, etc. Beyond the scope of what can be put here, but you should do some research and look at the literature. Sounds like you have catching up to do.
  11. You would need to use an RF meter to measure the radiation before and after. There is no way to make an intelligent decision without actual data about the environment. Not disagreeing there!
  12. None where I am right now... Scientists are also concerned about a lot of the new satelittes going up. Frequencies in use now are on the lower side but will go up higher past what's been typical hitherto. A local cell is a lot further away than a transmitter 10 feet away from you. Inverse square law. Shielding is a last resort. Always better to remove the source. If done improperly, shielding can actually reflect the RF back at you and make it worse.
  13. Well, clearly you have no concern for your own well being or your family's. Don't forget, most doctors smoke Camels!!
  14. "5G installed at home"? What do you mean? You let a wireless carrier come in and install a small cell on your garage? Or you just got a 5G-capable device? Either way, not something you want to be near. The whole case for 5G is a pathetic joke anyways. Good wired broadband beats the pants off 5G any day, and in fact, 5G doesn't work without a good wired backhaul.
  15. > Smoking gun, EMR from 5G causing the sickness, increases after the nano metal contaminated clot shot Not sure where this is coming from, or in what context, but I'll just say this: Non-ionizing radiation has been proven, time and time again, to have non-thermal biological health effects. Most leading scientists on this issue today say it should be reclassified from 2B to a Class 1 carcinogen, same as smoking. The science is pretty damning at this point, and scientists are pretty concerned about 5G. Not sure why this is getting lumped in with conspiracies like vaccines causing the virus, or some totalitarian agenda here, but this is actually a well studied issue, and most science is in agreement that this is a pressing health issue in the 21st century. In the context of COVID-19, funnily enough, happen to get this paper this morning, though haven't looked at it extensively yet: https://www.jctres.com/en/issues/volume-7-issue-5/ Not the first paper of that nature, either. The claim that 5G is CAUSING the pandemic is clearly ludicrous, but it would be infactual to say it is not worsening it in some extent, just as surely as we know that factors like air pollution, chemical poisoning, and malnourishment would also put people at greater risk. It's rarely as simple as one simple direct cause as there are often many interrelated factors that mix together to suppress immune responses, one of the main effects of non-ionizing RF radiation. TL;DR Is 5G causing COVID-19? NO. Is it worsening the pandemic. Yes, although probably not to the extent that the conspiracy theorists would like people to believe, and probably more than a lot of people think, and certainly not a factor acting in isolation.
  16. Yup, this is why real environmentalists don't support electric cars: https://www.protectthackerpass.org/update-from-peehee-muhuh-thacker-pass/ "Green" technologies are not "good" for the environment. The earth does not "want" electric cars. Nor does it want dams or solar panels. One destructive technology to the next is not "green".
  17. Wait, what is the solution, exactly? Beside 360Chrome? I'm also encountering a lot of sites that no longer work in UXP, or even Chromium 70. Why they're all deciding to suddenly replacing working JS with JS that doesn't work on most browsers seems asinine to me, but I guess that's to be expected.
  18. I'm not running any new hardware really, my main PC is a Dell OptiPlex 980 tower, from 2009 or 2010. A bunch of them were being recycled so I snagged as many as I could.
  19. I'm not sure where these ideas came from, but they're patently false. The difference between Windows 7 and its successors is one of the widest chasms in Windows NT history. Bigger even, I would argue, than XP to Vista. There are a lot of folks that were fine going from XP to Vista to 7 or whatever, but are not fine moving on beyond that. I'm one of them, obviously. I run Windows 7 on my main machines and have no plans to downgrade to Windows 8/8.1/10 or God forbid 11. I thought it couldn't get any worse after 10... 11 proved me wrong. All to stay the folks still running 7 are doing so for a reason, and are NOT about to be suckered into a fourth-rate OS like Windows 11. We share many of the same concerns and philosophies as those running Vista, XP, 2000, etc.
  20. Not that specifically, but I use Roytam1's MailNews and New Moon, as a secondary browser, on Windows 7 x64.
  21. It crashes every now and then immediately after an email is sent. The email gets sent successfully, but MailNews immediately crashes. It's maybe 1 in every 50 sent emails, sometimes it is a week or more between crashes. But this has been happening for at least 2 years now, as long as I have been using MailNews. I might add that I only use Windows 7 and Windows 10 regularly, mostly Windows 7. I do not use Windows XP, but I remember this also happened in a similar way with Windows 2000. So it doesn't seem OS-related.
  22. I'm not sure, all mine are at least a couple years old or so, but you should be able to sign up for free at yandex.com. I use Yandex only because they're the only provider I know of that still lets you do free custom domain hosting. Unlimited domains, unlimited accounts, unlimited storage. I guess the Russians might be mining your mail, but can't win everything Personally, I'm not positive that I can pin it on Yandex accounts exclusively yet. Let me monitor this for a few more weeks and see - I'll post here with any updates.
  23. LOL, that would do it! I was trying to PXE boot some computers today to reimage them this morning and was wondering why one of them didn't want to do it. Turns out, it helps to make sure the Ethernet cable is plugged in
  24. Any chance this fork of it works? https://w2k.phreaknet.org/ That's what I use to install mine, and it was working as of 2 weeks ago.
  25. All right, just crashed again. So it seems we're rolling about once per week, ish, give or take. Different email account this time, but also a Yandex account. So we're 3 for 3 on Yandex accounts causing MailNews to crash at the moment...
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