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  1. Why did MS wreck their Windows API documentation so badly? The offline copies from VS2008 properly show which OS was first to have a function (usually), but the online documentation says functions from NT 3.1 were introduced in 2000/XP?

    Why this sabotage?

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    2. D.Draker


      To eliminate the possibility of something similar to what you're doing now ))))

    3. InterLinked


      Microsoft has literally sabotaged their entire online presence. 90% of their old links are now 404s. Especially documentation. All their documentation is literally 404s now. So if you're getting fake news instead of new news, I'd consider it lucky ;)

      This is why the lack of actual help in W10 is appalling. It's clear they're just lazy. If it's online, it could change on a dime and probably 10 years from now the "help" in W10 won't even work. If it's not available offline, you can't count on anything. And that's true about pretty much anything.

    4. D.Draker


      I don't think they are lazy , they just don't want us to mod anything , that's pretty much it.

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