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  1. On Facebook, people do not delete or remove messages, they "unsend" them now. :ph34r:

    This is English, not Newspeak. Or is it?

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    2. Koishi Komeiji

      Koishi Komeiji

      It's called 'dumbing down to the modern masses', unfortunately, in the worst possible way to go about it. Straightforward explanations that convey a clear message, but are technical enough to understand from both the id*** and the expert's side, are fine by me (unlike how most people feel around these parts but I'm not exactly a technical person am I?) but the means of patronisation that all the big companies are doing now is seriously hurting the attention span of modern youth and also hurting documentation on even the biggest FOSS projects.

    3. k24a1


      unsend this

    4. UCyborg


      What happened to FB anyway? I rarely login to messenger since it's really the only use I have for it, but I logged in to the main site today and the UI is atrocious, it looks like mobile interface with no style zoomed in to fit the PC screen. :puke:

      Apparently you could spoof an older browser user agent in the past to get back the sane UI, but now, when you get low enough, it just redirects to the mobile site...

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