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2024-02 and 2024-03 updates for Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2?


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Hello, I want to tell something that seemed strange to me in the Windows Update catalog, I find updates for the Windows Server 2008 (based on Vista) and 2008 R2 (based on 7) operating systems that finished their fourth and last year of esu in January 2024.
Although Microsoft did not extend the ESU for these systems for a fifth year, new monthly updates appear in the catalog. Something very strange, since Microsoft releases patches to an unsupported system only in extreme cases like when wannacry happened, for example.

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Before ESU was a thing Microsofts Extended Updates program then called Microsoft Custom Support Agreement was a six year option instead of only three (or four for Azure). Before 2019 some enterprises made already contracts for the CSA and Microsoft needs to deliver that. So Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 will have monthy updates until Jan 2026.

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