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  1. Blackwingcat told me why BSOD appears when installing the driver with the extended core. For an unknown reason, it must be for incompatibility, the IEEE 802.11ac drivers do not work in Windows 2000, but the one that I have is IEEE 802.11bgn that I do not know if it's the same (first capture) But this wireless has retrocompatibility with 802.11bg and 802.11b, also to put the bandwidth in 20Mhz only (second capture) And the inf file has code which we can edit to our liking with those options (third capture)
  2. Win2000Fan

    How to use PEMaker

    The dependencies are: IoCsqInsertIrp IoCsqRemoveIrp IoCsqRemoveNextIrp
  3. Win2000Fan

    How to use PEMaker

    Hi, I want to install WN722Nv2 in Windows 2000, there are three dependencies that does not have ntoskrnl and I know PEMaker. As I use it, before saving the edited sys I get this dialogue, Thanks.
  4. You can eliminate the calls to those 3 instructions from CFF explorer since I still get an error when installing the driver and the other alternative of using an older version of the Extended Core, I use the v14c and the BSOD also appears. Or you can eliminate the call to those 3 instructions from PEMaker I give them to the delete button and I get a dialogue with which I have to change I do not know what and I do not understand anything using PEMaker. This already makes me very boring
  5. I followed the steps of the first method to the letter but when I opened the recompiled ntoskrnl.exe and I get this, do I ignore it or what do I have to do? Did I do something wrong?
  6. I'm going to try it now, but why do you have ntkrpamp open?
  7. Well, Windows 2000, XP SP1 and 2003 RTM supports wireless connections but the only type of compatible encryption is WEP! WEP is a headache first the password has to have those exact characters I do not know what to put and I forget it, and second WEP is sooooo unsafe and vulerable. Someone knows an update/patch released by Microsoft especially for Windows 2000 so at least support WPA, or a tool/utility/plugin to connect to networks WPA-TKIP or WPA2-AES because I do not want to change my encryption method to WEP only to access the internet in Windows 2000.
  8. Time has passed but I discovered the problem, it is that NTOSKRNL does not have 3 functions that the SYS needs which are in the following screenshot, maybe it could be solved using PEMaker that unfortunately I do not know how to use it, but I leave the link of the driver here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ulPvj46eAcIPtScRF6DcrNKokjGqRL_9 I have installed SP4+KB891861+KB951748 on my LGA775, I can not go the way of installing the Extended Core since it leaves my Windows 2000 unstable and when installing the driver I get a BSOD. What I want is to install the driver without any unofficial NTOSKRNL, but if I edit the SYS that is causing the problem.
  9. They know a program or utility to decompile SYS since there is a device that I have and it does not work in Windows 2000 and I want to edit the SYS to perform tests if it is installed. Note: the utility must require Windows 7 or a lower version since my processor is not compatible with PAE / NX, if it requires Windows XP, 2000 or 9x better.
  10. I know that the dial-up in 2019 does not work much anymore, but I'm curious when watching videos on YouTube connecting old computers with Windows 9x and other old systems to the Internet with the dial-up made by them. I wonder what things I need to put together my dial-up server.
  11. I agree Windows 2000 is and always will be the best MS system! I have Windows 2000 installed on my PC with the unofficial updates of BWC and writing from there. BWC says that it will work only until 2099 but without any problem it passes to 2100 but others will think how it is only in x86 will be until 2038 due to the bug Y2K38 but in Windows based on NT the operating system is x86 or x64 the maximum year is 9999.
  12. When I click search in Internet Explorer 6 in Windows XP I get a message saying "Internet Explorer 6 Search Companion is no longer supported." since mid-2015 I get this. But there is a video of someone called Bingocat that was uploaded on April 14, 2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tm5ZbALMPc I do not know if something needs to be changed in the registry or something like that since IE6's browser has things in the shell of windows xp.
  13. I have all the updates on my Windows 2000 PC in English until 2010 including IE6SP1 up to MS12-052 for IE6 or something like that. I have installed v2.9bG and disable Microsoft Groove and still can not install it.
  14. Win2000Fan

    (Project) Legacy Windows Updates reopened

    I only downloaded a snapshot of the year 2005 that had about 750 files, but now I'm downloading from 3 AM one that has about 85000 that is downloading everything until 2003 since from 2004/2005 it takes more unnecessary time because WUP5 / 6 is stored and WUP4 is stored in another server-domain. You are right greenhillmaniac was the lack of files, so for the tests to take a long time because very slow and more than 9 hours downloading and barely 30012 of the 84853 files when writing this.
  15. Win2000Fan

    (Project) Legacy Windows Updates reopened

    Sorry for my bad english i talk spanish