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  1. VistaPAE

    You Want to Change Your Username?

    Renane mi account to VistaPAE
  2. VistaPAE

    Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Dibya come to report an error, the only link that you left in this topic is this: << redacted>> When I want to install the update I get that I have to have the latest updates, install NETFX4, IE8 among other things and all the updates until April 2014. The error continued, then I thought using the HACK to install POSReady 2009 updates and installing all the updates until today worked, but the error keeps coming out and I have all the updates installed Do you have a personal web page where you store the latest version of ExtendedXP?
  3. VistaPAE

    VMware Workstation 11 on Windows Vista

    What command do you use to extract those files? I used 7-zip and there were only two files with rare names within the .exe
  4. I have seen screenshots of Chrome 49 on Windows Vista with the Glass enabled. As far as I know, I do not know why Google put lines to restrict the Aero in Vista. What is the way to do it?
  5. I am in a project so that the programs that require Windows 7 work in Vista, here is a list of the software I want to run in Vista: * Chrome (latest version) * Firefox Quantum * Office 2013/2016 * Visual Studio 2012 / 2013/2015 * Net Framework 4.7.x * The game Cuphead * Compatibility with USB 3.x and Kaby Lake There are programs like PEMaker that only serve to add API to x86 files. I do not know if there is a program that adds API to x64 dlls, I also need some cheat for installers to block the installation.
  6. VistaPAE

    Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    What programs do you use to add ordinals and apis to the dlls?
  7. VistaPAE

    Extended Kernel for XP (ExtendedXP)

    Hey Dibya could you do an Extended Kernel for Windows Vista x64?
  8. VistaPAE

    Install Office 2013 on Windows Vista?

    I do not understand how this is used, I'm using Windows Vista x64 and when I choose Windows 7 and SP1, when I give it to Fake Reg, it still shows that damn window that requires a newer version of Windows. Another thing that could help the program is to use Chrome 41+ as it enables the Aero Glass and does not show the annoying message that it will not be more compatible with XP and Vista. I run the fcwin2k as administrator !!!
  9. I downloaded Visual Studio 2012 Express Edition, in view the installer was not blocked but I managed to install it only with a problem "Windows SDK for Windows Store Apps" and when I started the program I got an error that says "Can not find one or more components. reinstall the application. " and then it closes. I do not know if it is due to the "Windows SDK for Windows Store Apps", but I do not know why this edition is compatible with Vista. Maybe Microsoft forgot to block the installer when running it in Windows Vista or earlier? Or is this edition of VS2012 officially compatible with Vista?
  10. VistaPAE

    Install Office 2013 on Windows Vista?

    I know Office 2013 is ugly, but I'm doing tests in Vista, despite everything I think that editing setup.exe and kernel32.dll is enough, since Vista is NT6.0 and 7 is NT6.1 I wonder, how do you know about the K32GetProcessImageFileNameW error if the installer blocks any system prior to Windows 7?
  11. We all know that the latest compatible version of Office with Vista is 2010. I think that you can install Office 2013 in Vista by editing some EXE and DLL. The main error comes from SETUP.EXE that comes out a window that says "This program requires a more recent version of Windows", I think that using hexadecimal editors you can remove that Windows version detector. If also another thing like cheating the installer with which you are using Windows 7 and not Vista for open the Office 2013 Installer.
  12. Yes but what is it called? I do not know the name, since it's not free, it's a trial version?
  13. What is that tool, what is it called? I have Dependency Walker but only to see what instructions and/or dll are missing
  14. Will someone answer please?
  15. Thanks to blackwingcat and tomasz86 we can run Firefox 13-52, Chrome 0-49, Office 2007, GTA IV and many programs that work in XP but not in 2000, thanks to this, the system seems much less obsolete than it is. But I realized that the extended kernel v2.9b does not work Chrome 51+, Firefox 53+, Office 2010+ and programs that require Vista / 7 in this system due to the lack of instructions and ordinals in the system dll . I want to run simply Chrome 70 and the game Cuphead. Who knows how to add instructions and ordinals, especially blackwingcat and tomasz86 as they do to add instructions and ordinals to the DLLs, they explain to me how they do it.