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  1. but does your system work normal then? (I tried that on IBM Thinkpad T60 with all drivers and after that my fingerprint reader stopped working and my WIFI stooped working also system took much longer to boot for Windows Installer to work I had to copy msvcp60.dll and then Windows installer worked again but I still cannot find any fix for WIFI using theese drivers for wifi: http://www.nobu-usa.com/drivers/n8wts_v1.0/intel_wireless_2915ABG/WinXP Pro/Wireless_TIC_125458_v10.5.1.0_XP32_Connection_Software.exe the weird thing is if I uninstall Intel Proset + drivers and reinstall them again WIFI works til I reboot then it stops working Were you able to figure out how to install KernelX with all drivers and did everything worked as expected (WIFI and all that)
  2. Hi I have tried to install this on IBM Thinkpad T60 (beforehand I've downloaded and installed all the drivers from here: https://thinkpads.com/support/Thinkpad-Drivers/download.lenovo.com/lenovo/content/ddfm/T60p.html exept wifi which I got from http://www.nobu-usa.com/drivers/n8wts_v1.0/intel_wireless_2915ABG/WinXP and everything worked just fine but then I wanted to extend windows 2000 as I wanted newest Firefox and Firebird but then problems started) Pro/Wireless_TIC_125458_v10.5.1.0_XP32_Connection_Software.exe ) I tried installing 28c English and after I restarted my Fingerprint reader stooped working and I couldn't connect to WIFI anymore I am using Intel Wireless drivers from here: http://www.nobu-usa.com/drivers/n8wts_v1.0/intel_wireless_2915ABG/WinXP Pro/Wireless_TIC_125458_v10.5.1.0_XP32_Connection_Software.exe Intel ProWireless says: Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless Software was unable to detect a supported wireless adapter. For some reason if I uninstall it and reinstall it again it will work til I reboot than it will stop working (10.5 is the only version I was able to make it work under Windows 2000) Can you Help me Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards I realy don't want to chose between WIFI and KernelX (but I would realy like to use KernelX) Can anyone recomend the most stable version there is right now but First I have to reinstall Windows 2000 because I've installed Windows2000-KB935839-v29b-x86-ENU then because Wireless and Fingerprint reader broke I've installed Windows2000-KB935839-v28c-x86-ENU thinking that this one would work (I saw it working here: ) and then as it didn't help I've uninstalled Windows2000-KB935839-v28c-x86-ENU after that I've uninstalled Windows2000-KB935839-v29b-x86-ENU and after reboot Windows 2000 doesn't boot again
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