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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I uninstalled the update and will wait for an update of Aeroglass- or maybe that will be after 20H1 now. Not much in the way of issues reported after the update that I can find on tenforums.
  2. Hi, have been running build 18362.752 quite happily (1903). Updating to .778 I found I lost transparency completely, and Aeroglass appeared to crash (screen blinked 2-3 times). I tried updating Aeroglass from Aeroglass 1903-1.5.12 to Aeroglass 1903-wrs-1.5.13, but still no joy. I've returned to .752 for now. Can anyone confirm this experience? Thanks.
  3. Thanks- been looking forward to this and have held off upgrading to the Creator's build until now.
  4. Exactly the same as IgorET. I've uninstalled Aeroglass, hope there's an update.
  5. Hi, can confirm installing Hyper-V changes the code. Noted when I'd removed it as it was affecting restart that Aeroglass was running licensed again. Thanks
  6. Hi, Aeroglass was running, licenced, on this new Win 10 64 bit laptop- no watermark. Suddenly the watermark appeared, and the machine code is different. I have just installed Hyper-V, and tried to create a Win 8 virtual machine. I'm entitled to 3 codes, but all are issued. There is a 30 day period... and I've done nothing that should have invalidated this. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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