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  1. I'd also love to see these features!
  2. Does anyone have a Windows 8 CP themeatlas that works on Windows 10 1909? I'm using a Windows 8 RP theme right now, but the close/minimize/maximize buttons are too large. If anyone has a Win8 RP theme with narrower caption buttons, I'd love to have that too
  3. Hi, so far, OldNewExplorer works great. I can't figure out how to use custom buttons though. My file explorer navigation buttons look like this right now: I really want them to look more like this: I have the .bmp files for the nav buttons I want, but how do I use them?
  4. It seems you were right... I actually ran into the glitch while trying to run ClassicShell and StartIsBack together. I disabled ClassicShell, restarted my computer, and the glitch was fixed. I guess the theming programs were conflicting with each other or something. I ended up just ditching ClassicShell.
  5. No, I tried all of those settings. That didn't seem to change anything.
  6. So, I've been using this program for a few days and it's nearly perfect. I do have one issue, though: the taskbar doesn't display evenly, and it cuts off at certain points. The image shows what I'm talking about; notice how the taskbar cuts off when it reaches the start orb and the rightmost taskbar icons (battery, clock, etc). I just want to fix this because the inconsistency is annoying to me. Any tips?

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