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  1. It's the interface that matters people!
  2. http://mail.google.com/support/bin/topic.py?topic=1555
  3. Hmm, weird, the help-file states so, but it works for me. :/ Oh well, I'm not gonna complain.
  4. Yahoo! Mail has been offering POP3 access again since end of last year.
  5. Well, CDswitch needs at least two switches, as described in the first post: label and drive. However, without the used parameters I can't help you as I can't tell what you're doing wrong.
  6. AVG is cool. It also reported Firefox, Winamp, BSplayer, PowerDVD and many other classics to be a virus. ^^
  7. But there's the problem; it's NOT user-friendly! Nero Express started out as a great way to make its app user-friendly, but after more than a year it's still too complicated. My dad could use it if I teached him, which wasn't possible before. Worst thing is, Nero Express is the only app that comes close to user-friendliness. Nero Convert, parent-friendly? No. Backup? No. VisionExpress? No. They're adding more, more, and more features to their package, while they should be focussing on improving their others. ... and then they should release a killer-movie-cinema-app.
  8. Actually, what _is_ the benefit? Why is Nero trying to compete with software long developed (PowerCinema/MediaHome/WinMCE)? They should be concentrating on the burning-stuff, and finally offer a BurningROM-only package.
  9. You're not getting what you're trying to do. CMDlines.txt executes the given applications at T-12, meaning 12 minutes before the setup ends. For RunOnceEx this works, as all it does is write some registry values that are read at bootup. What you need is GuiRunOnce, do a search on that.
  10. The subwoofer isn't a real speaker, that's why it's .1.
  11. No i have it 4 gmail i ment the HOTMAIL beta but while were at it, whats the best webbased mail program Gmail Hotmail Yahoo Inbox.com Mail Beta(Hotamil) Mail Beta(Yahoo) Other I out my vote but if i were to vote it would be gmail Depends really. Gmail: + unlimited space (in the rare case your inbox is full, wait a few days) + Great POP3 access + Best interface of all (cleanest) + Lightning fast - Some attachments aren't accepted - Can't apply filters on already received e-mail - Very rarely doesn't group conversations as they should ++++ Leaded to other webmails to be redesigned Hotmail: + Easy integration with Outlook (Thunderbird only supports INBOX, no other folders). + Easy import of Outlook contacts - MSN Messenger integration - Bad e-mail client support - Bad browser support (no tabs) - Very bad and slow javascript - Slow alltogether - In-your-face ads - Other bloat - Catches too much "spam" Yahoo!: + Somewhat okay POP3 access + Pretty clean interface + Fairly fast - Alot of bloat next to Inbox - Catches too much "spam" - Lets through spam New Yahoo!: + New interface + tabs + less ads - Same SPAM problems, current accounts already screwed by this New Hotmail (by reports): + Rewrite from scratch + XUL + AJAX = Firefox/Opera powah! + Drag 'n drop + Has some must-come-to-gmail features - but even more bloat that I will never user - more integration of MSN Spaces/MSN/Calendar/Contacts. No! Inbox.com: + Adless (could be adblock tho) + Okay interface - nothing special 30gigs: + 30 gigs, call it unlimited - Interface ain't that good - Slow So, I call: 1. Gmail 2. 30gigs 3. Inbox.com 4. Yahoo! (new+old) 5. Hotmail (new+old) although I'm only satisfied about the first. The interface just rocks. edit= "Kahuna? That's some tasty burger."
  12. Just for the heck of it; What's new? Probably a s***load of bugs, because I had to rewrite close to everything. Oh well, that's why I create alpha's right? First off, I did a first go at implementing support for multiple drives. You know have three options: 1. The old method, you know, just specify one drive. 2. Use all drives. Just type "all" instead of a drive. 3. Specify the drive(s) to be used. Seperate them with a "!": cdswitch blah D:!F: You can still use the old detection methods, and as many drives as you want: cdswitch D:!2!/g:"WindowsCD1"!/f:"CD1.txt" Second, you can now specify to scan for file instead of label. Just use the "/f:" parameter as you would for the detection of the drive: cdswitch D: /f:"CD2.txt" It automatically adds the driveletter in front of it, so if "CD2.txt" is in the folder "apps": cdswitch D: /f:"apps\CD2.txt" That's it for now, download it here.
  13. It's on my to-do list for some time. I'm short on time to continue work for now. I'll try to start it again this weekend.
  14. 1. Mozilla Firefox 2. Mozilla Thunderbird 3. Winamp 4. BSplayer 5. Miranda IM 6. Telemeter 7. GSpot 8. iPod drivers (iTunes *sigh*, but mostly ml_ipod plugin for Winamp) 9. Azureus 10. Limewire 11. MS Office (Word/Ppoint/Access/Excel) 12. Nero 6 13. IrfanView 14. PowerCinema/PowerDVD 15. DVD Decrypter 16. Virtualdub 17. mIRC 18. SubSync 19. WellGet 20. VLC
  15. HP = Ever tried repairing those? Gah! Anyway, I hope the Netscape they ship will be based on the latest Firefox, otherwise they won't have automatic updating, so more security holes.
  16. Nope, it searches for all topics.
  17. @chessonly: Sure, you can have arguments (you even did your research) but only by the way you're saying all this makes it clear you will never like Firefox better, even if it's an exact clone of Opera, a wee bit faster. I'm getting annoyed by people bashing Firefox (or Opera, it can be the other way around). Not just useful bashing, but bashing because "my product is better! if I use it, it has to be the best!". If you use Firefox, Opera, Safari, whatever... I don't care. The only thing I care about is my sites working on every browser, and that I don't have to find all sorts of nifty hacks to make it work on MSIE. Or even better, I care about accessing all sites, displayed CORRECTLY. Why all this Opera <-> Firefox stuff? Why do you find fighting for 5% marketshare against eachother usefull? Firefox made it possible for more websites to be standard compliant, it made it possible for more browsers to be accepted. Now if Opera can gain its marketshare (NEXT to Firefox, not FROM Firefox) the web will only improve. Stop trying to convert users from the other browser, start converting users from MSIE. Edit; heh, just a rant. No offense.
  18. True, but those people should stick to update.mozilla.org
  19. Crappy argument. There was actually a guy with 112 extensions. Should search for the link to that. I use 25 and no side effects.
  20. Gnutella is decentralized. Oh well, the only use for p2p is downloading a single song. I still buy CD's and DVD's and download series episodes via torrent. I just hope the day never comes when it's digital-buy-only and they shut down torrent.
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