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  1. You could install EP Lite into C:\Windows\System32\ and then copy the exe over notepad.exe I just associate it with all text files, config files and any other files I use a text editor to open, and also a keyboard hotkey
  2. I see lots of nice lists I'll post mine tommorow
  3. How?! Mine always turn out at like 400MB, and that's without and extra installers
  4. It's good for newbies... And for people (like me) who want ideas as to what to put in an unattended installer cd/dvd, and not just one person's option on the matter
  5. There must be a way... Even if it must be Hex'd... Anyone else? :\
  6. I'm not sure you looked at my images It's not a boot screen; I know how to do that. I've also done my billboard. That is the screen after the billboard bit has been done, and after the reboot. But I have now found the background image for that, I'll post where it is if I can remember. How can I change the stuff in the second screen though? Thanks
  7. Hey, How can I change the text used in the Blue (and yellow) text mode installer? Like this: I have no problems with hacking resources or hex editing, I just can't seem to find the right file(s) to look in! Any info much appreciated Thanks in advance
  8. is that correct or did you want the apps that can be used in an unattended CD?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oops heh, i meant "The apps that you couldn't make an unattended CD without" Thanks
  9. I'm in the process of creating another unattended CD for myself, but I'm wondering what apps I should be putting on it, and did I miss anything? So i thought a "Top 20" list of what you install on your unattended install would be good, and this could possibly be pinned So if you'd kindly post the top 20 apps that you couldn't make an unattended CD without... Thanks
  10. Hey, I hope this is the right forum for this What file contains this bitmap?: And how can I change the bitmaps in this one too?: Thanks in advance!!

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