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  1. *slap* No, no, no. IT'S A F***ING EXTENSION! Ffs. Anyway, I find both Opera/Firefox users fanboys. I don't care, but don't start flaming on eachothers browser. I'm just a guy fed up with MSIE and the problems I have to fix related to that browser. I'm still of the principle "use what you want". I always preferred Gecko. From Netscape, to Seamonkey, ending with Firefox. I really like the latest version of Opera, but it doesn't give me something extra that makes me want to switch. I really fail to see a lot of difference between the browsers. I love extensions tho.
  2. For the last time, Bittorrent will never/ever be integrated within Firefox, it's an extension. And feedview is an old extension and I like it because it doesn't add bloat. It simply converts the old ugly RSS-XML sheets to something actually readable. You can easily still use an external RSS-reader, just like before. And if you don't like the default behaviour, install an extension. Stop friggin' bashing Firefox for everything, I'm not bashing Opera. Can't we just all be happy about not using MSIE damnit? edit= the new extensions manager and new options menu in Firefox, now those suck.
  3. Rename it to .zip and extract the contents.
  4. Those install spyware I think.
  5. Could you point us to the files?
  6. In other news, the Feedview extension will be integrated into Firefox 1.5. This means that RSS-feeds will now look good instead of the XML-view. Also, Firefox will be able to make them Live Bookmarks too.
  7. It is bloat and I don't want it in my default browser. That's the beauty of Firefox, you install what you want. Need anything else? Install an extension. I don't see the point of having BitTorrent integrated in my browser. It's not like it's the same as FTP/HTTP. I prefer a fully configured Azureus. God, what would it be if I downloaded a 9GB file with FF.
  8. I don't like the name "Vista", but then again I also don't like "XP", so who gives a rat's a**. ^^ Anyway, you only get security problems because of _you_. Install Firefox (or be careful when browsing with MSIE) and you get no virus or whatever at all.
  9. @totoymola: it's "Quick" reigning the hamburger-chain here. I only love fries tho, that's what Belgium is best at. ^^ (and beer, of course, thank god for beer) @buzzman2005: what happens? The .INI-support will be improved in 0.9, but I thought it was good enough for this purpose anyway. Doesn't it work if you put the _exact_ contents of the ZIP in the same directory as cdswitch.exe? No renaming and such (the name "cdswitchback.jpg" may conflict). I'll look into this for version 0.9 though. Sorry for any problems.
  10. Updated and explained in first post. Now you can see how simple the script is. I actually had a multilingual version around, but I lost it somehow. Myabe I'll recreate it sometime, when I have time.
  11. When you FTP (or Gopher) in Firefox the icons look like crap. Also the placeholders for broken and loading images are ooooold. This bug was opened to fix that issue, but hasn't been patched yet. I present FoxPatcher to replace those old icons by shiny new ones. Screen one (image placeholders) Screen two (FTP/Gopher) The icons are by Horlander, same dude from the FF-team. Dunno if this is posted in the correct forum, but I gotta go away in an hour and have other stuff on my to-do list. Download the patcher here. edit=reuploaded as attachment FoxPatcher.zip
  12. I only go to 30MB more (goto Expert options in Nero), but nowadays I only use 800MB CD's tho.
  13. Check what changes it does in the registry when putting it default. Otherwise, is it a single-.exe? Otherwise try renaming it to taskmgr.exe and replacing it in the i286 folder
  14. Download the Microsoft Support Tools. This will install the Rescue Mode beneath Safe Mode.
  15. @Wesmosis: thanks =) @ totoymola: thanks, I have no clue what jollibee is tho But it looks cute ^^ @rajesh.kumar: try this version. And now I am gonna enjoy my vacation.
  16. Never! I'm so gonna stop upgrading....
  17. Pff, I'm not gonna work on CDswitch for awhile normally, so I'm finalizing 0.8. Not much is different from 0.8b, as I'm tired, it's hot, I have a headache, and I'm leaving in about an hour anyway. I'll expand the .INI-support in the next version, so I'm not explaining it right now. The parameter generator has also been updated: And then there's the help-file, also updated and cut down in size. If you don't like the new default image, you can use the old one, there's an .INI and .JPG in the first post to accomplish that. Just put those in the same folder as CDswitch. Enjoy. =p
  18. Screw you. jk ^^ What I was trying to show is that most of the questions asked here got an answer. Sure, EULA-stuff was ignored, but that's logical. A bit touchy, aren't we? "unnecessary" = this is a forum, I just gave my opinion. Wasn't your post unnecessary? Or, are topics asking for something that's been outlined in a sticky with big fat letters "READ THIS FIRST" not unnecessary? "attack"? In what way was my post an attack? I suggest you read the first link I provided, it shows that that person is, in fact, irritating. How can you help people in such a situation? I also see no violation in forum rules. Oh well, this is going nowhere *waves lil' "Go XPlode!"-banner*.
  19. Because the previous one wasn't 15a, but 15? 1-0 for me. ^^
  20. No, it's mostly because some people are irritating like hell, and it seems to me you got pretty good answers.
  21. @rajesh.kumar: Have you tried closing it with the CLOSE-button on your drive instead of pushing it shut? @all: <span style='font-size:9pt;line-height:100%'> </span>Alrighty then. First new thing (next to more stability and speed improvements) is "/l:VALUE". You can override the displayed label, so it suits your image more. Example: cdswitch WinXP_2 D: /l:"Disc two" This will search for the disc with label WinXP_2, but CDswitch will display "Disc two" on the screen. Next new feature are the default switches. You can now just use /s or /k without supplying a value. It well then use a default value. Example (combined): cdswitch WinXP_2 D: /k /s "/k" will create a log at c:\cdswitch.txt and "/s" will play c:\windows\media\chimes.wav". You can still supply alternate values of course. There's also a new default image: Feedback on it is always welcome. Finally, the size has decreased a bit again. It's getting smaller and smaller. Download CDswitch 0.8b (169k) here No parameter will be changed or added in the final 0.8, so I can now calmly work on CDswitchParameterGenerator 0.2. And now I'm off [dutchmode]gentsefeesten![/dutchmode]
  22. I'm wondering in what way Firefox is bloated. :/ I only find the option menu a bit bloated, but otherwise it doesn't really has alot of features out-of-the-box.
  23. Well, it's probably because my script doesn't detect the exit of the installer correctly. I completly forgot about this, I'll try to explain this script asap.
  24. Err... I dunno, I'm a Firefox-user. Try creating a new topic for that question.
  25. DPa2 is also out. It's really getting better. New stuff: * Software update system to streamline product upgrades (currently disabled– will be turned on shortly for testing) * Faster browser navigation with improvements to back and forward button performance - Fastback * Drag-and-drop reordering for browser tabs * Improvements to popup blocking * Better support for Mac OS X (10.2 and greater) - Safari profile migrator, Aqua compliance and shell service * Several security enhancements - Software Update requires to change your XML-file, but it's pretty useless now as it doesn't include Incremental patching yet, so the downloaded updates are still 4meg+. Good thing is that you don't get an installer anymore, but an updater. - FastBack rules - Drag 'n Drop isn't as good as the MiniT+indicator extension, but it does its job. My two cents Also, XUL-error pages are now enabled by default instead of the annoying dialog boxes. Too bad there not as goody-looking yet. But they will soon.

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