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  1. If it doesn't find the drive, CDswitch exits. So maybe it's the batch-file doing naughty. I haven't got any time to look into it yet, since I'm out for a week over a couple of minutes. =)
  2. 1) Try cdswitch Disc_2 /g:Disc_1 /d /r:*DRIVE*\WPI\WPI.hta 2) CDswitch.cmd is interesting, but I don't really know what's causing it. I couldn't reproduce too. What exactly do you mean with "recursing like maniac".
  3. It shouldn't, thanks. Let's hope it works. =) Just a reminder: I'll be gone for two weeks.
  4. So you're using cmdlines.txt? =) I used to do that with this way: [COMMANDS] "..\Install\XPlode\XPlodelog.cmd" "cdswitch WXHFPP2_NL 1 /F:WXHFPP1_NL" "..\Install\XPlode\XPlodelog.cmd" (very old cdswitch parameters, ignore those) First I launched the batchfile from the Windows-disk (Disc One), you can of course also refer to %SystemDrive% or whatever. Second, I launched CDswitch. Third, I launched the second batchfile from Disc Two (you can also refer to another location of course).
  5. First: cdswitch.exe "SIMGV-POT-I2" %CDROM% /f:SIMGV-POT-I2 "/f" is used in this way: cdswitch.exe "SIMGV-POT-I2" /f:SIMGV-POT-I2 instead of using "%CDROM%" it searches for the drive that holds a file called "SIMGV-POT-I2" and uses that drive to ask for a new disc. I presume this isn't what you want. Just change it to this: cdswitch.exe "SIMGV-POT-I2" %CDROM% The first thing that comes to my mind is this: is the batch file located on the disc that you're ejecting?
  6. WFM in VMware. It's probably your set-up. What's the .bat-script? =) Oh, thanks kof94 for testing.
  7. God, the latest version I touched was using .INI-files to load settings instead of parameters, and now I remember why. =p "Silent Mode" only ejects a certain drive, and doesn't check for one afterwards: cdswitch /s /o /g:Disc1 It was basically added to replace CDR.exe or whatever it's called. Eject, no check. 'nyway, I did think about a rewrite, but the knowledge I need to do so to make it actually better I won't gain until next year, so maybe then. I might update this app again when the summer break is over, but the last version (0.9a1) was a real mess. xD I'll try to make CDswitch "repaint" the image in a special version tomorrow. *marks on todo list*
  8. I have no idea what could be causing it. If "sleep blah" doesn't work, I'll try to compile another CDswitch-version, just for the heck of it. Nevertheless, I don't have the infrastucture anymore to test CDswitch myself. I should create a new OEM-CD some time.
  9. What happens when you do a "sleep 1000" (http://www.paulsadowski.com/WSH/cmdprogs.htm) before launching CDswitch?
  10. Woohboy, there's gonna be a lot of mails with incompatible documents attached soon... plus a whole lotta teaching to do. I'll try and stick with Office 2k3 for now.
  11. I just tried with both 0.8.4 and 0.9a (don't use this one though) and it was able to detect a cd called "apps & tools" (it didn't appear correctly on screen though, but that's not really a problem, as you're using the /l-command). I really should get the logging-system working properly, as now I can't really help you. But I'm pretty sure it's not a CDswitch-problem. What happens when you run cdswitch "Apps & Tools" D: in a normal windows environment (change the drive letter to yours)? If it works, there's something wrong with your launch-code. What are you using to launch CDswitch? Also make sure the EXACT label of the disc is "Apps & Tools", not "apps & tools" or "Apps & tools".
  12. If you're talking about copying files manually during text-based setup; that's impossible. You can however created self-extracting archives of the data, and then run those during T-12 or whatever.
  13. Call it "cdswitchback.gif". Also, make sure CDswitch is copied over to the hard disk before executing.
  14. Thanks Might be VMware, although I haven't really had any problems with it. Try placing the attachment in the same folder as CDswitch, keep the name.
  15. They are supplied with the XPlode installer, at least they used to, and I bet they still are. Reinstall XPlode. Oh, and don't crosspost.
  16. You haven't specified a plug-in in your XML. Also, I'm not sure your program entries are correct. Take a good look at the supplied example files.
  17. I don't see anything wrong, so it's probably some coding error. You can always generate a log-file (/k) to see if CDswitch detects any drive.
  18. Via a quick scan of the code, I can only assume you're using CDswitch 0.9a, correct? The only cause I can think of is that no disc can be found. Now, this could be CDswitch its fault (it's still "alpha" ), but the quick tests I did worked. Therefor, mind posting your RunOnceEx code you used to launch CDswitch? For now, you can always switch back to 0.8.4.
  19. Not for me (I can use MSIE without getting adware or viruses, the "small" things made me switch, like the wrong-URL-freeze, no-:hover-support and no-transparent-PNG) but for people I help. I should be able to recommend them something that doesn't need me to configurate it (I'm still looking for a descent antivirus too ).
  20. Wild guess, but try changing this: <display> <display plugin="#XPLODE#\XPlodeSelectInstall.x4d"> <window position="4" width="100%" height="100%" border="false" /> <html>#XPLODE#\selection\select-frameset.html</html> <window width="800" height="600" titlebar="0" border="0" position="4" /> <html>#XPLODE#\selection\select-frameset.html</html> </display> by this: <config> <display plugin='#XPLODE#\XPlodeSelectInstall.x4d'> <window width="800" height="600" titlebar="0" border="0" position="4" /> <html>#XPLODE#\selection\select-frameset.html</html> </display> </config> This should fix your initial error, but there might be some others. Recheck your log file for those.
  21. Is XPlodeSelectInstall.x4d in the same folder as XPlode.exe?
  22. You'll have to excuse me, but I remember very little of the switches as I haven't worked on it for a while. REG ADD %KEY%\130 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\misc\cdswitch.exe /g:Apps /r:autorun.inf /rw /b /k" /f So, let's see here: %systemdrive%\install\misc\cdswitch.exe is correct, as it's running. *yay* /g:Apps replace this by "Apps". The "/g:" is to detect a drive holding the disc with label "Apps". *missing* the second parameter should be the drive you want to use. Check the help-file for different methods to do this: by drive letter, by drive number, by the disc inside (which holds a certain label or file). /r:autorun.inf Windows always takes the path you're currently "working" in , so it could be you're referring to the wrong path. I could be mistaken, but just to be save, use the *DRIVE*-parameter. So therefor, try this line: REG ADD %KEY%\130 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\misc\cdswitch.exe Apps D: /r:*DRIVE*\autorun.inf /rw /b /k" /f Hope that helps, sorry if I explained it too complicated. XD

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