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  1. Yeah, my parents always go straight to the options. *sigh* If there's one thing to complain about Google for, it's their stance in China or the low-quality releases of stuff like Google Video and the plain crap Google Pack, but noooo, Google releases something that'll cache a text-only version of word-and-access-documents-only as an optional feature off by default, and bam, the crowd goes wild.
  2. Firefox for me. I prefer the no-nonsense approach and easy customizing. Opera is also sweeet. MSIE blew it up a long time ago, no love from me anymore. Dump ActiveX, and I'll consider it.
  3. It's off by default. "oh noes!"
  4. I really don't like Nero 7... but 6 is really good.
  5. GParted never really worked for me. And I have booted over one Linux'es.
  6. Thanks... why isn't this enabled by default?
  7. You just have to Compact Folders every once in a while. Annoying, I know. I still prefer Thunderbird because of the SPAM filters. The "Junk Mail" filters from Hotmail still let through an awful lot, but TB filters them out easily. In outlook express I was obliged to download all that hotmail spam before I could delete it.
  8. It's more annoying it deletes POP mail now and then from the server.
  9. Amazingly, it still has a lot of bugs for me... Although it's still my favorite mail client, it indeed has a lot of bugs. However, these bugs were also present in 1.0 and before. What frightens me is that Mozilla, instead of maked TB more user-friendly (compact folders shouldn't be necessary, nor should the s***load of menu items, nor the annoying Account Details window which has been around since the days of Mozilla M1) they're adding more bloat and not fixing annoying bugs.
  10. I can't believe how much this sucks.
  11. Wickedly cool, my Yahoo! address is about 8/9 years old and I really dislike the alias I'd had picked.
  12. Lol, first look up what Web 2.0 is before wondering if it uses a non-existant engine. An even groovier way to customize google (thumbnails 'n everything!): http://www.customizegoogle.com/
  13. Who says I like iTunes? Here's what I typed some weeks ago: Makes me sound like a nag.
  14. Winamp -> Music (WiMP doesn't support formats like OGG, the library needs some work and the interface is unintuitive) BSplayer -> Video (WiMP has major problems dealing with dual screen; has crappy subtitle support) EAC -> Ripping (WiMP only supports WMA -which is _really_ crappy and non-LAME MP3, the ripping itself isn't as accurate as EAC and doesn't get by Copy Control, the taggin is also unintuitive). While it also has some good points, WiMP still has a lot of problems which need to be fixed, and MS better should pay attention to those instead of the GUI.
  15. Alpha = non-feature complete Bèta = feature complete RC = should be final, if bugs are found, a new RC is made. When no bugs are found, it goes final.
  16. It should, but it probably won't.
  17. Only FrontPage? Then you should follow the "tutorial" I posted above, it should work normally.
  18. FF1.6a is the pre-alpha version of 2.0. You're running ahead.
  19. http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/md5sums/ GoogleIt!
  20. It's not out yet. Note that this release will be released under Mozilla Corporation, so 1.5 ain't live until http://www.mozilla.com is. Also, if you're running RC3, no need to upgrade, it's the exact same build. The FTP's you're linking to have been around for some time, and the pages you're linking haven't even been updated. My $0.02. If I wanted, I declared an official 1.5 a week ago.
  21. I just don't find it intuitive. In fact, why do they keep changing its UI? I once moved a shortcut and my parents freaked out.
  22. That bubblegum may be ugly, but it was useful for beginning users. Now it's not functional at all. They especially managed to screw up WiMP. Oh well, it's still a beta.
  23. Can you merge Azureus downloads to uTorrent?

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