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  1. What Server OS are you using on your domain? If you are using Windows Server 2008 or higher, you may be able to do this without scripts at all, and simply use Group Policy preferences. See this article -> http://blogs.technet.com/b/grouppolicy/archive/2009/06/24/gp-preferences-set-a-default-printer.aspx You'll note that you can share a printer, update a shared printer to be default and also update a shared printer to be default ONLY if there is no local printer present, which seems to cover what you need. If you want to target specific computers, users, OU's, security groups etc, you can use Item Level targeting from the Common tab shown in the article I mentioned. (more info here -> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-au/library/cc733022.aspx) I'm happy to provide assistance on this as I use this feature across the 4 schools networks I manage.
  2. What is the process you guys are using to integrate SP3 IE7 & WMP11? I ask this because I was able to integrate all 3 with no issues at all. How I did it: 1. Using nLite, integrate JUST SP3. 2. Open nLite again, integrate IE7. 3. Using Boogeys WMP Slipstreamer, integrated WMP11 and all WMP updates listed on his website. 4. Create ISO and install! All of this done on a Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 PC - no CD Key issues either (See here) Draxx.....
  3. You might be on the right track there with UpdateUPHAL="ACPIAPIC_UP,%WINDIR%\Inf\Hal.inf", but I think it needs to be changed for notebooks. These 2 sites might help http://support.microsoft.com/kb/309283 & http://blog.case.edu/djc6/2005/09/22/imagi...t_hals_wsysprep Let me know how you get on....
  4. I've always found that issue to be HAL related. Try changing the HAL to Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) before creating the image. This MAY not work for the laptops though, as I believe they use a different HAL again (cant remember which), but it doesn't hurt to try. Another thing I've found to be helpful is to change the HDD controller driver to Standard PCI IDE - see how you go with these suggestions!
  5. Hey there! I'm very interested to see where this goes and how it turns out. I've read through your fantastic Art of OEM guide, and I'm looking forward to trying out your methods. I'm happy to do testing of your application as you release more builds too. I cant believe no-one else has replied to this topic....
  6. Thanks! I've updated the first post with your version. I noticed you added the dates to the title - probably not a bad idea, the way MS keep fixing their hotfixes
  7. I don't know if anyone would want this, but I've added Vista & Longhorn Server Beta 2 UL Files to my collection
  8. As I said, they are just ideas. I probably should have ordered the list by importance. For me, 2 is the most important, due to the naming of the folders, as Zxian mentioned. It's easily avoided by changing the category names, however it's tidier with a separate folder per product. It also opens up the ability to download hotfixes for multiple products at once. 4 would be the next most important, with 1 & 3 being purely cosmetic.
  9. I'm running Server 2003 and I'm hoping to make an update list in the near future... I've just got a couple of other things on my plate at the moment. No need - I made one tonight jcarle: I had a couple of ideas for improvements/features for the next version.. Another drop-down list of languages so you can sort by language - this will be handy as more UL's are created as the list is going to get rather large. Creating a folder based on the product & language, into which the Category folders are created (if subfolders are selected) A time elapsed/remaining counter next to the MB transferred/remaining counter. Have the program check for existing files so it doesn't re-download them, which will save bandwidth for those who download the regularly updated UL files.
  10. I've started a new topic for my Office 2003 ENU, Exchange 2003 ENU and Windows Server 2003 x86 ENU UL files. See here....
  11. Hi all! Here are some ENU UL files for jcarle's Windows Updates Downloader. Microsoft Outlook 2003 (updated 19/08/2006) office_2003_x86_enu.zip Microsoft Exchange 2003 (updated 19/08/2006) exchange_2003_x86_enu.zip Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (updated 20/08/2006) windows_2003_server_x86_enu.zip Microsoft Windows Vista & Longhorn Server Beta 2 (both x86 & x64) (updated 19/08/2006) windows_vista_longhorn_server_beta2_x32_x64_enu.zip Please post any bugs or missing hotfixes in this thread. I'll update these monthly after Microsoft Patch Tuesday. If reporting missing hotfixes, please ensure they are detected by Windows Update, not random ones you've found on MS Knowledgebase. windows_2003_server_x86_enu.zip
  12. Now that's quick work!!! Well done!. Unfortunately you were too quick, and released it just before I fixed the Office 2003 UL . I updated the post with the original attachments with the fixed version
  13. Thanks for that - it had me stumped at 1:30am this morning . I've updated the file now and updated my previous post with the newer version. EDIT: Moved here
  14. I noticed this sort of behaviour last night when testing the Exchange & Office UL's - it seems to happen if you deselect individual hotfixes.. If I get a chance tonight, I'll do some further testing...

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