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  1. Bear in mind that XP is limited to 10 concurrent connections, this will severely affect the performance of your website.
  2. More details are needed here. What server OS is being used? What OS on the client? Is the computer prestaged in active directory?
  3. Is it necessary to use the registry? The option is available from the gui.
  4. It comes after the option to go into the recovery console. Change both partition(2) entries to partition(1)
  5. needless advertising imo. EFS does the same thing, only not on FAT drives.
  6. Rather than going into the recovery console, try doing a repair install. Follow the setup process until it gives you the option. Any corrupt files should be replaced without having to completely reinstalling windows.
  7. The guest account is never fully disabled. Only your ability to log on locally with it is.
  8. Try leaving the workgroup then rejoining & remapping the drive. I'm thinking here that the Sid's for automatic logon have changed since the reformat, which would cause the incorrect username box to appear. When you enter it again, only the user/pwd is used to authenticate and since that exists on the server, you can log on. Leaving the workgroup and then rejoining should reset all the Sid's for the reformatted computer, allowing you to access the drive without entering a username/password. Hope that works for you.
  9. I've had this problem before. Did you boot with the floppy in the drive? The solution was to boot without the floppy and only insert it when prompted.
  10. I think there's a bug in text setup mode regarding this, the workaround was not to have the disk in the drive until you were prompted for it, ie - don't have the floppy in the drive during the boot process.
  11. D.Celt


    It usually means that the drivers you're trying to install weren't designed for your OS.
  12. All PC's should also be using NTFS.
  13. Have a look at the guide below, hope it's of use. It applies to XP and should work for 2K3 as well. http://www.geekgirls.com/windowsxp_home_network.htm
  14. You may have removed one too many things or burned a corrupt disc. The latter is the more likely so try burning it again (use a cdrw).
  15. Setup only looks for floppies when adding drivers. Check here for info on how to slipstream SATA drivers
  16. Check your routers manual for allowing VPN connections. http://support.microsoft.com/?id=319108
  17. Ah I see. The Alternate tab doesn't appear because you have defined a static IP address. Click advanced in that window to specify additional static, gateway & DNS IP addresses. Anyway, I don't think this is what you're looking for, below is a link to a shareware app that might do the job. http://www.gold-software.com/download7215.html
  18. Start > Control Panel > Network & Internet connections > Network connections > r-click Local connection > Properties > click to highlight TCP/IP > Properties > Alternate configuration. Try that way.
  19. Internet Information Services (IIS) can provide file server functionality also. Tutorial
  20. If you don't need a dialup connection, remove it. That should make your ADSL connection the default.
  21. The Administrator account can't be disabled. If it could, it'd be possible to lock yourself out completely. Do as Takeshi suggests, press ctrl-alt-del twice at the welcome screen & enter Administrator as the user name & hope there isn't a password.
  22. I don't think you can set a password, but you can set permissions so that only your user account has access.
  23. Start > Control Panel > Network connections > Local connection > Change settings > TCP/IP > Properties > Alternate configuration. Additional DNS IP's can be specified in the General tab > Advanced.

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