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  1. How can we Recover Windows administrator password from a 2000 p/server pc ? it is urgent for some hardware eng... because they can easily recover without a reinstallation help me ....
  2. Friends i cant save anything in my profile, in the next restart it will automaticaly reseting (profile) but other profiles are working fine .... i got this porblen in three computers ( not now ) can anybody know y it is coming ..
  3. first test your internet bandwidth ..this link wil help u to test the internet speed http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/
  4. ali he is telling about 2 nic not three ......
  5. Friends wen i start windows geting an error "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" what is the solution ? Using 2000 P With SP4 + Ie6
  6. u must give the serial no of latest Xp (That mean included SP2 ) u can solve ur problem ...
  7. friends i have some problem with my out look express .. My Outlook express automaticaly redownloading the mails.. i have 69 mails in my mail daily again it downloading. is there any option to stop this problen ? :-( is this a problem with outlook express or with gmail ... my email server is pop.gmail.cm & smtp.gmail.com
  8. i bought a new thin pc that way i got it .. i dont have the setup file .. its pree loaded ...
  9. friend ... as per ur requirements .. u must have 5 NIC 1st pc required 2 nic ( one for the internet & other one for the lan) 2nd pc u must have 2nic that is actuly bridged(one for incoming & other for outgoing (xp loaded pc ) 3rd pc must have 1 NIC for lan ok .. I think u r in india ... if u can call me i can guid u .. otherwise Chat with me Yahoo ID "albinsebastian"
  10. i think tis problem is am absend of a file because i installed ahot fix & that problem solved ..
  11. that is not a internal or external command command Error comming ..
  12. do net use work in the dos prompt ?

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