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  1. February must be the month of Love. That's the best Deeper Impression that comes to mind.
  2. Windows Update for Windows 10 insists on installing a particular Display driver that causes White text boxes. Forcing Microsoft Basic Display Driver back removes the fault of White text boxes. IMHO it's W10 programmers now rather than those programmers of Windows 7 Pro vintage who are turning out new and different code. Obviously the new programmers are not getting the feedback from users about the driver issues. It appears that one is supposed to buy a new W10 computer for the new software to work correctly. Good luck on that point.
  3. The cloned 1TB SSD worked great on the Dell Latitude E5410 i5 quad. Won't have to buy a new PC now. The Windows 7 Pro is acting like its MacBook 1TB SSD table mate, it just works. Recovered from the black screen face-slap on the Boot Camp Win 10 insider Preview system. Did a Boot Camp wipe out of the Win 10 test partition. Rebuilt Boot Camp: Vista to Win 7 and then used the 15025 iso to get back to Win 10. Insider Fast Track Win 10 15025 Updated to 15031 with only the White text Box issue. Microsoft Basic Display Driver fixes that for this test system. The Clean Build seems to hav
  4. Just ordered a 1TB SSD for the Dell Latitude laptop running Windows 7 Pro. Probably nothing to do with Windows 10 except Win 7 is stable and Win 10 isn't. The Insider feedback questionnaire asked if I was going to buy a new Win 10 PC or suggest such a purchase to other people. Easy answer, "No." However, the 2TB SSD MacBook Pro is calling. The current Win 10 Insider nudge was the Black Screen on Startup after the last Windows Update 15025. Black Screen is worse crap than White Text Boxes. The Black Screen required an iso clean boot to recover. Just when I was thinking about saying
  5. You are correct. The Setting Selection was "System". After going to System, the Page displayed "Home."
  6. Are there any truly Holgraphic interfaces around yet? A 3 dimensional image with input, output and communication capabilities? Intelligence, artificial or otherwise, would be nice, too. In another life it was there or was that just Star Ship Enterprise? High expectations? Maybe not when comparing an iPhone 7 Plus to the GE 400 mainframe computer of 1969 or the IBM 7090 mainframe of the same vintage.
  7. Replying from my iMac. Microsoft has several levels of information that identifies a particular release. The following is just my simple understanding of their process. My insider Windows 10 test system is a 10 year old MacBook and Windows 10 runs under Boot Camp Apple software. Edition: Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Version: 1607 (The 16 means year 2016 and the 07 means month 7 of 2016) OS Build: 15007.1000 (The 15007 is referred to as a rs_prerelease just to identify which prerelease Eva
  8. The Windows 10 insider 15007 has a new Setting parameter, "Holographic." Is this a new age of technology or have I just missed "Holographic" technology? This one seems to be VR related.
  9. A new year, a new flavor of Windows 10 insider release software. Went from 14986 directly to 15007. Installed OK but had the White Text Box software problem which forcing Microsoft Basic Display Driver usage corrected. There are several new features, enhancements and re-arrangements of parameter controls with 15007. Just takes a little hunting to find the new locations of controls. Happy New Year Version is still 1607.
  10. It is surprising that MS has provided a reasonable crap blocker for W10 insider releases with its Microsoft Basic Display Driver. The 14986 Cumulative Update installed with no problems with MS Basic Display driver that replaced the normal driver installed during the standard insider release update. Happy New Year
  11. Another thank you to finish out this year. The Dell laptop now has VMware Player installed under Host Windows 7 Pro and has guest LinuxMint 18.1 installed and running.
  12. Your story inspired a software addition to the 10 year old MacBook. It now has VMware Fusion installed. Under Fusion is now 64 bit Windows 7. The amazing part to me was the import of the Boot Camp Windows 10 fast track insider software partition into Fusion as well. And the W10 works OK with the MS Basic Display Driver!? Learning something new now. Thanks to you and your son.
  13. So far, a fine Holiday season. No fast track insider update under the tree! Just two weeks to the New Year. However, won't hold my breath.
  14. You make a very good point about repairability of new computers. This point is why I suggest that an end user buys the maximum time of warranty available from a vendor. That way a motherboard problem is fixed with a replacement no matter what component failed. Also, max out the amount of memory or SSD available with the product. By having the SSD on the motherboard, the FSB speed is over 2 GHz now. History is repeating itself as when the 100 circuit board mainframe was reduced to a single CPU chip. The current motherboard with its chipset will probably be reduced to a single IC with no p
  15. The USB-C to USB adapter provides current devices with access. However, when you start to use devices that have USB-C ports then you are already prepared. You don't have to spend more money. Much cheaper to buy into the future. It's the old "pay me now or pay me later" advice. Sometimes cheaper is good and sometimes it isn't. You're choice.
  16. Well, another insider had the same 14986 problems as mine which also included BSOD issues. He applied the MS Basic Display Driver solution and found that the white text box and the BSOD issues were gone. So I did the same and had the same fixed result, white text box gone and no BSOD. Wondering if there is a crap software file used to generate some of the new releases? Why else would the same problems keep popping up?
  17. "Surface" with equivalent hardware as "MacBook" has an equivalent price. Enough Surface PCs have had the disastrous update problems of Windows 10 that disabled the computer. This from users that came to me to wonder if I knew how to fix Windows 10 in that condition when the company that sold the computer or MS couldn't fix it. That is an interesting challenge.
  18. Well, the option is the MacBook Pro and in addition to the stable Apple OS X software just install your Windows 10 as well so when the update cripples W10 just switch back to the Apple OS X. After enough Windows 10 crashes you'll just delete W10 from the computer. A great holiday solution. You could even DL a hotfix from the Apple side to fix the W10 side. Sweet!
  19. Well, the crap is back. Insider 14986 has the white text boxes again. Just when I thought that some real programmers had shown up. Putting old bad code into the product just doesn't cut it. The test computer will be turned off until next year. This release gets rated as a "1." "Won't recommend Windows 10 to anyone." Happy Holidays. No more testing this year. Will expect the real programmers to get back from vacation by next year. No fertilizer with that product, just stink.
  20. Follow the money. Who makes money with an undervalued MS? Who makes money with telemetry? Who would make money with a bankrupted MS? Would anyone do such manipulation just to make money? Where is the money going anyway?
  21. It's Christmas time and my thought about a really good gift would be the MacBook Pro maxed out and running several operating systems with VMware Fusion. The concept of swipe left or right to simply move to another operating system with native apps is really inviting. 2017 may become an interesting technology year. Maybe go back to school again in the second childhood. OS X, Win 7 Pro, Win 8.1 Pro, Win 10 Pro and Linux Mint for starters. The 2TB SSD embedded on the motherboard should handle the space requirement. Just a dreamer wishing on a star.
  22. Another switch to Apple, the Windows 10 trend. Daughter bought a maxed out MacBook Pro to replace Windows PC. Dad bought Office:Mac 2011 to provide some reliable MS software. Even if some say that Apple is like MS, as a user of both platforms, Apple software just works. Can't say that about Windows 10 or newer MS software any more. Or you can but that doesn't make the software run any better. However, the current fast track insider W10 at least got the white text box problem fixed. Perhaps an early Christmas present. Now if the network bandwidth hog got controlled. Probably not any ti
  23. So I wonder. Will a school district switch to Win 10? How will the tech maintain usable computers under Win 10? Will Cloud based networks be used? Won't that Cloud usage wipe out the bandwidth of the school network? Will the school district MS contract give the techs control to manage the network traffic? To manage the software update insistence? Even under a Win 7 a school district network was painfully slow for students and teachers where I worked. Doesn't a Cloud based network slow all user activities? What am I missing? So when 50 students log on in their classroom in the first 5
  24. A comment on other Windows 10 crap. On an insider forum it was suggested to me that getting release information from the "Hub" would help me. I brought it to that person's attention how difficult it is to use a computer that suffered from the white text box syndrome. Just analyzing crap from another perspective. It is interesting how crap brings a smile to my face. Maybe just the early farmer culture that brings perspective into focus.
  25. Wow, doing that is really cool! Thanksgiving is coming so I was playing nice in the sandbox. Perhaps restoring old code is the way to be innovating now. Or you never know what might grow when fertilizer is spread. Nice flashing lights. Reminds me of mainframes. Thanks for the smile.
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