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  1. Gotcha crap: Windows 10 Update wiped out the Dell laptop insider W10 software. OK, so just did a clean install to get back in the game. However, the digital activation was lost in the process. So had to have a WIFI connection to activate the Windows 10. That was the other problem with the W10 update. The WIFI that was used for the update disappeared once the update was complete. I think it's called "Catch 22." Or I could spend $199 to buy a new Key for W10. This gets better and better! And the MacBook did the same W10 update without any problems.
  2. Back to the crap: The Dell laptop was updated to 16170 but the old application software issue of Win 10 showed up again, NO WIFI. The fix used in 15063 did not work for 16170. Used up my patience with MS for this Dell, Intel application software wipe out. Restored the Dell laptop to 15063.14 and magically the WIFI worked just fine. Removed the Dell laptop from the insider Fast Track. The MacBook will remain the insider Fast Track computer. For now, the MacBook is still the tamer of the Beast.
  3. And the crap rolls on. 16170 is running on the MacBook. This appears to be a fertilizer release.
  4. Crap, good or not good, your choice. Both the MacBook and the Dell laptop installed the Cumulative Updates of 15063.13 and 15063.14 with no problems. Time will tell if the April RTM Windows 10 will be stable and usable by the current installed user base. Many current users have already been updated to 15063.13 whether they want it or not. That is the real crap. Windows 7 Pro and Apple OS X are looking better all the time.
  5. After thought: Over a year ago when I started Windows 10 Insider Preview, was using a Dell quad i7 Tower, Raid software for two 500 GB SATA drives. Had W7, Insider W10, Oracle ViMware with 3 operating systems available. All the operating systems should have been in independent space, partitions. Along came a Windows 10, Windows Update. That update destroyed all of the operating systems that were installed. Could not get any operating system to boot including the W10 that did the damage. That was my first experience with the power of W10 Windows Update. (Bull in the China Shop) My
  6. In another forum (MS Insider), a Russian (In the Russian language) entry indicated that a PC at 14393.969 (released Win 10) got the CU and brought the Win 10 up to 15063.11. That is some interesting crap. I wonder if this is an alternate fact? There seems to be a lot of that in the US these days.
  7. Condolences for your loss. Here we go again, the MacBook with the SSD did the Cumulative Update, 15063.0 to 15063.11, in less than 5 minutes from Restart to login and ready to use. The download had been done in the background so I don't know how long that took. Microsoft, getting ready for Ready To Market the 2017 Windows 10 Pro is starting to turn the crap into fertilizer. Just saw "Beauty and the Beast" so my head is still in the "Magic Kingdom."
  8. I wonder if Microsoft is using their own Windows 10 software? Maybe the Windows 10 Update did the update and that caused the outage? Other end users have sited similar outages during their prime production times? "What goes around, comes around!"
  9. We have a 40 Gbit link to our modem/router. Three things to consider about the apparent download speed. (1) It appears the the FSB speed of the motherboard becomes a factor in driving the download speed. The MacBook FSB speed is greater than the Dell laptop. That along with the SSD data transfer speed versus the HDD data transfer speed, the SSD transfers data faster than the HDD. (2) The distance to the download server makes a big difference as well. Here in Arizona, downloads are faster from the west coast than from the east coast. (3) I select a single download path in the Windows Setti
  10. This embedded Intel WIFI adapter has the normal driver that was working. I was surprised to find that Intel also had that software that was needed to interface with the Windows software as if it was an app. Now, I'm not so sure that all devices don't have some OS interface software to go with the driver (junkware or crapware or neededware)? Whateverware it is, if it's not there, the device doesn't work. More questions to think about.
  11. The Dell laptop (HDD) has been taking about 2-4 hours. The MacBook (SSD) has been taking 1-3 hours. Both computers are about 10 years old. A few times the update is sitting at the Restart with the download complete when I went to check for updates. Windows 10 apparently starts checking for updates before I even log on while it's sitting at the logon screen.
  12. New app crap: The Dell laptop is now running on 15063. The No WIFI issue has a solution. It appears that the Intel WIFI adapter software was wiped out during the Windows Update. After downloading two sets of Intel adapter software on another computer, transferred that software to the Dell laptop. When the second Intel software install file ran, the WIFI was back. The Dell laptop gets to stay at 15063 now. This solution was a long time coming. I'll be on the lookout for missing app software in the future.
  13. Fast crap now. 15055 to 15060, 15061 and now 15063. I even missed 15060 completely by taking a short vacation. Again, the MacBook updated with no errors. And the Dell laptop had the same NO WIFI or Ethernet connection after the update. Still trying to figure out why WLANSVC won't start on the Dell laptop. Error message says that some dependencies didn't start. So I've made a list of the dependencies when 15025 is running so I can compare what's missing after the update. Might shed some light on the W10 software. Device manager says that the WIFI adapter driver is fine and the device i
  14. 2017 Crap Update: Version 1703 has shown up in 15055. Yes the MacBook updated with no problems to the Windows 10 Pro, 15055. The Dell laptop is still churning through the update process a second time after the first try ended with an error message.
  15. Consider this link to an information gathering technique: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2017/3/6/1640496/-We-Are-On-An-Information-War-Battlefield-And-Most-Of-Us-Don-t-Even-Know-It If there are information gathering techniques that can be used to profile a person's decision making, might W10 programs use such techniques in software releases? Or marketing campaigns? If this post is too much for this topic, please delete it.
  16. Interesting thought. My internet link is CenturyLink. I'm just wondering how the sun selectively disrupts Dell computers and not Apple computers connected to the same internet link?
  17. Well, the MacBook has lessened the Crap Factor a little. Yup, the Apple MacBook running Windows 10 insider preview under Boot Camp updated to 15048 with no issues. This post is using 15048 on the MacBook using the Cliqz browser that has the Ghostery extention installed. Windows mail works. Malwarebytes works. Even Microsoft Store works. The Dell laptop got the Missing WIFI issue with 15048, too. The Dell laptop recovered back to 15025 where the WIFI connection magically appeared. Both computers use the same internet connection. I'm beginning to wonder what Windows software was
  18. Win 10 is back to the Worst Crap Ever on the Dell laptop. Runs OK on 15025. Fails on 15031, 15042, 15046 and 15048 but does restore to 15025 OK. The Windows Update works using the WIFI Internet connection for those failed versions. However, the new version magically loses the WIFI that was just used to update W10, no Internet connection. The Ethernet connection fails the same way. Many tries to fix this with no solution.
  19. Some good crap!? Windows 10 Pro insider preview, 15042, Windows Updated error free, no issues! Just to doubled check this situation, installed the Cliqz browser with Ghostery extention. It just worked. (Oh-oh, didn't I say that about Apple software?) On the other hand, after two years, it's about time. Yes, some other apps that were checked worked as well. The procedure above got the Control Panel, too.
  20. However, from another forum entry, "hit the win logo key and type Control Panel and hit the Enter Key" brought up the Control Panel window. Then the additional suggestion is, "If you want it to have easy access you can just click its icon in the Taskbar while it is running and Pin to taskbar.:)" (That's a right on the icon) Obvious is explained.
  21. Under 15031, Win+x did not bring up a Control Panel link. It brought up the same menu that a right-click on the Start Menu icon does. Tried this using a USB Dell windows keyboard using Win+x which brought up the right-click Start Menu, no Control Panel link. Win+X just produced a chime sound. The Apple keyboard using the Apple+x produced the same result as the Win+x key stroke as well as the chime sound with Apple+X. In both cases, no link to Control Panel. A link to Control Panel may be there somewhere but it is not obvious to this insider.
  22. A new sort of crap: Hard to believe but 15031 is still running reasonable stable. Apps I've used actually work. The Control Panel is gone, folded into Settings. I wonder if this is the calm before the storm? Still running with Microsoft Basic Display Driver.
  23. The point was, "What does Windows 10 have to do with Love?" Nothing! Therefore, no posts were listed for the month of February, so Love must have kept the forum topic blank! That was the deeper impression.
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