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  1. This is an impressive computer system. With these resources you could have a dual boot system with Win 7 or Vista maybe and then have options. Your choice for the day. One of my W10 insider systems is a dual boot, Windows 7 Pro and Win 10 Pro preview test, so I can pick Win 7 when I need a reality check. Choices are good. Good for comparison and control.
  2. You are partially correct concerning useful activities with Windows 10. My expectations are very low with this product from my experiences over the past 2 years. Consider the fact that I'm excited that the product, W10, actually starts up to a working desktop! And it actually shuts down! Ghostery was not removed from the browsers during the update! Mail actually gets mail! Now consider a lot of end users that buy a computer at Costco that comes with Win 10 installed. If it get email, it's working. This Fall release may actually get email and browse the Web, start up and power down, all
  3. Some new crap to think about. What does it mean when all three Windows 10 Pro test computers have updated cleanly for the last four insider preview releases?
  4. Windows Update should not start even if a user is not logged on. Update should be controlled by a user. User control/security of computer is asserted by power down of computer. It seems the only way to stop invasive software. But then, if it is powered down, why do you need it? Just a dedicated test computer for Win 10.
  5. Perhaps, it's the other way around. The heat may be melting the frozen parts of the world. Some call it climate change but in this part of the world we're feeling a lot of heat. Now some more heat with the last three insider preview W10 releases that are getting close to an RTM product, all three test computers updated cleanly and the software that does emails and browsers seems to be working. Ghostery actually downloaded free from the Store and installed on Edge. However, all the information collecting and then some is still there. At a school near here, I saw that Win 10 was installed
  6. Yes, you've identified an interesting dilemma. Living in a community that is an age restricted 55 and older area adjacent to Phoenix, AZ. Sun City is an area around 3 miles by 7 miles in size and is not incorporated as a city by preference. Many of the residents are very sharp mentally and use computers easily. However, Windows 10 installed on a PC has many turning to the local Apple Store to buy compatible products. I have been able to get some of the Windows 10 users oriented to be able to use their Win 10 PC. Also, suggested that their Win 10 PC can be turned into a Friendly Windows 7
  7. Alert! There's a new W10 preview insider crap agreement. To paraphrase, some of the crap may have worms in it. (So, what else is new?) Some crap may make you sick, unless you are a crow. If you do get sick, the maximum benefit from arbitration is $5.00. Acceptance of the new agreement is 'do the update' which by the way starts when power is on the computer. (An amazing business model!) Reality check: Three test computers made the update to 16288. 1. MacBook was first with no problems and minimal time expended. 2. 64 bit Dell was second with no problems but took several hours t
  8. Windows 10 Insider 16257 IE 11 had the Edge tab back. Just used the above procedure to remove that Edge tab. Another thanks.
  9. This crap is a moving target. Well, as expected the Apple MacBook, on the second try, updated from Win 10 (32 bit) Insider 16251 to 16257.1. However, the Mail icon was gone. Used outlook.com to get to emails. After the next restart, the Mail icon was back? Now you see the crap, now you don't. The Dell laptop is 3 hours into the second try to update from Win 10 (64 bit) Insider 16251 to 16257.1. Reminds me being back on the farm shoveling the crap. (Childhood memories) (No computers, just crap) (Well, now it's crap and computers) ****************** The Dell laptop is on Win 10
  10. Back to the old Win 10 crap. Win 10 Update was in to process of going from 16251 to 16257 which was running several hours. Win 10 Update managed to update from 16251 to 16251. Perhaps this is the new circular Update?
  11. Three out of three computers updated to 16251 Pre-release Win 10. Took awhile but they all made it. Had to learn how to get into Safe mode to fix some old crap application software for one old Dell laptop. All computers are running OK. Don't know what to think of this crap? They did all take several hours to make the transition. Malwarebytes found no malware. Ghostery stopped a lot of tracking, etc. All three computers are now in safe security mode, powered off.
  12. Some of the small people have a computer skill set greater than the Lord of the Castle. This was a tablet laptop and the display was rotated 180 degrees. The Lord did not know that was possible. A short seminar was required for the Lord. Perhaps it was an "Oh-Oh" moment for the small ones as well like "What did we do?" and "How do we fix this." and "I hope they don't find this before we go home." I have the occasional impulse to see what happens when a different key is pushed. Sometimes it's a learning experience and sometimes it's "Oh C***." This time it appears to be a "No harm, no fa
  13. Grandchildren and nieces and nephews of a young age. Other details are not known. Pure speculation may be required.
  14. A Win 10 feature that was new to me: A Win 10 neighbor had small visiting relatives and when they went home the Win 10 laptop could not be logged onto with the normal password. If one is logged onto Win 10 with a Microsoft password then a server password reset feature is available. Working at a university this feature was used quite a lot for users who logged onto the server. By using the Win 10 online password reset, using Safari on the iPhone, the laptop password was reset and the neighbor was very happy with Microsoft. The appropriate security procedure worked to verify that the password
  15. A good day for crap: 2 out of 2 computers updated to 16241 on their first try. OK, several hours to complete this task is a little long. OK, one computer looked like it was searching for an available source to download the update before the download actually started. OK, why does the CPU run close to 100% before the update seems to really start. OK, I'm impressed that the update software can drive the storage device at close to 100% thru-put for long periods of time. Seems like a lot of activity just to accomplish the update? OK, the restart takes a long time, too. Other than a few "OK
  16. Except in Phoenix, AZ with the "Heat Dome" that suspends the "where" and the "why for" with "certainty" as we all know,,,,, Who knew that water could fall out of the sky? Except here it looks like the water is falling but then it isn't! This "flux" thing is difficult to understand. Probably an OS (Outer Space) thing.
  17. Some good crap: The Dual Boot PC, Win 7/Win10 Dell, is now updated to Win10, 16237. Did an iso clean boot to an old release, 15063, and wiped the Win10 HDD as part of the process. (Each OS has its own HDD) Had used BCDEDIT to verify the dual boot controls which got changed to reflect the new Win10 information. Today's load of crap is fertilizer. Monsoon Arizona: Water falling from the sky, now that's a change! Still don't understand why the update runs the CPU at close to 100% at some periods and the HDD at close to 100% at other periods? Or why it takes several hours to complete?
  18. Perhaps, we need to follow the money that MS gets from advertising and marketing hooks set in W10. And what about data tracking? The W10 computer doesn't have to compute as long as money is generated by the background software that gathers information to sell or provides advertisement to market products. The money trail explains a lot when trying to understand why things are done the way they're done today. Conspiracy theory? No, just marketing protocol. My computer that refuses to update to the next W10 release is becoming more valuable every day. Arizona: Maybe it's just the heat. (M
  19. Mixed Crap: 2 out of 3 computers updated W10 Insider Preview to 16232. One was an SSD and one was an HDD. One came from 16226 and one came from 15025. Both took several hours to complete the update. The third computer tried 5 times times to update to 16232, 4 times from 16226 and 1 time from 16216 but never completed the update. The end result of the update was that the computer was back at the release that it started from after several hours on each try. This may be the smart computer that refuses to upgrade to another questionable Win 10 release? This is a dual boot, Win 7/Win 10.
  20. Yes, I'm wondering the same thing. WarpDisk is now bookmarked on that computer. Thanks, the future is now.
  21. I agree with your opinion. However, in the real world, Tucson, Arizona, schools and learning have been allotted a very low priority. Also, the directive of the Technology Department at the school stated that no teachers, students and some computer technicians were to change any settings on the computer classroom equipment, hardware or software. Perhaps Arizona education attitudes are what has put Arizona close to the bottom on the list of states in the US. Perhaps a donation from another country would help us out? On the bright side, at least some of the students have iPhones and iPads th
  22. SSD: The Windows 7 Pro Dell Latitude E5410 laptop: 40 seconds from push power on button to usable desktop. This is the system that the Win 10 computers are compared against. This computer when it had an HDD took over a minute to make the same boot up. I started replacing HDDs with SSDs about 5 years ago, both PATA and SATA, both Apple and PC. The results have always been the same, SDD computers have been 5 to 10 times faster than HDD computers. Slow is Crap when using computers! As an aside, I've seen students in a computer classroom spending 5 to 10 minutes waiting for their HDD P
  23. One example of power on to W10 desktop usable: Both computers have W10, 16226 Insider Preview. 1. SSD. Apple MacBook, Late 2006. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. Power on to Apple host; select Startup device BootCamp and Restart; logon to W10 and Desktop is usable. Time: 2 minutes 45 seconds. 2. HDD. Dell Inspiron 1720, Ship date, 5/28/2008. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. 4 GHz 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. Power on to dual boot; select W10. logon to W10 and Desktop is usable. Time: 4 minutes 35 seconds. Yes, a simplistic comparison but gives an indication of the
  24. W10 Crap Update or Downdate, Whichever: No problems to report on the 2 W10, 16226 test computers in the last 4 days. No, wait. Both have been powered off. I guess that tells you something. (Arizona: 115-120 degrees)
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