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  1. Just curious: Has the government there switched back to Windows 7 or are they still trying to use Windows 10? I agree, someONE does???!!! I think there is a Windows 10 government here. Seems to be a lot of crap.
  2. The crap churns on. Win 10 Pro Insider Preview just updated from 17074 to 17074.1002 in the 4 hour range on the Dell laptop. The software is working (starts, restarts, shuts down and powers up). Just another clean update. In secure mode now, powered off. ************* Just after 17074.1002 completed, 17083 Updated cleanly as well. Even Windows Defender worked on the Dell with 17083, even though other people said that Windows Defender was trash???!!! A different sort of crap. Back to secure mode.
  3. Very well put! I will help people with W10 so that they can do emails or use browsers but no way will I trust my home computer to be running OS s***. My home Windows PCs are Win 7 Pro if the need arises. However, I wonder if the Insider Updates are running differently? Over the past 7 updates, I've not lost the multiple users or browser functionality with an extension like Ghostery on the W10 test Dell laptop. Something appears to be working intrusively destructive with the released W10 updates? It seems that other vendors are not providing updated or compatible drivers or software t
  4. At the point of the update/upgrade where it asks or tells it is ready to "Restart", by not doing the restart then, an ISO can be made from a file. That ISO can be used to do the "normal offline install." I don't know the file name, but the procedure is out there on the internet someplace.
  5. Unusual W10 Crap: Why has Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview, 17074, installed cleanly in about 3 hours on the Dell laptop? With the Restart" to complete the update, one has the path to go back to the previous instead or going forward (Maybe that is not even a good choice). It's still W10 but some parts seem to be working. Beware, beware!?
  6. Another example of a situation that has reduced the "Good Will" value of MS. The sun is bright today in Sun City, AZ, no snow, and it is warm. Just got oranges off the tree for a snack. It would be nice if someone would write a program to emulate Windows 10 on Windows 7 to fix your issue.
  7. iPhone 7 Plus: The rest of the story: While going to the Apple Store to look at computers I checked out the new iPhones in the store over a year before I bought one. The marketing seed was planted. May not have bought a new iPhone if I hadn't gone into the Apple store for a different reason. Customer "Good Will" is actually carried on a companies books with a cash value. Free iPhone battery replacement would show up on the company books as "Good Will." Bad press subtracts from the company "Good Will" thereby lowering the company value which is what has happened with the battery issue.
  8. Partly, a good description, gullible, yes. I had to go to the Apple Store and take a free course to learn how to turn the iPhone 4S on and off. When the Phone started to run slow, went back to the Apple Store and found out that 34 programs were running in the background that I thought were stopped. Learned how to really stop the programs then so none ran in the background. Didn't go to Apple for the battery because of the price (ordered the battery and free tools online for $20). High income Apple customer? Bought the maxed out iPhone 7 Plus to replace the 4S with 3 weeks wages working a
  9. Yes, the Apple computers had the "Bad Capacitor" issue as well.
  10. Sometimes it seems that the "Worst Crap" comes from management or marketing decisions. If an iPhone has a battery with a life of 2 years, don't mess with the software and the logical solution is to replace the battery after the 2 years for free. Or use the other solution and replace the battery yourself for $20 with a product that also included the necessary tools. If I could do the battery replacement on an iPhone 4S in less than 15 minutes, wouldn't a trained technician at an Apple store do it more efficiently? And it would have brought the customers into the store where they may have boug
  11. The question is a good one: Why does the old MacBook run Windows 10 better and faster than a modern PC even if Apple implies that this unsupported combination probably shouldn't work? The next question is: Why don't all Surface PCs run Windows 10 better than any other computer running Windows 10? The follow-on question is: Why are computer manufacturers still having computers build in China after the "bad capacitor on the motherboards and power supplies" of 10 to 15 years ago fiasco?
  12. Thanks for the New Years chuckle. My cheapish tech, 10 year old MacBook bought at a resale store for $20, runs Windows 10 faster and more reliably than newer PC computers. The not so cheapish tech, 7 year old iMac at $4,000, runs MS Office more reliably than PCs I've worked with plus all the Apple software that PCs won't run. However, the tech in the iMac is still more technologically current than the tech in most PCs for sale now in stores. Twice blessed with "hits." Another New Year chuckle to consider: a couple of people have brought there Windows 10 PCs that weren't working for
  13. As well, "to be fair"; All of the last 6 Insider Preview W10 updates installed error free on the Dell laptop and the OS ran with no crashes. All browsers with Ghostery included ran with no problems. If W10 didn't have the lack of control issue and the data mining issue and the "big brother" security issues, I might consider using the product for other than a test system.
  14. Actually, Windows 7 Pro is an Upgrade! Windows 7 Pro has never failed since it was installed on a Dell Latitude E5410 over 3 years ago. No updates are allowed unless I select a specific one. "Piece of crap broke" is a good description of W10. The Insider test computer has no W10 issues when it is shutdown. The Windows 7 Pro dual-boot on the test computer works just fine as well.
  15. Happy Windows 10 Insider Prerelease Holidays: The Dell laptop got the 17063, Win 10 Pro Update and installed it with no issues in a little over 3 hours. The "Other Forum" indicated that some Surface PCs couldn't get the prerelease to install. I would think that an MS PC would have no issues installing MS software. Not withstanding the W10 design faults mentioned in previous entries, this prerelease works well with at least 5 browsers that all have Ghostery installed, even Edge. Now if the MS developers would just read the issues identified in this particular Forum Thread and correct the "D
  16. Nicely put! Have you noticed any computer service degradation at places that you shop? Like: "The computer is slow today." or "Wait, we needed to reboot the PC." or "The PC won't start." When I hear these comments, my first thought is that the computer system was updated to Win 10. US politics are sort of like W10 these days. Many people are voting for Win 7, replace the Win 10's, as a result of the situation to get back to some stable politics (An analogy). Bud
  17. Crap to think about. Why can a 10 year old Dell laptop update to Insider 17040 Windows 10 Pro in about 3 1/2 hours and a Surface laptop that is a lot newer fails to update to 17040?
  18. Is an OEM Windows 10 Key worth the $15-$30 from online sellers? Just thinking of changing a test Win 10 to a standard Win 10 with the Key change. Don't seem to be able to find a real Full Win 10 Key online. Don't know if this is a Deeper Impression or a slap in the face?
  19. Fertilizer report on the crap: Sad or glad report? The 64 bit Dell laptop updated to 17025 with no problem. Only took about four and a half hours to complete. Four out of four browsers have Ghostery extension installed. Edge came through the update with Ghostery still installed and working. Also, it's a cold day down here in the desert early in the morning---What was that about "A cold Day In Hell?" Computer life does seem to be amazing. Even the Apple iMac doesn't seem to mind providing this entry.
  20. It's hard to believe this crap. Seven clean updates of Win 10 Pro Insider Fast Track in a row for the 64 bit Dell. At 17017 Build now.
  21. Thank you. Perhaps I'm used to the Apple restrictions. But when compared to Win 10 restrictions, it feels like Apple is an open garden. I much prefer to be able to open and close the garden door myself. I feel that we are of a common mind with computers. Again, thanks.
  22. So what are the legal implications of the Dutch Data Protection Authority investigation? Microsoft has danced the "legal tango" before in Europe.
  23. Trying to understand? Walled garden? Emulate Apple? Not doing a good job at emulation. Windows 10 would be so lucky to be as stable and easy to use as OS X, or iPhones, ETC with iOS. Sorry, my preferences are showing. Winter is coming to Arizona deserts, 60 degrees this morning. But 94 degrees now, it's OK again.
  24. Is this Win 10 released software or Insider Preview software? Just wondering. I've lost track of the released Win 10. Ditto on the crap. Bud
  25. New crap to think about: 16299.15, 1709. This may be close to the "Fall" Windows 10 Release. However, not having purchased Win 10 ever, how is the Fall release marketed? Can Win 10 Pro be bought on DVD in a store or is it only available on USB thumb drive? Only available from from Windows Store? Or only available by buying a computer that has it installed? Can the product even be bought in a free standing form? Does it really cost a couple of hundred dollars? Will it only install on selected computers????? Or maybe it's time to leave the Win 10 test computers in secure mode. Only
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