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  1. I think you need a zip of the program, I do not think it will install with the exe. Also you need Azul OpenJDK 8 Update 262. See https://msfn.org/board/topic/178283-how-you-really-browse-the-web-on-98me-in-2019/?do=findComment&comment=1184509 and next few pages.
  2. When testing, it was FF35, some web pages worked and some froze. I believe it was FF8 that was supported with K4.5.2 and FF9 also worked latter. There is still freezing with FF4 and above for me really, - it depends on the web page and FF4 - 9 does not make a difference as far as the freezing is concerned with the particular pages. FF3.6 had no Gif animation image support. Originally when accessing my network drive, - NAS, the NIC cards were freezing and It was the directory sub directories. The deeper I explored then the freeze would happen. They got better over time. I have very few add on cards that work, - most second hand. The Realtek ones and the Marvel one is worth a try.
  3. I can test it on a 7600 512MB and 7300 512MB but 77.72 had not supported these cards. The inf does not include 7 series cards, have you a modified inf. Also is the NVCORE.VXD of 82.69 drivers already modified or does the R.Loew patch need installing. I have no trouble with the 82.69 drivers on the 512MB cards, I did not modify the NVCORE.vxd that was downloaded. Using WinME OS.
  4. It froze for me too when testing 31.8 and anything above FF9 actually. I thought it was the NIC card that was having trouble. I think with the Intel ones the send and receive buffer sizes can be adjusted.
  5. You should just be able to copy over the files in safe mode as they should not be in use. You have found an issue with the installer I would think.
  6. With regard to comment=1176005 and [MathCoprocessor] FPUFlags=1 There was eventually one program that did give Floating Point Invalid Operation error: - X-Setup Pro, so I have changed this back to FPUFlags=0. It did not occur before today though with this program.
  7. DotNetFX is unaffected by KernelEx. I have edited some mention of erroring in kernelex-45-core-updates. I will be working on updating my latest build that works DotNetFX eventually. The program using DotNetFX is set disabled and also MSCOREE in the system folder needs set KEX disabled.
  8. Try testing Sound in DXdiag.exe. You should hear sounds for all tests and there are a few. I have had some work and others not. Fix was the audio driver files though. When restoring registry by running scanregw /restore, there is a backup made of the registry that is the current one. There problem this makes is the oldest one drops out of the backup.
  9. In Windows directory there is scanreg.ini you can widen the count to higher than 4. In the SysBckUp remove any BAD named files, they are usually bigger too and note the date of them. You may need to go back before this date if there is any bad. Files I would try replacing are MSACM32 and WINMM. Try profiling SndRec32.exe in Dependency Walker and open a WAV file to see what happens.
  10. Try registering Quartz, it is not used in Sound Recorder but it is the sound renderer in WinME and settings may be out or not compatible if used wrong Quartz the sounds wont work. You did restart the machine I assume. How for back can scanreg /restore take you. The files mentioned can be replaced in safe mode out of the Options install cabs. Also in the System.ini Boot section mine has winmm16.dll in the drivers line after power.drv, include a space.
  11. wave=mmsystem.dll should be in the Drivers section under midi=mmsystem.dll will do.
  12. Sound Recorder uses MSACM32.ACM & WINMM.DLL and in System.ini also look for sound.drv=mmsound.drv wave mapper=*.drv drivers=mmsystem.dll wave=mmsystem.dll all files should be originals and easy to go back in time with scanregw /restore for system.ini
  13. Intel 82801DB IDE is Ultra ATA/100/66/33 so if you plug one of your 320GB IDE drives directly to the IDE port then the BIOS will not recognize the drive without the size limiter bridge shorted - if it has one. This is because the BIOS has been set to 28bit for sector count of which each sector is 512 bytes. This means the BIOS can only see up to 137GB or 128GiB. The advantage with BIOS configured this way back in the day was that it freed up some bits for other devices. Your results confirm the SATA hardware had to recognize the 250GB drive and the BIOS has no problems assigning the drive. You can format the drive to one full volume partition if you like by placing the drive on one IDE port and a Win98 boot operating system drive on the other to which you format the drive.
  14. Did you start with SP4. Try pinging google or or do other browsers work. It does seem an internal error but I have had the same Opera error in WinME before and I think it was testing different WS2 files or closely related module in the parent call list. Dependency Walker.
  15. The USB hub drivers could make a difference and the USB host controller driver. All I know is on a machine I plugged in a pure Win98 system disk. It did not work the USB drives until I installed NUSB. I got a surprise that it recognized discs greater than 32GB. I had run with this limit on WinME for several years. When using WinME SP1/2 update; USBHUB.sys is updated and I had no trouble working a 1TB external USB drive with USB1 from the SIS 5597/98 board. WinME uses USBNTMAP.sys and USBMPHLP.pdr on my system at the moment.
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