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  1. I was looking for usual suspects and in nSP3 are these: Internet Connection sharing ICS Client 5.2 Microsoft IPP Client 1.0 Microsoft L2TPIpsec VPN client.. Im not sure, if installed them, probably some, but i dont know how to find out and how to uninstall them.. nSP3 has nothing like list of installed components when i start setup wizard again.. and nothing is listed in Add/Remove programs windows wizard.. or in windows components setup. But i find out some interesting thing, i tried to check, install original internet sharing component and got this interesting message, it could be clue what is wrong.. I have NIC list in Device manager, as in image above. Other interesting point is when i do some networking change, its using files from sp3.cab, so they are probably some updates/ changes.
  2. Set IP address and gateway static is not solution, i would not bother if it would.. Im getting exactly the same errors. Arp-a output: NO ARP Entries Found I found DHCPINFO00 key, deleted, rebooted, key was created with same or similar value, behavior is the same.
  3. Im not 100% sure, or i dunno how to check it, after installation, but i have here 3.64 installer, so it would be probably it. I do not have reason to install it again and again when its broken, but i have some fine tuned machines / images with this major flaw.. I dont really remember any errors with installation, as i wrote it worked fine, until some network configuration changes. Im not even aware any other problems with machine, except this thing.. All seems to be properly setup and installed, i would undertand some bluescreen, NIC driver code, but this is something new.. So question is, if is possible somehow test network services / component piece by piece TCP/IP has like 7 layers, so if possible to discover on which layers it fails, its not able to obtain IP from router.. if i set static addresses its still not working.. and ping is failing something in configuration is broken.. some core component is not working, or its these some dead write bridge NIC / dead NIC or something like that.. but i removed all old Nics in Safe mode, even not used devices.. Only interesting thing is that ping localhost its working fine.. im not sure if it is using all network TCP/IP layers and services, or its faked call, which its outside of network setup. I tested route print output its the same on working and not working machines, except ip adress which i now inserted as static, its from the same range, so it should work fine..
  4. I'm was using: U98SESP3 , i installed the most of the updates, which were describing as improvement or fixes. Its not so simple, Networking is working after installation of updates.. Until, i try to chance something with networking, replace NIC or install new protocol like IPX etc, after that something gets struck is impossible to make it working again, after NIC and all protocols removal etc. Something is broken / stuck in system. I also tried to copy image Windows to multiple new physical / virtual machines, there whole HW is redetected and reinstalled, even that networking never get fixed. This way i would be able to simulate it again (i simulated it multiple times on different machines, i have snadshot i can revert yes).. but its not fix.. reinstall whole system because NIC replacement, or because protocol addition sucks.. So i would rather to fix it and look into that DHCP service or other network services why they are not working.. i will try that SFC check, Update: 1 dll corructed, restored, retested, problem not fixed. I tried to find network related drivers and their version if it helps.
  5. There is some DHCP service dhcpsvr.dll, but how to check that is loaded correctly? Its not WinXp with service manager. If im not wrong that DHCP service should work regardless of network settings a far as some Network adapter is added, or not?
  6. From time when i first met this problem i simulated it losts of times on virtual and physical machines, its still the same after time or some change Win98 SP3 networking get broken.. So i would say that some SP3 networking files are bugged, or broken, or incompatible with vanilla ones.. during some update or hw installation is maybe some vanilla file used to replace SP3 one.. I would really like to know which files are responsible for Win 9x networking.. and replace them one by one. Telnet is broken too, cant connect. Winscp is not working - route problem. When i use MS configuration utility (Winipcfg.exe), im getting DHCP server unavailable, when im trying to renew it.. I dont obtain right ip adress just default packets are not returning from router.. Machine is not getting ip adress. ipconfig shows empty gateway. Symptoms same with all Nics, drivers installed, not errors, but networking is not working.. and ping is failing... I never that this problem with vanilla Windows 98 version or official updates.
  7. I any buy any 4xxx.. if it will help to make it working.. but it seems that even Steam will end Win7 support in 10 months, im sure that there are some work arounds, but still. I used Windows 7 as fallback and for some older games.
  8. Hello, its GeForce RTX 40xx on Windows 7 dead end? Make sense even try? Or did someone try? I mean, i can buy it, its faster or i can buy slower Geforce 3xxx or i would have to live without Win7 on primary graphics card, i can use some secondary Geforce 750 TI i guess..
  9. MPXPlay is one of very few new programs which are able to use AC97, it has some own code for make this happens as Q2DOS for AC97, Realtek HD.. but its not classic Dos Sound blaster driver which would help you with games. I doubt that someone after 20 years will write SB emulation year for Dos and AC97, Realtek HD, but everything is possible, but it would take lots of time. More chance is actually HW mode, i know at least 1 mad Estonian capable it, he already made own ISA new sound card.. but it will not help you because you have Notebook, notebooks with wrong configurations are dead end. If you notebook would have at leas LPT port, there is chance, to get some Adlib sound through it - https://www.serdashop.com/OPL3LPT maybe of MB would have some LPC chip and using some soldering and some card bay, it would be possible in future, but it would be pseudo notebook experience, Notebook with big box to make it working.. and even that LPT soundcard needs lots of game patching.. memory command - as every command dos will give you help with: "mem /?" to print help, remember command parameters from top of you head is silly Linux admins ways. Thread is some thread about EMS, i dont know all answers. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=60451 it but you have to fiddle with memory blocks locations.. its auto is not working and if you finally load it, you can continue to fiddle to get even conventional memory, in my files are examples how to change locations.. Its really per machine, there is not universal super parameters, even some people claims it. Without at least some phone photos of you settings and error message, there is not other than general help.. mouse\cdrom\USB - mouse is most simple, you can use good old mouse.com - which is using more memory, more sofisticated is ctmouse.exe both are in my package, ctmouse is default. USB - forget about it best you can get is some Bios USB to PS/2 fallback bios settings, which is on some boards not working correctly, that is why even on new boards make sense to use PS/2.. even for modern OS, for example, when OS is inicialized and need to press key for safe mode and USB keyboard is for seconds dead, because its not inicialized you have problem.. if USB is not working you have problem, PS/2 is always good to have. CDROM - again its in my package, you need to 2 parts.. drivers and some handler or how to name it. Driver -sys detects on your CD-ROM if IDE/Sata etc.. in my files are 3 major drivers, you need select right one. Handler - MSCDEX and SHSUCDX, first one is from MS old one, second one is more modern it supports even virtual CD-Rom images (not without CD audio its not implemented, it maybe would need HW mod). Again you have to read these config files, i added lots of comments into it, at the top of is settings (because of Dos design its starting in Config and its call sections defined in Autoexec based on selected mode and autoexec settings is influenced by setting at top it), to select want you want, there is not silver bullet.. Silver bullet is possible only on game basic, something like GoGs game Dosbox packages, where you dont have to care about it, you just run executable and usually its working fine.. If you want to continue really create here other thread.
  10. I never heard about such thing, maybe it has some SB emulation in Windows 98 drivers, but that would be all.
  11. This not enough, there are important parameters and error messages. Notebook is always bigger problem, VRAM and video bios rom size, are two different things. AC97 with this sound card will native Dos sound never work, there is only very few programs like modern videoplayers and Q2Dos Quake2 port, where these soundcard are working. With this soundcard you have only 1 possibility and that is Dosbox (there is also Win98 port), there never were Dos drivers for AC97 cards. If you want notebook with Dos sound support, you would have to get something older with soundcards with dos drivers..
  12. 512 MB, is still ok, with more you need to patch io.sys to enable Windows 98 safe mode boot. 1) Which parameters are you using and which error you are getting, when EMS tried to activate? EMS need i thing 32 KB free continual block of memory and it could get tricky. EMS is able to max 32MB what is enough for all original Dos games. 2) It really depends on system and its Bios design.. mainly videocard rom is glutton.. network card rom and capture cards can eat conventional memory too. To check what is eating memory and how big and ROMs use Checkit program (Memory map option).. and Navratil System info - Video for Videomemory size.. and next is Mem /d .. and Mem with other parameter which im not know from top of my head. Good is have videocard which is easting only 32 KB, with more its more complicated. I have thread about romsize with some reports, even card manufactor sometimes make difference: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=61451 3) With such amount of information i cant help you, which mainboard you have and which sound card.. Otherwise make some new thread for you problems.. I asked here for Dos section for years and i even offered big donate for it.. so you have to place is somewhere in offtopic section or so.
  13. There is all info at the start the thread.. but yeah can replace it, but you need at least edit it based on used soundcard.. there are i thing 5,6 predefined options best PCI cards and some for old Creative Sound Blaster. Its compatible with Windows 98, its made for MS Dos 7.1.. its working with Dos 6.22 with same limitations, in some older than 6 i thing menus were not possible without external tools.. You would need to edit MSDOS.SYS too, its just text file with lofty name. Otherwise Phil from PHILSCOMPUTERLAB.COM has something more simple, but less capable.. and less modern computer friendly and without sound and all free utils collection and patches etc, but it could be good start: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/ms-dos-starter-pack.htm I tested my packs also with Virtual machines like -Vmware, Vbox, PcEm, they are working.. only with Qemu you have to do some fiddling, because of Qemu bugs, but Qemu Dos is not great because of other bugs, which i reported long time ago and nobody care.. Qemu Dos has only 1 good thing, which unofficial 3Dfx card, its able to play some Dos 3Dfx games with good speed, there which are using external glide2x.ovl drive.. if is 3Dfx functionality build in Exe its not working here only PCem is solution but its slower you need Beefier CPU and even that not except anything faster than PII 300 MHz, so not something make Q1Dos/Q2Dos with high res and other wild things..
  14. 1) No, its not really needed. You just need to limit it with HimemX or similar. There are even few games which have problem to start with lots of mem. 2) No.. 3) If you need something really complex about Dos gaming and modern HW and settings and multibranched configs i wrote this: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=61044 there are download links, recommended HW etc..
  15. I had similar problems, it was often somehow fixable, but i dont remember details, maybe link to users folder is somewhere hardcoded.. Paragon P2P adjust sometimes, fixed it sometimes not. There are also other PC to PC migration tools which are worth to try and the from their definition should keep different drive letters in mind.. Laplink Software PCmover Professional Pcmover exp EaseUS Pctrans They are different modes, something only to get some programs settings from existing installation.. and port them to new one - its better than nothing and incomplete.. but there are also full installation migration options.. and here really not matters if target is again same pc or not. I used at least one of them for complete HW exchange and it worked and i dont remember details.. If you have quick storage and disk image, its worth to try, because whole main business feature of these should in this feature, for other tools this is only some side feature at the best. Or some lowlevel hacking.
  16. I at least mastered way how to install even new installation as C, on multiboot system with multiple Win partition, its working even with super old machines (Super socket 7) - Minitool Partition manager 4.2 boot cd.. You only need, use partition hide feature on other partitions before installation and change active disk partition to target one for a moment.. and after installation unhide hidden partitions.. and after that you need add other boot entries too boot.ini on XP partition.. or install XP bootloader on other desired "main" partition. Minitool is also capable to change system partition driver leter for "main" no c partition on the fly, which Windows drive manager refusing to do. Before i used for this Paragon HDD tools, but Minitool seems to be more user friendly and compatible.
  17. Well, not bad, you will still need to patch io.sys for working Safe mode with 512+ RAM. Otherwise you can got up to X58,X79 with working Dos (Win98 one and pure DOS) sounds, because these board are last with DMA sound magic in chipset needed for DOS.. Otherwise there is not limit for Win98 sound only. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ulaptg9pd7pzb9q/2017-08-20 03.40.07-5960X-Win98.jpg?dl=0
  18. Thanks, i know but they are not supported on Hackingtosh side, if nothing changed in last months.. I google about my my file access denied problem, it could sing of some spyware and Malware Bytes should help, i will try it later. I also could buy very small usb bluetooth dongle, but i would like to avoid it.
  19. So solutions suggest, try to install drivers in save mode, but its not solution for me, same error. Access Denied, when some drivers install succeed by SDI tool - i tried all ~40 available drivers, i got code 1,18 or 28 it never worked, as it should..
  20. In specs i saw bluetooth 4.0, i afaik Bluetooth 5 is mainly about power management, so not big deal.. and even Bluetooth 3 would be enough for some remove gaming devices, speakers etc. Otherwise i found some threads with same access denied problem, as i have, but not clear solution, at least not for me, i had same problem with Nvidia drivers, but never saw this problem on other machines. Im local admin, i dont set any special policies, but notebook was used in some corporate environment, so some evil script could be executed as part some installer etc. Im using Avira, but im using it on other computers too and never saw this error, when i stopped it for while, no change. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/access-denied-when-i-try-to-update-a-driver-in/9cb46cac-6723-450b-82df-b185a00a97eb?auth=1&page=2 https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/ce875c79-1409-4622-bdbc-d5a192ee9c05/access-denied-installing-drivers-as-admin?forum=w7itprosecurity
  21. About FN keys i have found some old Dell Fuction key util from 2013 and its working. Now i exchanged Wifi adapter for Dell DW1560 which is known to be working with MacOS, its Wifi ac + Bluetooth combo. IDs and names: Description: BCM20702A0 USB\VID_0A5C&PID_216F&REV_0112 In Linux is named BCM4352 In Windows 10 it worked out of box, in Linux i had problem, because its Broadcom Linux from some reasons have not Broadcom devices working out of box, in kernel, there is in Mint 20, some Device manager, but it not worker, so i had to same some terminal porn.. it need some kernel dkms modul and kernel headers after broadcom drivers could be successfully installed.. but doesnt matter here. Bluetooth in Linux is working too. I have problem with Windows 7, wifi is working fine - with generic Broacom driver.. but bluetooth dont. I tried, automatic driver searching - nothing, few Dell drivers, few HP drivers, few Lenovo drivers. SDI tool too - 5 of them. Problem with Dell drivers is that they are for whole Laptop, but not for some branded Dell -> Broadcom Wifi adapters and it was used in other models than i have. Device is found, but driver installation is problem, when i try to install driver by hand, i usually getting: Access denied error message, which im not familiar with what it exactly means? Has someone proven Windows 7 driver for this device? Because of gaming and i would like to use Bluetooth too..
  22. After PAE fix, which is already done, see.. https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-Bit-and-Server-Bit-on-Modern-Hardware.html but, there is other problem that are not working drivers, which are not ready for it.. so probably some universal PAE fix cant exist and you need fixing per driver, if you unlucky to enough to have device which are has such drivers (there are lots of them)
  23. I wonder is there some univerzal utility or its neeed driver for make FN keys working? It would be nice just make volume Up/Down and display Brightness up/down working.. other shortcuts im really not need or using.
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