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  1. I was pointed to these drivers / repacks, them shoud work too / untested, let me know if is working: https://puresoftapps-nvidia.blogspot.com/ https://puresoftapps-nvidia.blogspot.com/p/installation.html
  2. I made proper card name working: - a searched through Total Commander all, directory where are *inf files, because 2060 string, wasnt file, which is youtube tutorial using - nvaci.inf i found this string in more classic and i would say main inf file - nv_dispi.inf, i have found that Geforce 2060 has this device id: NVIDIA_DEV.1E89 = "NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060" So i replaced all occurance of line where is 1E89 with my HardwareIDs to make lines like these, by same way as tutorial is doing for other inf file and first lines in block: %NVIDIA_DEV.1E89% = Section001, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1F11&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_A1 Save the file and again run extracted Nvidia installer -setup.exe , which is after this mode running as usually. How to again access to extracted installer is in youtube video, you need very advanced hacking tactic - run installer and better you start installation, it will report that card is unsupported and delete files.. just copy extracted files aside and after that close installer. Maybe is simply possible extract Nvidia - exe by 7zip.. i used it to access to original inf files after mod.. because i needed modified other file and replaced previos edit with original file, so multiple items in Clipboard SW is also handy.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3dbtrgtxc1rculi/Win7-Geforce2060workingProof.png?dl=0
  3. Ok, i think that we won I was dare as usually and this time it worked.. I tried couple of games, all is working as expected, in fullscreen etc. With MSI after burner i can see, that i have 2 video cards, and 1st one is used and that lots of VRAM is used - and Intel HD has max 2 GB or less and i have used much more and my GPU usage is almost 100% and second card with less memory, has minimal usage = Intel HD. Even Quake II modded for Raytracing is working fine, which i was unsure if even available on Windows 7 its only running on RTX Nvidia HW, for sure. Only minor problem was with Unreal Tournament III steam version, 13 years old game, when i runs in fullscreen, it has some strange red lines everywhere on screen, but i had same problem with it with Intel HD.. so it probably not related to Nvidia, in Window it run fine.. and even i turn on vsynch in videomenu it runs now fine even in full screen. I quess that this game, probably has some issue with my 144 Hz screen, which is because of Dell probably not G-Synch, what is shame.. but had to make some compromised when i selected this HW.. so 144 Hz screen is still better than 60, but worse than 144 Hz + G-synch, if im not wrong G-synch.. in comparision with Freesynch is supported even on Windows 7. No i will only fix proper GPU name in device manager.. and if i will in good to mess with Geforce experience - Shadowplay is nice, but its not only one GPU accelerated video recording software and driver update will not work anyway and im not big user its automated game videosettings adviser.. or Nvidia shield streaming or VR. I have high hope in Nvidia drivers that with set desktop Nvidia 2060, it not try desktop clock and fry my card, because my card is running much faster than would be running Geforce 840M, but i does that for this was invented Dells next business day repair Some proof and funny gpu names: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qt1xgfrwvpjhxr2/Geforce840M-akaGeforce2060.png?dl=0
  4. Ok nvidia panel and its working.. Geforce experience is crashing during start.. but i saw it even not fully working desktop machines, its just bad SW and sometimes needs some fixes. Nvidia panel is showing right Geforce 2060 as installed graphics card..
  5. I used youtube video inf hack above and i now is driver install working no more bitching about not compatible OS or adapter.. It tried to uninstall wufuk, ale it doesnt matters. After restart, i see that Nvidia video card has driver and its working, at least on ! mark.. Because video, is simply pointing to edit 1 line in inf file, which is probably for Geforce 840M.. i see my card named as Geforce 840M. When i run Unigine Heaven, i see in GPU info correct information - Geforce 2060 and im getting lots of FPS, it seems that Nvidia card is really running, its running in Window. When i run dxdiag, i see only Intel - i really dunno how Optimus should behate, if i there should be 2 cards.. Because card switching could be problem.. It need some testing and editation, right line in inf for right name.. BTW i wonder are these names cutomizable? I always wanted to use my custom names for devices in device manager? Lets say than Geforce 2060 hacked laptop RuThaNs GPU would be nice.. Im will continue to test, guess that MSI After burner etc, will report right used card.. i some games have card info, fps boot should be big boots. I also wonder about Nvidia panel - if it will work, there you can select card used for application.. I will inform you about problem. I used just last Win 7 64 bit driver for desktop 2060 from web.. for now its promising.
  6. Hmm, i think that you can use unsigned drivers without testing mode, you just need to enable it in OS, is just always select continue when i get warning that driver is unsigned . maybe bcdedit +testsinging is doing same thing, i dunno. Hmm, mobile cpu without HD, i had to check that Intel made something like that.. I need testing, have Intel HD beside Nvidia GPU, could be advantage, or disadvantage. If have somewhere driver, which somehow worked, it would be nice to share it and steps to mod it. After modification, did you used installer or you installed driver through inf file?
  7. 1F1 -Its same id as mine. Do you have some online threads with info about you tries and progress to check? Booted is test mode.. I never heards about it, do you mean Safe mode? Its known that i safe mode is not good for games, i dont even know that 3D acceleration is enabled here, its big progress from XP or Vista.. My laptop is booting fine in normal mode, i can play all games with Intel HD 630, but its slow.. i paid lots of money for Geforce, so i want to use it.. Had you installed Intel HD 630 driver too? Or you had just Standard VGA driver for it? Because whole Optimus stuff this could be problem.. and even with working desktop driver, it could be problem, but maybe just disable Intel HD fix this issues, if im not wrong even desktop driver package has some Optimus files inside too. For now all devices except these are working: - Geforce i have not working NVIDIA USB type-c controller - its probably mainly for VR stuff and some phone connection, but Canonkong made some driver for it, i only have problem to find it.. - Fingerprint reader integrated in power button - USB\VID_27C6&PID_530C&REV_0100 this ID, has no vendor if etc, so its hard to find any info or driver for it. Hwinfo is saying this: Goodix fingerprint - There is some other unknow Nvidia device - PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1ADB&SUBSYS_00001028&REV_A1 - what is other part of Nvidia USB stuff.
  8. Well, when you can give us info, how to reach your state, someone can make other steps. Are games working at least in windows mode, but about new games and bordless window? Does it matter if it is OpenGL32,Vulkan or DirectX? Wasnt problem elsewhere was all these apps stable with Intel HD?
  9. First what i tried, so to install desktop cards drivers, but installed failed not supported card found. When i trying to force install from inf files, im getting strange message, that operating system is not supported: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bl8ouyw1btmgh6t/ThisVersionOfWindows.png?dl=0 But im quite sure that im running on Windows 7 64bit SP1 and i double checked that driver which im trying to use is for Win7 64bit too. I dunno if that is some missleading Nvidia error in inf files, or something my OS, but i installed lots of Windows 7 drivers in last days fine.. Maybe,maybe wufuc unsupported mesage disable can mess with it, but i doubt it. Maybe its Nvidia new way how to disable user install something from *.inf files. Anyway here are my inf files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lddsqb5zazja3nd/Infs.7z?dl=0 I found video how to simply add some ids to installer here, but im not sure if will fix unsupported OS message, or i probably have to fix it before...: I doubt that i would be that easy, as change ids, but who knows.. I have tried all 10 drivers for Geforce 2060 or geforce 2060 Super its always the same, this message during forced drivers install and it take a while, if would guess that check Windows version would be first step during driver installation. My dev id is: DEV_1F11 I found it mentioned only in 1 minor inf file, not in nv_displ etc.
  10. Intel HD 630 solved: // tested There seems to be solution for Intel and Nvidia USB 3 too.. // Untested so far - Update: Rioline - Intel USB3 drivers tested - working fine.. https://www.win-raid.com/t4883f52-Solution-Win-drivers-for-USB-Controllers-of-new-Intel-chipset-systems-1.html So only real problem is with Nvidia.. Afaik nobody made so far big mods with Nvidia display drivers, they apparently are too complex..
  11. So remaining problems: 1) Videocards drivers are not working 2) USB is not working, mouse and keyboard are old style PS/2 devices..
  12. For now: Devices without drivers: - graphics cards.. Network Controller - Wifi - it would need exchange.. - dead end, its not problem PCI Simple Communications Controller - this would be Managed Engine, i need some driver.. PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A360&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_10 Universal Serial Bus (USB controller) - PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A36D&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_10 But i alrady have some Intel USB controller detected.. maybe its root hub it something. Universal Serial (USB) Controller - if is SDI tool right it is some nvidia usb type c connection PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1ADA&SUBSYS_00001028&REV_A1 I also have to try again boot, in not legacy boot mode, but i guess that i will again get same freeze as before that, there is something missing in EFI inicialization for Windows 7..
  13. Lots of things happening now.. Here is just for complete story - Windows 7 boot log from virtual machine to show good boot log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2b87k15w2is9ix7/ntbtlogFromVIrtualMachineBootOk.txt?dl=0 I found magic settings in bios and finally booted into Windows 7: Its in Advanced Boot Option, Enable Legacy Option ROMS.. when i turn it on, i get some message that this is not supported on this Hardware and Windows 10 will not work.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dfz4y4prsmcjlnb/2020-09-08 23.56.03-NotebookInsides.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8d6hhigmfiu3iip/2020-12-02 00.30.10-LegacySettings.jpg?dl=0 I dunno if this Warning is only some support Dell thing, or some hard show stopper problem. I there is some waring about Windows 10, but i booted fine to Win10 through Grub2 a all seems fine.. Only thing which is now not working if Linux Mint - boot its storting from Grub2, but im getting black screen.. This is maybe because Linux was installed in EFI mode, but im not sure how to fix.. maybe only through Grub2 reinstall, update etc.. It need some time. BIos has not classic boot profiles options, to make some for Win7 some for more more OSes.. there is only someting cooled Custom user setting, when i trying to safe profile, but i dunno how to inicialize this, during boot.. Windows 7 boot device is even it this legacy mode Standart NVME, what is nice. I made Killer E2500 LAN working with some Killer universal installer which i found on the inter that is nice. Otherwise lots of unknow devices, im trying quick way to make some install through SDI tool, lets hope that it will reboot. Main problem for Win7 seems to be videocards: - I somewhere lost that Intel HD 630 driver, which i used in the past and worked. and there is main obstacled on Nvidia side.. because Geforce 20xx is supported on Windows 7, but only for desktop cards, even if select laptop, there is only WIndows 10 driver for 20xx cards.. So it would need some workaround, patched driver, or its dead end and only Intel HD will work, which is good for work, but add for gaming.. Disabler of that stupid unsupported Hardware is named wufuc and could be find on Github.
  14. Ok i finally learned how to make list of installed problems through Nirsoft tool.. there is also Autoruns report where you can see all drivers and services.. Maybe there are better formats, but better something than nothing. List of installed programs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3q3ga742ztubj1c/reportInstalledPorgrams.html?dl=0 // Later i removed some Lenovo leftovers, it were just some registry entries, virtual is still booting, but dont thing that i would have effect. // You can see that there are some Intel USB 3.1 drivers and ME drivers, Intel Update manager - i tried uninstall them by standard uninstaller, but im getting message that i cant uninstall them, so far it did not try brute force and my guess was that they are not source of problem. Autoruns report: am format: https://www.dropbox.com/s/egktwim6kv52m2d/AutoRunsReport.arn?dl=0 txt format" https://www.dropbox.com/s/bjhu3kg2zvbilun/AutorunsAsText.txt?dl=0
  15. Hello, im trying to port Windows 7 64 EFI too new laptop, because i have here nice customized 8 years old operation system. Linux and Win10, are running fine, but for my work is Windows 7 still best. I migrated it in the pass at least once from older laptop and it worked fine. Here OS already booted from NVME drive (Samsung) in EFI mode. Technically Kaby lake was also unsupported, but it worked fine for years, i only have to install some Windows unsupported pop up disabler. I already installed on old machine both Windows 7 NVME boot updates. I had no problem migrated this operation system to virtual system (Vmware workstation) and here is running fine, was able to uninstall drivers from old notebook etc, i can boot it even when i set boot drive as NVME device. Here i can setup things. I migrated cleaned system back to hardware, but i cant boot.. in any mode, i allways get free.. Some logo freeze in normal mode and freeze after CLASSPNP.SYS in Safe mode. I know/own and used in the tools in the past for P2P (Physical to Physical) OS migration - as Acronis Unvirsal restore (2018) + Paragon HDD Suite advanced (2017), which could import some drivers to existing system from BootCD/ flash, lowlevel guys will probably point out that all of these is based on Sysprep, but i dont care about these low level details. This notebook seems to be specific, that it has only M.2 storage slot available, not typical Sata ports, which are mentioned in bios, but when i opened it and made quick check i did not discovered any Sata port and there is not even room for Sata device inside. Note there is lots on variants of Dell 5590, this one is one of newest - this one - UEFI settings: Its Dell.., but i can disable, there lots of things - Sound cards, web cam, LAN and Wireless/Bluetooth card, when i tried it, i still have still same boot problem. What is not available and MSI had it, some Intel HD / Geforce UEFI level switch, so both cards, optimus combo is enabled by default. There is Intel HD630, old notebook has the same Videocards (i tried to uninstall its drivers it not helps the boot), and Geforce 1050 TI, new one has Geforce 2060 (Which have Windows 7 drivers). To make Linux - Mint 20 working, i had to switch M.2 port from NVME from RAID mode (make no sense for 1 drive) to AHCI.. and i had to through safe mode fix Windows 10 boot, which stopped after switch. Old notebook based Intel 2xx chipset based, this one is 3xx, i made even WinXP, based Win7 working on such desktop board, but i dunno if Dell laptop has something special what would block make it working? Update: Linux is working, problem was elsewehere - bad fstab messaging handling when is partitionID is not exist and Minitool parition tool - which is changing ID - during partition resize - i reported which bug years ago Some hardware IDs: PCI\VEN_15B7&DEV_5009&SUBSYS_500915B7&REV_01 // Sandisk, Westerm Digital NVME - WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD 1TB PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A353&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_10 // Intel(R) 300 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3E9B&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_00 // Intel HD 630 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_2502&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_1F KIller E2500 - LAN PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A370&SUBSYS_42348086&REV_10 // Intel Wireless-AC 9560 PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1F11&SUBSYS_08EA1028&REV_A1 // NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 USB\VID_8087&PID_0AAA&REV_0002 // Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) USB\VID_0BDA&PID_5521&REV_8511&MI_00 // USB\VID_0BDA&PID_5521&REV_8511&MI_00 Here is Hardware Report export details: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3rgvlxbnaqcs0yl/AAAiXqi4YXKKslFsmdOdmMkQa?dl=0 Now im stuck, i tried to import some Fernando Sata drivers (Through tools above), because even when im not using Sata device for boot, maybe are needed for boot.. but nothing, cleaned more things, but this same problem and im stuck.. i dunno what to try next. Here is Windows 7 boot log: - i never had too much knowledge about it.. Some drivers are loaded some dont.. and it looks like some loop, what could be point to some problem with boot storage device. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sa3zi9dzudpb804/ntbtlog.txt?dl=0 At first i would like to know if problem is in boot device, or in something else, after that i can made some progress and try other things. Maybe someone with more knowledge could tell if this problem is typical for boot device problems or not etc.. Windows XP have some blue screen codes, but there i dont see anything to help to find more clues.. This boot log is not last, later i tried to remove Vmware and Virtual box, because of virtual network devices and more but log seemed the same. I still have some TAP - OpenVPN virtual device installed, if it could be source of problem? But from experience - migrated tens of desktop machines same way, but only few laptop, virtual network adapters never were problem. So far i was just lucky with Windows 7 after HW change, it just booted.. I dont mind later, exchange Wifi / Bluetooth adapter for some Windows 7 compatible.. if i will make it booting. I have some Killer E2500 driver, which maybe will work for Lan, i can test it later. If someone know good WIn7/Win10/Linux and MacOS (in next round, when would have mood and time) compatible Wifi/Bluetooth adapter let new know, so far - i google Dell 1560, but at least few users had problem to make it working with Win7. If you need more logs and info let me know. I would post some installed programs / drivers list from Windows 7 virtual, but i still dont nice good tool to make such report. Maybe someone from it can point to problematic program, driver etc.. i cleaned all obvious ones.
  16. Regarding of this matrix: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMware_Workstation 10.0.7 - last version of Vmware workstation for XP..
  17. I have same problem with Dell 5590, if this one, jas not Windows 7 driver, which is best one alternative Wifi adapter with Win7 drivers? I can buy some good Broadcom / Atheos they are usualy fine with Mac OS, if would try make Hackingtosh from this machine..
  18. So your using Rloews patches for full 3.3 GB of RAM for Win98? Its stable?
  19. Nice tools, i though that im only one who still keeps these things, they runs on XP too and i moved with my development package to it XP long ago. I wonder is there some advantage to use them on Win98, some incompatibility etc?
  20. Thanks, both activated with first attempt, bad its not still pleasant experience, too much stress and concentration needed - its probably longest activation key which i saw and wasnt just some hash to copy/paste..
  21. I checked both and there is for both right in the activation wizard message that Telephone activation is no more supported - regardless of selected country (its on the screen before selection).
  22. Thanks, I will try it, its always nightmare to write down the key, i hope that they will sometime sent it by sms or to email..
  23. Hello, when you have some problems with WinXP install people wiil say you reinstall it. Well in slowly started with migration, but got stack right on the start with MS sw. I installed legit Fortpage 2003 and Office 2007 some olds cd, in filled keys but both are still requering online activation and its not working, when i select activate by internet windows just close after while for both producs.. there is telephone activation, but i read o techpowerup that is not working too - https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/ms-office-2007-no-more-activated.219365/page-2 Is there some way how ho make it working?
  24. Is Steam still working for you, for downloading purchased games? I tried hacked version i dunno 1,2 months ago, but now its not working, i dunno if something wrong on my site, or some change in Steam API, or new hack needed..
  25. I met again that one monitor instead two problem, even with older drivers, so it seems to be not related to driver, but to mechanism how monitors are connecter, because of multiboot, im using some HDMI switch and detection of monitor is not typical.. So if some monitor is detected after boot later, it could be enabled only by Nvidia control panel and it seems that i that case, windows are not clever enough.. to update its monitor settings. Otherwise i find out that first driver for Geforce 730 is 340 and its already missing that aspect ratio corection, there are 2 options.. first that is not here at all, second is that is only hidden - quite typical for older Nvidia drivers. Here someone claims that at least with older drivers some cmd command can set it up: // Untested Create a shortcut and put exactly this: %windir%\system32\rundll32.exe NvCpl.dll,dtcfg setscaling 1 DA 5 then run it, the screen will flash once. Then reboot. This is the equivalent for enabling "nvidia display adapter scaling with correct aspect ratio". Works wonders here, using hdmi to Sony hdtv, give it a try! This ONLY works if you're outputting to Digital Flat Panel or HDTV device, don't use this code for other screen types. Im lucky for know because my main is clever enough to have that aspect ratio correction inbuild in its logic, but i saw lots of monitors without it, even some quite expensive ones.
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