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  1. TaskInfo has some memory stats, but not sorting. BTW which is last working Winn98 version? WinTop - i dont see any memory stats options, which version has it?
  2. Yeah, if you would red history, they are working.. my problem was elsewhere - System protection error is some general error, but easy to debug.
  3. Thanks, but its for example installing something remotely through VNC.. its really annoying have to go to machine directly.
  4. Which one is proven? Othewise is there some Win9x task manager which can show memory usage by process or its not possible by Win9x design?
  5. Ok, i fixed my particular problem with Bios from other vendor.
  6. Hello, because Win98SE is not stable OS, especially when you are using it for gaming when, doesnt exist some some universal videocards / drivers solution - so there are crashes.. im often aften crash booting into safe mode, but i dont want, because there is really nothing to solve.. and it broke some explorer settings (show full path in Explorer Title bar for example), it often also mess with icons etc.. I would like to force normal boot everytime, unless i manualy setup Safe mode from boot options (i edited msdos.sys to show this menu everytime), its possible to do it?
  7. I tried ATM3 - there are some hotkey options, but not CTRL+ALT+DEL replacement. I also discovered that Process Explorer 11.xx after while, always crashing, at least on my machine without KernelEX (i dont want to use it).
  8. Otherwise VBE are still not working. This corner case, other protection errors have other reasons.. that whay we really need to way how to debug it.. In theory someone really low level should be able to check / trace what is happening with videocard on ASM level.. and make (find) some Dos test utility to check if card is Win98SE compatible. I know that same process some used to make WInXP working with newer chipsets.
  9. I won, its working! Solution was never Nvidia bios. Gigabyte flashing utility, really hasnt too much options. So i tried Nvidia NVflash. When i tried it, i had problem that some Bioses refused to work because is BoardID - there are 2 variants of Geforce6600GT , ids 4300 and 4301. I found out that i need bios with ID - p216h1. When i tried Nvflash, i wasnt able to force bios, but i found that that olded Nvflash ( has options to overcome it with -4, -5,-6 optimal parameters. Original bios was when i searched through TechPowerUp bios DB: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/?manufacturer=MSI&model=6600+GT I found that tehre is newer MSI bios ( - https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/3163/msi-6600gt-128-050411-2 I flashed it to card and now its working.
  10. Ok with WinME, same problem.. Bluescreen with Windows protection error, after driver install. What next, downgrade videocard bios?
  11. Ok.. some news. I tried cleaned drivers which services same behavior. I tried to disable audio devices in Device manager same problem. With XP KVM machine its running fine. VBEMP with 128 card, it completly crashing Qemu when i try to reboot, but i never i tried it with other card.. it could be there with any real physical card. I will try WinME..
  12. I made check of my card bios: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iarrdry9dlhwkz5/2020-04-05 03.03.53.jpg?dl=0 It reports version F11, when i look at Gigabyte site here: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-NX66T128D/support#support-dl-bios There is bios to download: X66t7d.f2 There is also note: F1, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F2-F9. F10, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F11-F19. F20, it can only be updated with VBIOS versions F21-F29. When i try to flash im getting that my bios is already newer.. So i dunno there is some universal Nvidia bios which is newer and should work.. or i should to force to use older F2 bios and downgrade to it. Im not first owner of this card, so i dunno how bios got there.. I cant find ony other revision of this card. I can test it easily with WinXP.. WindowsME would be more complicated. Will WinME test tell us something import, what WinXP test wouldnt?
  13. Its possible use it for CRTL+ALT+DEL? Main disadvantage is that is not free or cheap.
  14. No so far, without any logs its fine needle in haystack. Its this card: https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-NX66T128D#ov // Update fixed link. I have to check if bios is last one, for sure. No , do thing that it could help with investigation? Because i dont plan in long term to use this OSes, for games compatibility is ME no way, First edition maybe is.. Thanks, it good too see that someone else was affected by this too. I will try to disable AC97 controller, its in line with general System protection error hints.. I wonder what so special is happening during first boot with new video drivers, that after is sound card re-anabled is still working?
  15. On KVM, but made same card working with VIA880 and fully updates USP3 system.. but its not same thing, i saw these error zillion times on real systems too. I would be really carefull to search error within KVM its easy.. I made other Geforce 6 card working, i made other Nvidia PCI card working, i made 3Dfx/Matrox cards working, so why this one should be so special? But if someone would give some checking utility to check if all needed emulated things for videocards are working fine with emulation, i will test it.. so far i dont know anything like it.
  16. Thanks for info, i asked for present state of matter.. i will not pioneer with this, if is not easily possible, is dead end for me. I have other things to mess with.
  17. Well im notorious Win98 hardware tester.. So i saw this error lots of times, now im trying to make Geforce 6600GT 128MB GV-NX66T128D Gigabyte working, on system when Geforce 6600LE is working fine.. Details: I even tried clean install, but im getting exactly the same error.. and really dunno how to debug it, otherwise that disabling devices as is written above.. any help would be fine, i dunno if some windows udates could be improve that etc. Autopatcher or Unofficial updates packs are too aggressive for my taste.. If there would be some pack of official updates only i would try it.
  18. Well i though that only newer not Win98 compatible versions has this options, if is not true and only older version have this option, let me know which version to try..
  19. For me is important that Process explore is working better for me.. and i can map it to CTRL+ALT+DEL.. if not will have to get used to other shotcut..
  20. I though that inf change mechanism would be the same regardless of drivers, i can of course change 77.xx too.. Here it is structure of file is really same: // Hmm, but i discovered that this driver has Geforce 6600 GT only as DEV_00F1 , but i need 1400. Older 66 driver has this and 140 too. NVAML.zip I also wonder, doesnt have these "modern" drivers form prerequisites some runtimes or some something like that?
  21. Important is if is KernelEX known to fix some driver issues or not.. If not, problem would be elsewhere - it still could be some windows updates, but i thing that there are even people who would know that and have detailed overview of this. Regardless some KernelEX GUI toolbox to report if KernelEX is active + for quick switching it on off.. na show list of program which are using it would be very nice.
  22. I never messed with inf files, could you pleas check my edits? I just commented service lines and some Geforce 6600GT ids which are not mine(140). NVAML.INF
  23. Did you test it with all details, AA maxed with 1600x1200 its you can test this resolution, try 1920x1080 its almost same number of pixels - 2Mpx.
  24. Hello, basic Windows 98 task manager sucks, it simply often not working for me, dont kill process and freeze whole machine. Process explorer working fine, newer version has option to replace Task manager directly in option menu, but last version 11.11 which is still working without KernelEX doesnt. Its possible to make it run afret CRTL+ALT+DEL press or its there other good replacement.. i remember that i was using something named TaskInfo or similar, it looked nice, but it was source of small freezes during gaming and i took me lots of time to discover that.. so this is no way.
  25. I finally had chance to test this and its working, thanks! Only strange thing was that i tried to just move files elsewhere, but there is some system protection error within safe mode, so its not working, but rename worked fine. Otherwise .Net frame could take lots of time.. especially when i tried it with all virtual Qemu machine on windows without any HW acceleration (Hax and WHPX arent working great for Win98 machines).. it was 10x or so slower than Linux KVM. Bonus is that with Installer 2, i could finally install Desktop Restore icon saver 1.36 working just through right mouse on desktop and for multiple resolution.. Its big help, because is often freeze or crash and when game set desktop to other resolution and icons are all over the place.
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